Why? Because this forum doesn't have a poll forum...EVAR
Ok, You just KNOW White haired guys are always important...So, which one??

((You guys can pick up to three^^, but list them!!))
Riku comes next.

God, Sephiroth took me three fucking tries to beat in KHII. Bloody asshole.
sephy, cause his song rocked...

and this song
Magus's hair is actually blue. Or purple. One of those.

But I vote him anyway.
...Then can someone change Magus with Moogle :3 (WHITE FUR FTW~)
Why not Mog? Mog is a Moogle.
Alright o_o;; *cough*neverplayedFFVI*cough*
Mog is a shorthand for moogle anyways...fools...
Aheh, no. In FFVI(And several other FFs) there is a Moogle named Mog. In FFVII they started calling all Moogles Mogs, I don't know why and that is the only game where they do so. However, that doesn't change the fact that Mog is the name of one particular Moogle. Mag is also a Moogle, but she is pink.
Zan = win. Just cause he's right.

I vote Inuyasha. Cause he's all um... cool and such. And he has hot japanese women with him

But wheres like.... um... Trace? He's old and white haired, isn't he?
I vote for Shuryou Darkholme. *shot*