A Stupid Poll

I've been bored lately, and I think I need the writing practice, so I'm considering submitting another character registration.

Anyone think I should/shouldn't? I'm so sorry for putting in a retarded poll.
I think you should, because, you know, this IS an RP forum.
That's my reasoning. XD
I think this should be in spam can.

And yes, you should.
You should. What's the point of being on an RP site if you don't role play.
My lack of RP is why people dont like me that much :3

so do it. I know you dont want to be another commondragon of the site, now do you?
...we need more people to RP...

Make a wood Navi to steal Steve's element.

I don't think it should matter by public opinion
...Goddamnit. Am I seriously the only one who picked 'No' as answer? XD
And to think I voted when he put this poll up. XD

Quote (planeswalking fieldmedic)

...we need more people to RP...

Make a wood Navi to steal Steve's element.

-evil laughter-
Not vewwy nice, Shur.
Apologizing in advance for the double-post.
I have no idea what my navi should be. XD Probably doesn't help that I don't understand the system of RE:RN's RP that well. >_>
Sig attack lol?
I understand it, I think, to an extent, but not enough to modify it into something I can have fun with and be original with.
It's October. If there isn't an event that depicted Halloween.EXE as a gigantic pumpkin head with a skeletal/zombehd body, then i'll be severely dissapointed.


Oh, right.

Have him/her related to your Net-Op in some way. For example, Roy likes green and small chibi things, so Bugman is green, small and chibi.

Or you could just go with the Gyroman approach and be a transformer.
I claim copywright upon my Signature Attack! >.<