RE:RN Anniversaries!

We've had the birthday topic, but how long have YOU been here?
Share with everyone!
Your 'RE:RN' half-birthday works as well...
I'm turning '1' in January.
EDIT: The 20th. :3
'Joined 1-October 06'


Quote (Shuryou)

'Joined 1-October 06'


You joined on Joined: 30-September 06
i joined RECN sometime in either june, or july, maybe even may......IT WAS DUREING THE SUMMER!!!! OK!?
Posted: Oct 20 2007, 01:35 PM
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Actually, five days apres moi. >_>
Hiko, he's talking about the OLD SITE.
Blargh, you can see my normal RERN birthdate on below my avatar.
I joined RECN on April 22 2006.
old site was in september, with gorrila_warefare.exe...

then in october I switched to Void.exe for the first time...

then I was forced to switch to AniMay.exe when the site crashed in january...

and then this september I switched back to Void.exe...
April 1st, 2006 for me, and itwas Ozho and Alexander all the way!
Up untill... Edgar anyway.