Random poll about love

Which world would you prefer to live in, and why?

World 1: In this world, you have a random chance of ending up with a lifelong lover that is either unbelievably awful or perfect beyond your wildest dreams, or anything in between. You have an equal random chance of ending up with any person along this spectrum of bad-to-good lovers.

World 2: In this world, you are guaranteed to have a mediocre lifelong lover. There's a 100% chance of you getting a mediocre lover, and 0% chance of getting anything else.

World 3: In this world, you can get anything from an unbelievably awful lover to a better-than-average lover. There's a ceiling limit; that means there's no limit to how miserable your lover could be, but you can comfort yourself knowing no one gets a really good lover either. You have an equal random chance of ending up with any person along this available spectrum.

World 4: In this world, you are guaranteed at least a below-average lover, but can have up to an almost perfect lover. You have an equal random chance of ending up with any person along this spectrum.

In all of these scenarios, there are no do-overs; you're stuck with this person for life. And, yes, it's totally random picks, no matter how attractive you (think you) are. You can't take into account that you might "charm your way" into getting this person to be less awful.

I'm just curious how most people would react. (This is a variation of a Rawls thought experiment.)
*Votes what he said on MSN*

Numero Uno, por favor. Gambling FTW D:
4. I don't really like too much risk.
World 2. I'm not picky.
Any. I don't plan on pursuing love, so this is completely unrelated to--*shot*

Fine. World 1, if you must.

You probably want to give a numeric scale on "perfect" and "awful", though. Is mediocre worse than below average?
Hmm... good point of clarification...

World 1: So completely bottom-trolling awful is at 0, and as perfect as possible is at an infinite amount. I can't really assign numerical amounts for World 1 since the range is infinite, but suffice it to say that the order goes like this:

some form of bad, below average, average/mediocre, above average, some form of good

World 3: worst is at 0, let's say the top limit is at 100. Below average might be 25, average might be 50, above average might be 75.

World 4: worst is at 15-ish, below average is 25, average is 50, above average is 75, but let's say the upper bound is at about 5000.

Don't stress about what the actual distribution curves might look like in these worlds. Just assume that you're equally likely to get something awful, below-average, average, above-average, or incredible, with a random assignment to exactly what numerical value you might get within those ranges.
Taking the realism route, I'll stick with 1.
World 1; that's the most similar to this one.
Discretion is the better part of valor, so lets go with the safety of world 4.
I'm disapointed in those who picked world 2. They are unwilling to take even small risks.
i chose world 4, i don't mind getting a below average lover, but there is ALWAYS that small chance i'll have a good lover.
Thanks for everyone who voted! It's really interesting to see the results of the community here...

Just to give a little background, the original version of this hypothetical was based on money, not love. Like, instead of ranging from horrible to perfect lovers, the original survey would ask about your preference of living in worlds where you'd be randomly assigned somewhere between being really poor to being really rich.

So my next question would be... would you answer be the SAME or DIFFERENT if the survey was about money rather than love?

Please tell me what you think!
Oh, if it was about money, I'd chose 4. That way, there would be no poor but people were free to acell without fear of a ceiling limit.
Meh. Hard to decide, with love.
With money? So long as "moderate" allowed me to live comfortably, if not lavishly, I'd choose option 2.
So such thing as love, kthxbai.
I'd stay right where I am, thanks. Interdimensional travel gives me a headache.
i'd stick right were i am. plus......interdimentional travel would warp my little mind......more than what it is right now.
Dimensional travle dosn't warp your mind. I do it all the time, and look at me. Pancakes.

Quote (Zolem)

I'm disapointed in those who picked world 2. They are unwilling to take even small risks.

I had a girlfriend who had cupsize DD+, perfect body, fucked like a beast and practically did whatever I asked her to do. I've had my share of 'perfect girlfriends'. XD
Next girlfriend had cupsize DD+ as well, but it was a distance relationship so I never got to meet her.
Conclusion: I can get a girlfriend quite easily if I try. I've got the lines, I've got the attitude and I know what women like to hear. Play towards their heart and they'll swoon for you. I've had girls chasing me online just because of my words. I'm just sick of 'perfect' girls so I'll be happy with anything. That's my main reasoning for world 2.