You all may have noticed my activity has decreased to a bare minimum. Once I'm done modding Aim and Shur's mission, I'm out of here.

I haven't been working on any systems stuff or anything like that, so I don't need to pass off any projects to the other staff, etc.

If requested, I'll store my Navis as NPCs for later use.
That is disappointing.
That's sad to hear. Hope you do okay with your job and whatnot.
Hope to see you soon.
Later soldier. o7
You will be missed my friend, take care in where ever you go.
Good luck with your job, Grim. Hope you can come back at some point.
Good luck and Goodbye Sir, you'll be missed indeed. Enjoy the job and keep the Navi as an NPC, Machman can't just vanish.
((For storage/NPC use))

Quote (MachMan.EXE)

Name:  MachMan.EXE

Gender:  Male

Element/Subtype:  /

Faction:  NeoShogunate; "The Gallant, Super-Sonic Speed-Demon, Airborne Fighter MachMan.EXE"

Level:  Level: 41 (6 Battleships, 6 SpeedUp, 14SP, 8NC Expansions, 5HP Memory, 2 PowerUP)
HP:  200
Actions:  6
NaviCust (80/80):  Omnishoes, Undershirt
Buster Stats:  1/1/0

Appearance: His outer extremities are covered in blue armor while his upper arms, neck,thighs, and abdomen are covered by an orange bodysuit. His blue gauntlets has two circular, red jewels on the backs of his hands, which seem to be more decoration than anything else. His chestplate is made of thicker blue armor, and has two rectangular thrust vents on both sides of his chest. He also has two small yellow shoulder plates. Machman's head is covered with metallic, spike-like hair which goes diagonally up and back, while only a couple of his bangs spike out in the front. His mouth and nose are concealed by a blue, metal facemask, and to date has never been removed.  The mask extends from the centerline of his face to the pylon-shaped structures that cover where his ears would be, which act as both audio sensors and two-way communicator. Machman's most distinguishing features are the pair of wings that float behind his back.  They float freely thanks to the anti-gravity drives that power the system, and allow him to fly at incredible speeds without making a sound.  His symbol consists of an orange streak with a blue background, trimmed in a orange-yellow color.

Background:  Machman started out as just a standard NormalNavi purchased/created by Mazer Patrovski.  However, one day he was traversing the net and encountered a strange data anomaly.  He was confronted by a collection of foreign data that took the form of an almost invisible Navi.  This data infected the NormalNavi and synchronized with it.  This caused the NormalNavi to be basically "possessed" by Machman.EXE (Mk I); a Navi who was wrongly self-deleted years ago.  Machman has his own personality and memories, but he shares some of his predecessor's memories, battle skills, and temperament.  Machman also now bears a striking resemblance to the original Machman.EXE.

Personality: Machman's personality has changed quite a bit from when he first started out in ACDCNet.  He seems to have matured from a rather cocky "flyboy" to a calculating, and protective fighter.  He often puts himself at risk to defend his SPs and Allies, even though he is fully aware they are not in immediate danger (thanks to the EJO system).  He has forged a very strong bond with his first SP, Aera, and their relationship has become more and more than just a friendship.  He realizes this, and is hesitant to pursue the matter any further, for fear of eventually hurting her.  He has professed his love for her, but neither of them dwell much on that fact, due to other matters.

Machman's trust in his NetOp, Mazer, is unwavering to say the least.  He almost never questions Mazer's decisions, mainly because he simply has the same idea in mind.  He has become a little more distant from his NetOp since the introductions of Aera and Vector, but he still trusts Mazer with his very existence.

In combat, Mach tends to be more aggressive than most, but his aggression is refined and sharpened to forge a very surgical fighting machine.  His combat strategy taps into his primary skill: speed.  Drawn-out battles are much more taxing on him, and prefers a lightning-fast assault to eliminate the enemy before they even have time to react.  He tries to utilize everything he can use to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible.

Custom Weapon: MachBuster

Signature Attacks  (Pool: 1500/1500) [PE #36] Max Cap: 380 (570 nerfed) 55 Passive

Superior Thrust Laser: 60dmg x2 + Multi-Hit + MicroBurst + 3TCD (160pts)

Rising Barrage: 50dmg x4 + Multi-hit + Breaking + Seeking + Impact + Knockback + Movement + BusterLock + 8TCD (270pts + 20 Nerf)

SCRAM Boost:(x2) Teleport +2TCD (80pts)

Heavy Shielding: 6-hit Shield + 3TCD (80pts)

Enhanced Perception: Accuracy Enhancement x3 + 3TCD (120pts)

Anti-Gravity Engines: [Passive] Haste (160pts)

Force Multiplier: [Passive] Spawn 2 Machman Decoys (160pts)

