Navis and Perversion

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Huckleberry_DNR: Aww man
Huckleberry_DNR: Nobody pics me for perverted scenes XD
Sora-Chan: hey... seriously...
Sora-Chan: Put up a poll on what PC navi you would want to see in a perverted scene....
Sora-Chan: and have broad sid elisted up on it..
Sora-Chan: people WILL pick broadside
Huckleberry_DNR: .... Fine!
Huckleberry_DNR: And I'll quote this conversation to!
Sora-Chan: though i think majin was gonna do that >.>

She said it and I'ma delivering... Choose your victim!
Vote for Broadside! He'll be elected to be the cover picture on the next month's issue of Screwloose. A Mech Magazine for Mechs.

Seriously... Who would be the most awkward in such a setting. Also DNR.. .the title was suppose to be "Which PC Navi would you LIKE to see in a perverted scene"
...Darnit.... ahh well its too late now, unless a mod is watching...
Weirdest. Poll. Evur. XD
Raiden cuz he's a total bishie, like all of EN's characters. : D
What's next? Operators?
Go Raiden!
From that list, obviously Broadside.

I'd like to add that from that list Valkyrie is the only female that didn't already get into a perverted situation [stress]by my own will.[/stress] (IIRC... if your navi is played in a way that would make Virgin Mary seem like a whore, excuse me, I have been overlooking your posts)


Every goddamn henchman/genericguy seems to have some kind of screwed up x-ray vision combined with very good imagination, SINCE ALL OF THEM CAN COMMENT ON HOW SHE IS A LOOKER ALTHOUGH SHE IS WEARING A SUIT OF ARMOR, AND HOW THEY ARE HAVING TO GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN. Which is not saying that she has an abundance of boobies, just saying that I've deliberately forgot to mention them anywhere in the description. However, we have mods that knowingly fill in the blanks. You may sleep secure, as no female is safe...

Also, please no mod take this seriously. As far as I'm concerned, RERN world is just as perverted as anything associated with Japan, and hence, you may continue to issue an emergency panty flash at any given time, with any given female character.

Thank you for your time.


*votes Raiden*
<Votes Raiden>

<Notes that the title Sora suggested was too long for a topic title>
Hmm? Mech? Ecchi?


*Votes Broadside for some reason*

Wouldn't that be hilarious?
I wanaa see binary or nach. They have such sexy bods!
I feel like chicken(harpy) tonight....(old commercail reference, doesn't expect anyone to get)

I guess I'm the only one that wants siren, but I stand by my choice...
In reply to Raikotsu's post, I agree wholeheartedly.

Though, Binary can immediately morph his body into whatever he "needs" at the moment. >: D

*votes for himself*

Bugman, you sexy beast, you.
I should change my vote to Bugman as well. ROWR!
Bring back Coma Kitty...
You idiots... Sheesh, I meant to just get the two fangirls' opinions on the male perversion aspect. This seems unneccessary. In any case, putting Junior up there is pointless cause I can't mod myself so you'd need to make Braden a mod again if you wanted to see him get in any suggestive situations beyond my control. Also, you missed Empress/Venomess on the poll. Since Zane more or less volunteered her and I know what buttons to push on him, I really would have hoped she'd be up there. Oh well, maybe I'll just mod everyone pervy and then we'll see what the point of this poll was, boogerface.
actually, I change my vote to 'other', on the grounds of my old char AniMay, who's description is still floating around the bottom of the navi list, and that she poses with tenticalman...

-1 siren

+1 other