Grade each other's Roleplaying skills

I got this off of Megaman.exe RPG and thought I'd see how it would work here, you grade the person above you and stuff, it's real easy, really.

Name: Insert the previous posters' name
Length: What is the average post length (in words, lines, paragraphs etc.)
General RPing: What do you think in general about the posters RPing skills
Battle skills: What do you think about posters battle skills (but don't post how strong he is and stuff, we want to know about his RPing skills in battle!)
Words: Grade the usage of words; the more advanced words the person uses, the better.
Grammar: Grade the persons grammar, tell us about his common mistakes etc.
Originality: Are the persons posts original? Does he/she repeat the same patterns all the time?
Replies: Does the person understand your (or any other) posts? Are his replies logical?

Afterwards, everyone has to post for himself/herself those information, so that the next poster knows this:
First language: Your mother tongue
English: Is my __ language (insert 2nd, 3rd,...) (applies only if it's not your first language)
Learning for: How many years? (leave it out if it's your first language)
What Language(s) do you WANT to learn?

Anyways, here it goes.

First language: Engrish (Duh)
Languages I WANT to learn: Japanise and german
Name: Dark
Length: Uh... not very long?
BiC/OoC: WHAT'S BiC?!?
General RPing: Could be better. It says something if my grammar is better.
Words: lol dark types liek dis
Grammar: PHAIL
Originality: I guess.
Replies: This... this made no sense to me...

Dark, that was a joke, I'm exaggerating. :'D

WANT TO LEARN: German, Japanese, more French, more Hebrew, Old Norse (Faroese?)
BiC is: Back in character, but that doesn't realy apply to this site.

Name: Hiko
Length: Meh...i'd give it a B-
BiC/OoC: meh, whatever
General RPing: Fair, not too much of a threat in PvP C+
Battle skills: Good, could be better, but good. B
Words: B
Grammar: Not too much in mistakes with Grammar. A-
Originality: Sometimes repeats self, but is normaly original. A
Replies: He understands and replies logicaly. A

My other stuff is in the first post, i don't feel like copy pasteing.
Length: Fair. Getting better.
BiC/OoC: All business. >: \
General RPing: Fair, not too much of a threat in PvP (LOLSAMEASHIKO)
Battle skills: Good, could be better, but good. (LOLSEEABOVE)
Words: Er... not that impressive.
Grammar: QUOTE: Not too much in mistakes with Grammar. /QUOTE. Dark, eh, that sentence in itself kind of sums up your grammar skills.
Originality: Pretty original. Sometimes.
Replies: ...logic? Lolwut? No, I kid. Dark is logical, mostly.

Now for meh...
First Language: Americ... Er... ENGLISH.
It is my 1ST language.
I have been learning it for 16 YEARS.
And I want to learn... er... not much, actually. Is there some sort of "learn while you sleep" tape set I could just use?
I already graded Dark, so I left it here.

Quote (Me)

Name: DarkStar
Length: 2-4 paragraphs
BiC/OoC: I don't really get this section. If its wether or not you stay in character, then I'll say, Yes, yes you do.
General RPing: They're okay. I'd give you like, a lower B- or a C+.
Battle skills: You seem to do better in Battle Rping. Maybe a B or a B-?
Words: I don't know. You're not writing like a caveman, but your no thesaurus, either. B-.
Grammar: Just from quickly going over your event thread, and one other RP thread, it looks like you type up your posts quickly. You have some trivial typing mistakes like adding an extra letter in a word (like bvery) and some spelling errors as well (like "helo") which could also be due to quick typing. Also, I haven't read all that much of your Rping (I only looked over your event and one skimmed one other topic before posting this) but you seem to like to use "..." a lot, which makes your posts look...funny. Also kind of... unprofessional or maybe ... incorrect ...
Originality: Like I said, I haven't read all that much of your RPing, but your posts seem to be pretty unique. Graded at a C, because, although its not really that bad, in comparison to many other people here, it looks that bad.
Replies: You seem to have logical replies (although I don't like your summaries. I prefer them to have numbered actions.) and they aren't unrelated to the posts above you, but again, this is mainly based on little research.

