Nanaca Crash Challenge

This is my weapon,
This is my bike.
This one's for fighting;
This one I like!

From the ashes of QUERTY Warriors, I bring you Nanaca Crash.

Click and hold with the mouse at the beginning of the game to launch the character you see standing there. This should be self-explanitory.

While rising, if you click the mouse while the word AERIAL is blue, you will launch him back down at the same angle he was going up at. This recharges while he is at a certain altitude.

While falling, if you click the mouse while the word AERIAL is red, you will launch him back up. You can do this only three times.

Hitting characters changes his flight pattern. Characters to watch out for are the two male characters (which are generally bad to hit,) the green icon girl with glasses (who stops you,) and the girl whose icon is purple (who blocks the next female character.) The remaining three characters boost you. One launches you at a 45 degree angle, one launches you high, and the last launches you low and far.

Certain conditions enable one of four Special moves. The conditions are different for each one. If you hit the correct character with Special enabled, click the mouse within .7 seconds for a major boost.

Good luck!

High Scores:
Heat Sonata----5230.15
Planey F.M.----3289.57
4909.73m! WHOOOOOOO I AM MASTER OF MINDLESS CRAP! I kinda got bored after 4000...... so I stopped really trying XD!
I shall let this image speak for itself:


PS: Oh, and Kazu? PWNT.

And I didn't play yet. Don't feel like it. Played it too many times already.
OMFG it doesn't stop D:

... O_o

I'm getting... like, 418.50s here...


EDIT: Broke 1000 anyway... >>

EDIT: 5230.15. : D
Fun at first, but gets boring...
I found it RIGHT AFTER I saw this topic.
Without the link.
I'm sure I posted this from Dagobah back in old Chaos Town.

Fun times... /rawr

I got .13meters more then Kazu.
*Dances* Can't touch this da na na na~

Man, I used to play this YEARS ago.

I think my personal high was past the 25000 mark, but that was a while ago.

Another fun challenge is to see how HIGH you can get your dude. My personal best was like 450.