The Evil Navi Lair

(Same thing as all teh others....except this one's only for the badguys. Can be for subplots are evil bosses you've made. Only catch is YOU have to of made that navi up in order to use it. I dont wanna see someone use drakkas who's new to this site!)

Inside a far didstant side of the undernet was a strange area. A huge castle laid upon this area, guarded by nasty viruses. The area sent any normal navi chills down their spine. Helmets of police navis littered the ground....this place was untouchable by heroes....inside the castle was a fortress for any villain.

British sits, holding his sword. He sat in a floating chair, awaiting others to come. He had plans, and he wanted to share them with his fellow villians.
"Who are you?" Came a voice from behind British, "There stood a monkey like navi with a cold headband. His eyes were a glowing yellow and he had long red hair and a tail in the back.
Four navis walk in. One in a generic evil overlord outfit, twirling a flail over his head. One in a black suit of gothic armor, holding a kama and tossing another to himself randomly. This one looks considerably out of breath. The third navi is completely shrouded in a black cloak, and for good reason. Only two glowing red eyes and a spiked tail aren't concealed of his horribly mutated form. The fourth is a female, dressed in a rather revealing navy outfit, wearing a red visor, and carrying a massive plasma cannon. They appeared to have chosen the lair as a meeting place.

"Did you catch him, Tassador?" said the first navi.
"He got away," said the second, tossing the kama one last time before holding onto it. "I know where he went, but it's awfully crowded, and there was a brawler and a giant bear outside. I didn't dare try to cause trouble."
"Tell me where it is. I'll burn it to the ground," said the female.
"No," interrupted the first.
"But Lord Salas..."
"Not now," said Tassador, trying to continue his report. "It sounded like there was a fight going on there. With any luck, the jazzmaster will get himself killed there, saving us the trouble."
The air outside the the fortress seemed to fluctuate and pulse with an invisible energy. The darkened skies were torn asunder by massive bolts of crimson lightning and a small sphere of infinite darkness formed, hovering a few feet of the ground. With a tremendous roar, the sphere began to grow. It channeled the bolts of lightning into its mass, the current of electricity running along the outside of the hovering jet black ball. The grown beneath the sphere began to crack and smash in on itself as though a tremendous force were pushing down on it. Several viruses, standing too close to the sphere, were pulled toward the anomaly. Their bodies were ripped to shreds as soon as they touched the orb and their data was absorbed into the growing mass. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the orb halted and dissipated into a flash of light.

Hovering where the orb had been mere moments before was a single Navi. The Navi was clad in bone white armor crafted to resemble a human skeleton. Below the armor was a jet black bodysuit that seemed pulse mysteriously. The Navi wore a magnificent, long blood red cape that billowed in the wind. The Navi's face was pale, but not overly much and he had jet black hair tied in a tail. The eyes of the Navi were menacing, pure black with small crimson pupils that shined with a demonic light. One of the Navi's hands, the one resting on the bone hilt of a longsword, was tipped with razor sharp claws of bone. The other hand seemed to be formed of a pulsating blackness, as though a black hole had been compacted into the form of a hand. Crimson energy snaked through the darkness from the tips of the fingers to where the strange hand met the ghastly armor.

The Navi landed softly, his sinister eyes taking in every aspect of the fortress and the viruses lurking around it. He spotted a lone virus approach him, the creature obviously questioning his legitimacy for being there. The Navi raised his dark hand, resting it on the viruses head and pushing it through. The energy of the hand ripped apart at the virus' data, shredding it apart with little effort. The Navi smiled to himself and strode forward.
a black fured wolf-like navi with sky blue eyes and an entirely white body suit with a black trim walks into the castle, looking at the other navis.
"Where's that Nikko?" he thought to himself. "*sigh* i wouldn't think that she has enough guts to be seen by me......because of what she did to me a year ago....."
The monkey looked at them and sat himself down. "Seems that a crowd is beginning to enter." He snapped his fingers and glowing eyes appeared from the rafters. He gave a slight grin. This will be interesting
A black cloaked Navi entered, with greyish skin, blood red eyes, blood red trim, and was floating. He entered the premises, and as the virus checker approached him, he suddenly reeled back in shock as the figure became transleucent in appearance. From its depths, another figure stepped from the evil-looking shell. This one was human in every aspect, a young child looking about 6 years old. He had short black hair and light blue eyes. He wore a white T-shirt with a sapphire blue logo that resembled a holy cross with a circle binding all four points together and all points equal length. A pair of light brown cargo pants adorned his lower bottom, while white runners completed the look. The strangest thing, though, was that he didn't have an emblem of any sort on him. Plus, as the virus prepared to attack, the boy walked right through it. Confused, the virus gave up tryig to apprehend the boy.

