Brief(ish) Hiatus

Hey all, I've been pretty non-active as of late due to the general "no days off ever" sort of work schedule I've had for the past month, so unfortunately y'all can expect that to continue into late next month. Hopefully it'll get a bit more relaxed late September when we have more people, and can allow folks like me to get the occasional day off. I'll try to mod and post when able, with modding Aim's SlayMission and AffairPosting as the top priorities.
That can't be good for your health. Hang in there, man.
Make sure you take care of yourself Lurch, and try not to over-do things, ok? Health and well-being first.
Update: work has only gotten worse, y'all can expect near zero activity from me for several more months
Update: moving to a different location. I'll still be quite busy to start out, but hopefully I'll have a bit more free time to work on mods/posts
Thanks for the update! Hope you're managing to the rest you need and aren't pushing too hard!
Don't hurt yourself man, just keep doing what ya can.