<trombone fail-noises>

So, some good news and some bad news. Good news: having recovered from injury and illness, I've found myself steady work in the film industry, and seem set to return to life as a functioning adult. I'm doing well enough that I no longer have to worry about things like my savings, debt, rent...all that fun stuff. In short, after months and months, I'm finally in the clear.

Bad news is, being a regular poster here simply isn't feasible with my new schedule. My work days are minimum 12 hours, and usually more like 15-16, and it's physically intensive enough that I'm not up to much after work except sleep, most days. My days off are now almost exclusively devoted to social calls, business, and all the stuff I don't have time during the week for. And with my time suddenly being so precious, I just don't have the time I used to to sit around and write. Hence, I've exited my group thread with Aim and MC; I can't ask you two to wait that long for me to post.

I can't imagine I'll be around that often, going into the next while. I'm sure I'll be back at some point, but for now I need to take time off the board and focus on real-world priorities. I apologize to everyone that I had plans with (looking at you, Rogan).
That's alright, Sage, life comes first. Thank you for telling us; knowing means we can take action to move forward. I'm glad to hear that things are finally looking better for you, truly I am. We know you've had a rough time of things, and knowing that things are stable and prospects are better for you is a relief. I can't pretend I'm not upset to cancel on some of the things we penciled in, at least for now, but I also understand and I certainly don't hold it against you. I'll hope that at some point, when you're more used to your busier schedule and settled into a healthy rhythm, that we'll see more of you again. Until then, thanks for letting us know, and I hope that, even if you won't be able to post regularly for a while, you'll still find the chance to read along sometimes.

Take care of yourself, Sage.

Just glad you're doing fine, thanks for updating us. See you around.
Good job.
There's something about this place that keeps calling me back.

Howdy everyone, sorry for the long disappearance. Having gone through some very odd twists and turns, I'm finally in a place where I'm not burning my life in exchange for money, and can relax. NaNoWriMo's got me in a prose-y mood, and honestly the shenanigans that this board gets up to make for some of the most enjoyable writing I've ever done.

I can't promise any regularity to my activity here, but one does what they can. Cheers, all.
Glad to have you back!
Welcome back, happy to hear you've found a steadier ship in these dark waters. (^-^ )b