Walking in, Michael took in every aspect of the castle. The dark walls, the gloomy tapestries, everything. Walking a little more, he found himself in a room with multiple other Navis, all looking very evil. Casually walking over to a corner, he sat down, looking very, very out of place and suspiscious. He spoke, and most likely surprised everyone with the voice of a young man. "Hey, everyone. The name's Michael. Any of you got names, or should I just list you all as Evil Navi Number 1, Evil Navi Number 2, etcetera?" he asked, being cheeky.
"This is it! This is it!" chirped Syne as she burst through the door of the fortress with her two comrades in tow, "This is the villains party that the invitation told us about! These kind of places are great for networking!"

"I uh... I don't know, Syne," said Merlot, nervously glancing around and fiddling with his golden scarf, "These guys look pretty dangerous. Do you think we made a mistake in coming here? I mean, it's not like we were invited to this event. We FOUND that invitation, remember?"

"We didn't just FIND it, we STOLE it!" countered Syne, brushing her brown hair as she whirled around to face the wine-red navi, "That's how villains work! If we beat up a villain, that means we're BETTER villains than they ever were!"

Salamand, the massive golden templar navi, chose to ignore his two bickering teammates and leaned idly on the shaft of his spear. Social gatherings were never my thing... he thought, frowning as his eyes darted from shady character to shady character, But if this is what it's going to take to make it into the sequel, then so be it. Breathing in sharply, he picked up Syne and Merlot and carried the two of them over to the center of the room. Plopping the pair down onto the floor, he cleared his throat and smiled, giving a friendly wave toward some of the more evil-looking denizens.
As the crimson cloaked Navi approached the fortress, four figures materialized in his wake and followed without a word. Each of the four wore long cloaks of varying colors and each wore a curved mask, metallic and reflective, that hid their faces from view. They trailed after their master, moving with a solemn silence.

The first was a small Navi clad in a silver cloak. Despite its anonymity, it moved with a feminine grace with long strides and an air of defiance. The second was a hulking brute draped in black and green. It stalked in an animalistic manner, hunched over with it's arms almost reaching to the floor. The third was another small Navi, this time clad in blue. This one seemed to constantly staring at the back of their master, perhaps hoping for a fond glance backwards, but none came. The last was dressed in fiery crimson. This one was tall and lean, and it moved with the grace of a skilled warrior. The crimson Navi turned its head from side to side as it followed, searching for any signs of attack from villains outside of the group, or within.
Foolish... a dark resounding voice sounded through the inner chamber. Black wisps of air seeped through the floor, under Micheal's feet, who displaced himself from the area. An eruption of black light erupted from the wisps and formed into a hulking black mass in the shape of a wolf with round silver eyes and jaws gaping. The wolf let out a mighty howl and stared at his fellow villians.
My... what big eyes you all have my friends. Big_Bad_Wolf.exe commented, chuckling darkly at his own little joke.
The entity was surrounded by several Nightmare virues, rolling their eyes around the room.
In a burst of light, two blade-like wings of light, shifting red and orange in color, folded themselves inward from one of the dark corners of the room. With a slow clack of her high-heeled boots, Confine swaggered into the group of evil-doers. Her sleek black armor covered her hands, legs, and head, leaving many spots of her skin exposed in a stigmatic way; the darkness of her suit clashed with the white of her hair and the smooth peach tone of her skin. Her eyes were covered with a visor that reflected a deep red effect, obscured by warped wells of darkness, and she dragged two long, glistening black chains, which rattled audibly across the floor as she moved. Two ornamental horns protruded from her helmet, and just above her hips, a long, devil-like tail curled downward. Her hips moved rythmically and enticingly as she approached three colorful and slightly out of place navis.

"What is this? Hm, you remind me of three of my colleagues!" she commented to them in a snake-like whisper, showing fang-like teeth as her lips slowly curled with her speech. She tightened a chain in one hand, taking special note of the one dressed in red and vibrant gold. "Hm hm hm... your colors and the way you're dressed... they remind me a little of someone," she cooed, moving her hand for his scarf. "Do you know who that is?"
What are we to discuss today, my friends? Wolf asked his fellow villians in order to strike up a conversation.
"No clue." Goku announced, "It would seem that we are all here to speak about common goals, revenge or power...what I desire is some of my old items back..." He then looked at the wolf, "Tell me, are those viruses here to have some fun...or are they just ornaments for your own amusement."
Well, they're kind of my food supply. BBW explained. But they're also pretty damn annoying to the navis that encounter me. KU KU KU! BBW added, laughing hallowly at his statement.