Again, I apologize for my lack of prior knowledge of your RPing abilities. I also feel bad about grading, as not only do I not like to have to grade people (especially if they aren't almost perfect, no offence)

Now for PA

Quote (Me)

Name: PA Master
Length: Um, lets see. You're post lengths vary more than Dark's do. I'll say 5-6, not because that's the length that they usually are, but because between short posts and longer posts, I'd say it averages out in this range.
BiC/OoC: I'm going to say that you are pretty IC, if that's what this section is for.
General RPing: I like them. You seem to be pretty good at setting a scene. And you have some interesting interactions.  A-. mainly because if I start out with an A, then there is little room for improvement.
Battle skills: Oh, your Battle posts were what really bumped up your average length. They are pretty good, too. I don't know what else to say. A
Words: You have some nice word choice, like carnage, shambles, profusely, and dissipating. A
Grammar: Other than Watt's somewhat "childish" manner of speaking, I didn' have any problems with your grammar. A
Originality: Didn't look repetitive, nor was it. Besides, you have a hyperactive childform for your navi that allows for an infinite amount of fun and interesting. A
Replies: I see no logic or continuity problems with you. A

PA's was more rushed, due to my fear of being beaten again. Sorry, Again, I'm not good at grading things. I don't know if I'm justified in make comments on other people's RPing when I don't think I'm all that great myself, which gives me doubt in the grades I'm giving.

First Language: English
Years Taken and Number language that English is for me: Unnecessary
Other languages I'd like to learn: I don't know, I'd like to know them all, but the only ones that I honestly think about are Spanish, French, Japanese, and Latin. Spanish is the only one that I'm actively learning, though.
Name: Jcc28
Length: I haven't exactly read much of your work, but what I have read, I liked. Decent length.
BiC/OoC: Maybe, like, 99/1?
General RPing: This I like. You have lots of character interaction in your posts, and the descriptions are fine.
Words: Good. I've seen few typos, and the vocab's alright.
Grammar: Few errors (not capitalising things, etc), but otherwise great.
Originality: Again, I haven't exactly read that much, but from what I've seen, you're very original. Excellent work.
Replies: A+. 'Nuff said.

First language: L'anglais, bitches. (That's English to you)

What Language(s) do you WANT to learn: Japanese, possibly Spanish. ES TIEMPO PARA LA FIESTA~!
What the hell, I'll give it a try.

Moderate to Long Length *snicker*
OOC: If this means acting wrong, I've never really seen it.
RP: Above Average. Character dialog is a definite plus.
Words: No complaints.
Grammar: Nothing consistently wrong. Everyone slips up now and then.
Originality: While Binary doesn't exactly scream 'original' at first glance, you handle it well and I never think of him as genericman.
Replies: Good.

Oh, I speak English, and a very small touch of French.
Length: Long-Medium to Long.

BiC/OoC: Always in character, never out from what I've seen.

General RPing: A- B+'s pretty much every post I've seen.

Battle skills: Uses what he is given, and takes what is given also.

Words: Knows a plethera of words that others don't.

Grammar: Has a large grasp on the English language.

Originality: Pretty original, everyone will repeat a pattern once in awhile. Hard to avoid it when you roleplay for as long as he did.

Replies: Very logical captain.

Length: Decently middling.

BiC/OoC: In character...So much so that he frequently kills himself.

General RPing: Imma go with...B?

Battle skills: HOW I SHOT GUN? Meh, makes good use of fairly low level chips. Watch out for those damn shotguns.

Words: Usually simplistic, but it fits IC so that's good.

Grammar: Decent. Upper middling.

Originality: He's just a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm...With a big f'in gun, so....Yeah? I guess.

Replies: WUT?

Oh yeah, I speakith the Queen's English....Well, not really, but you get the ideer.

Length: It's Zan.

BiC/OoC: Still don't get this.

General RPing: It's ZAN. A

Battle skills: IT'S ZAN D:< A

Words: What'd you get on your SAT again? A+

Grammar: A+ Better than me because he typo's less.

Originality: A+

Replies: ...? I guess A?


Quote (Hiko)

BiC/OoC: Still don't get this.

I'll explain this quickly. OoC is 'Out Of Character'. BiC is a 'Retarded Abbrevation'. Just call it IC, meaning 'In Character'. Take this as example. I tell you in the chatroom that Persephone's cupsize is C and that she is addicted to cheese. This knowledge of my character is 'Out Of Character', because I've never told your characters this 'In Character'. Someone who uses 'Out Of Character' content a lot is usually regarded as somewhat lame roleplayer and usually results into metagaming, which got a few penalties attached to it. I remember once that someone's Navi somehow knew his story was written by someone. Understand it now somewhat?
Ohh. Yeah, alright, thanks Shur.
The percentage thing is stupid. =_=
((I love the Shotguns!))