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She tightened a chain in one hand, taking special note of the one dressed in red and vibrant gold. "Hm hm hm... your colors and the way you're dressed... they remind me a little of someone," she cooed, moving her hand for his scarf. "Do you know who that is?"

"Uh..." Merlot looked from side to side nervously before pointing one gloved finger toward himself, "Are you uh... are you talking to me?" The rather seductive-looking navi grinned, revealing a set of fanglike teeth. Merlot gulped as he adjusted his goggles awkwardly on his head and took a nervous step backward, bumping into Salamand's armored back and nearly tripping over the taller navi's cape. "S-Sal," whispered Merlot, eyes darting back and forth, "I think that chick is uh.... checking me out." He gestured toward Confine, taking note of her rather... revealing outfit.

"Go talk to her then," whispered Salamand, pushing the wine-red navi forward, "She looks like a pretty prominent villain, so it's good to get her contact information." With a smile, he patted Merlot on the shoulder before turning around and continuing his waving, "Go get 'er, tiger."

Merlot gulped again, muttering under his breath, "I don't think she'll let me get away with just her contact info." Unsure as to whether or not to be intimidated or aroused by Confine, he cleared his throat and attempted to act as professional as possible. Flashing his most confident smile and extending his hand forward, Merlot addressed the sultry navi. "Hey," he said, "so uh... I'm not really sure who I remind you of, but I don't think I've introduced myself." The red navi smiled, eyes shining through the blue lenses of his goggles, "I am Merlot, pleasure to meet you, Miss..."
"You three, can you keep it down?" the mutated navi asked, pointing at Merlot, Syne, and Sal with his tail. "We're trying to plot over here."

"Now now, Gorgus," whispered Tassador softly. "We don't own this we can't exactly tell the other occupants what to do now can we?"

The female gunslinger stood up at once. "Well we can fix that, can't we? Just fire a few rounds from this thing and everyone in here will be begging for-"

"Sagon, shut the hell up," Tassador said, putting his hand over Sagon's mouth, his patience nearing its end. Second in command to Lord Salas was nice, but it did have its downsides.
"How interesting." Goku replied to the wolf's comment.

Suddenly, another burst into teh room riding an elephant virus. "HAHAHAHA!" It laughed as it jumped down, "I'M THE GREATEST HUNTER NAVI OF ALL TIME!" He then sat down and gave a laugh as he looked at his new crest. "What fun that was! I finally caught em!" he didn't even pay attention as one of the viruses came bursting through the room (he left the door open...idiot!). It dashed up to him and was about to strike when....BAM! The navi shot one blast at the virus and it deleted.

"Little runt!" He growled, "Disturbing me as I shine my prize! Viruses just don't know what their dealing with. I can't believe they still underestimate Huntman! The greatest hunter navi!"
A wolf of little note silently padded into the fortress. His fur was mostly black, save for some blue markings on his paws and head. He raised his head to sniff at the air... At this point, he seemed to notice his fellow wolf. He only came within inches of the hulking figure before he forced the air out of his nose with an annoyed grunt. He hadn't liked what he had smelled. Disinterested, he made his silent way to a small corner of the room, circling the immediate area twice before laying down in a comfortable-looking coiled position.
"Hm hm hm!" Confine laughed, smiling cheekily as Merlot attempted to put on his best game face to deal with her. "Yes, that smile and those eyes... you're quite a bit like him, aren't you, Merlot?" she whispered once again in her serpentine way. "My name's Confine. I was working with three navis until just recently. None of them were quite the right calibur for a place such as this, I assure you, but..." she continued, beginning to wrap the long tail extending from the lower back of her armor around Merlot's leg, "I am sure you people aren't here by accident, are you?"

As she continued her seemingly random yet specific fraternizing with Merlot, she attempted to hook the fingers of one of her sharp and lithe glossy black gloves underneath his scarf. She continued to smile at him seductively, keeping her tail wound covertly around his leg. "Don't mind those simpletons over there, Merlot... you can be as loud as you want while I'm around. In fact, I love to hear other people scream," she said in a low whisper.