Length: N/A Who cares about length!

BiC/OoC: No Comment.

General RPing: B- shaping up, keep working at it

Battle skills: A bit new to the game, as far as me can see so I'll give him a C+

Words: Weeerd, Not the best guy to judge Words.

Grammar: P, either your grammars good or it isn't

Originality: B-

Replies: N/A

Length: B I've seen longer

BiC/OoC: I haven't seen much

General RPing: B+ fairly creative, but I haven't seen any dimension mobiles yet...

Battle skills: A- you have done some weird moves

Words: Bizzare, but considering you char, it fits

Grammar: whats grammer?

Originality: B

Replies: keep it up, your really creative, but I'd like to see more...

Length: B+ Quite good

BiC/OoC: This is still fail and I refuse to answer

General RPing: B+ Quite nice

Battle skills: I... I really don't know...

Words: Decent enough B

Grammar: Eurgh. OOC, I must say, is pretty horrible for you... C

Originality: Enh... dunno... I guess a B

Replies: DUNNO LOL

I'm Hiko. If you can't tell what my native language is...
-shakes head-

(It's Faroese. XD Naw, American.)

Quote ()


Length: B I've seen longer

BiC/OoC: I haven't seen much

General RPing: B+ fairly creative, but I haven't seen any dimension mobiles yet...

Battle skills: A- you have done some weird moves

Words: Bizzare, but considering you char, it fits

Grammar: whats grammer?

Originality: B

Replies: keep it up, your really creative, but I'd like to see more...

Honestly ya didn't see my GMO~
Name: Hiko
Length: Short. 1-3 paragraphs from what I usually see. Definitely puts out for events though.
BiC/OoC: I don't see much in terms of battle or plot threads; he mostly seems to spend time in the ol' spam can.
General RPing: Could use some more navi-to-op dialogue and perhaps finer detailing in terms of actions taken, but otherwise ok. B-
Battle skills: Uses buster attacks despite having only basic buster equipment. Kudos.
Words: He has a vocabulary, I'll give him that much. B
Grammar: Usually alright, but often capitalizes reponses to dialoge, such as 'he said' or 'replied the navi'. Also some unnecessary commas, but that leads into personal opinions. B
Originality: Unorthodox from time to time, but no expert of the obscure. C+
Replies: Seems to get most of it. N/A

Name: DNR
Length: Long. 4-8 paragraphs from what I usually see. Definitely puts out for events.
BiC/OoC: Spends a fair amount of time actually playing in this little RP.
General RPing: He's whacky as hell and leaves you wanting more. A
Battle skills: Tends to stick to Elec attacks, but often throws in a random attack to mix things up. B+/A-
Grammar: I usually don't see any problems with him, save for run-ons. B+/A-
Originality: Truly a master of the strange and obscure. One, and only one character ever comes to mind when I think of DNR.EXE: Guilty Gear's Faust, and I couldn't be happier. A+
Replies: Not much to say here. Replies like the rest of us.

Primary Language: English

Hopes: Spanish, Japanese
Name: ForteZanso
Length: Er... 5 paragraphs or more? DOES IT REALLY MATTER?
BiC/OoC: 100/0
General RPing: Above average and proficient, definitely one of the site's standard tier roleplayers with good roleplay.
Battle skills: Ridiculous, Nachahmen's passives and actives make him a wall against enemies and a lethal support unit.
Words: Proficient.
Grammar: Proficient
Originality: Er- His navi's a copycat, but he can emulate other things and other people well through the copycat motif. The overall concept is silly, hilarious, and slightly annoying.

My first actual language was Chinese, I'm better at English though.
Want to learn: Spanish, Japanese, German

Length: Who cares? A good RPer knows how long his posts are supposed to be.

General RPing: Lacks the massively in-your-face style of the Navis who've achieved fame around here. I like the flair you add to battle, though: Anyone who puts humor and wit in their posts (particularly battle posts) is a good RPer as far as I'm concerned.

Battle skills: Once in a while I see real tactics in your posts. This is good; it bespeaks creativity. Very little pisses me off more than sword spam.

Words: I'm not one to grade someone else's vocabulary.

Grammar: As good as can be expected of, well, most people.

Originality: Again, your Navi has flavor, and your battle style is more than just brute fighting, so you win points here.

Replies: The "OOC/IC" section is retarded.