MachFolder: 30/30
DoubleShot x1 (60dmg Null x2 + Variable Targeting + Terrain Change {10% Broken})
Dash Attack x2 (90dmg Null + Impact {5 target max})
Quake1 x1 (100dmg Null + Impact + Medium Cracked Terrain)
Rageclaw3 x1 (100dmg Null + Slashing/ 50dmg Null + Impact {6 uses})
SonicBoom x1 (120dmg Null + Slashing + Wide Attack + Shot Eraser)
CannonBall x1 (150dmg Null + Break)
SummonBlack1 x1 (160dmg Null+ Slashing + Wide Attack) {Can only be activated on broken or missing terrain}
TankCannon3 x1 (160dmg Null/160dmg Null + Blast 2) [A/C accuracy respectively]
FireHit1 x1 Fire (60dmg + Impact + Double Attack) {Can be close or long range}
Flameline2 x1 Fire (120dmg + Ground Attack + Wide Attack)
LavaCannon2 x1 Fire (120dmg + 40dmg Lava Panel Boost)
Magnum1 x1 Fire (120 + Breaking + Panel Breaking + 1 Target per charge {max 2 charges})
Burner x1 Fire (130 + Nova2)
MagBomb x1 Elec (30dmg + Blast2 + Stun)
Elecshock1 x1 Elec (80dmg + Panel Breaking + Cone Attack {max 4 opponents, melee range only}
MagBolt x1 Elec (90dmg + Stun {Pulls enemies towards user with magnetic field})
ElecPulse1 x1 Elec (100dmg + Seeking + Glitch + Cone Attack)
Cornshot1 x1 Wood (50dmg + Trick Shot Spread1)
RiskyHoney1 x1 Wood (1-Hit Wood Element Shield) + (Riposte(5x10 + Homing): On Hit)
BambooSword x1 Wood (80dmg + Slashing {Can hit 3 targets at once})
Spice2 x1 Wood (110dmg + Confusion + Ground Attack + To-All-Grass {Only affects enemies on Grass terrain})
Boomerang3 x1 Wood (120dmg + Group Attack (Arc))
Bubble-V x1 Aqua (80dmg + Spread2 {V Shape})
Blizzard x1 Aqua (100dmg + Ice Panel Change + Cone Attack {Max 4 Targets, Close Range Only})
AirRaid2 x1 (100HP Object, 10dmg Null x15 + Multi-hit OR 50dmg Null + Impact {3 Turn Duration, Accuracy A})
Rockcube x1 (Summon 200HP Rockcube)
Invis2 x1 (2 turns Invisibility)
PoisonMask x1 ((2-Hit Shield) + (50 Poison + Miasma(Nova2))
Counter1 x1 (1-Hit I-Field) + (Counter(70dmg Null + Impact + Break): On-Hit) [blocks debuffs]

77 (XIII.EXE) Level 2 Cross
108 (Sylk.EXE) Level 2 Cross
36 (Red.EXE) Level 1 Cross
38 (Rainfall.EXE)
9 (Curseman.EXE)
23 (Arachne.EXE)
22 (Aegir.APP)
16 (Escort.EXE)
XIICross:  Level 2 {+20HP, +0 Action, +15dmg to Fire Battlechips}
SylkCross:  Level 2 {+20 HP, +0 Action, + 15dmg to Fire Battlechips}
RedCross:  Level1 {+0HP, +0Action, + 10dmg to Wood Battlechips}


Name:  Aera

Gender:  Female

Element/Subtype:  /

Level:  37 (HP V3, Dmg V8, Speed V3, Planeswalking, Second Chance, Chip Preset, Spread Strike)
HP:  70
Damage:  50
Actions:  4

Aera is about 6' 1", about 95 pounds (but never ask her, if you don't like getting electrocuted) and a thin frame.  Aera keeps her short orange hair up, to keep it out of her fair face and stunningly blue eyes.  Over her ears she has two blue fins similar to Machman.  She wears a form-fitting suit that is blue over her abs, thighs and lower arms; and orange over her upper arms, waist, and shins.  Her chest is covered in a thin armored plate formed to the contours of her body. Her shoulders are covered in gold shoulder plates and her ankles are ringed with a gold hoop above her blue pumps.  Her fingers are covered in a soft white fabric which ends at her knuckles.  On the backs of her hands she has two red crystals, just like Machman.  Aera's ability to fly is caused by two small but powerful wings floating behind her back.

Personality:  Aera certainly is a digital bombshell, but I guess she never noticed the fact.  She is infectiously energetic and kind; she seems to be able to cheer up anyone no matter the situation.  When it comes to Machman, Aera just wants to be with him... forever!  She is very attached to him, not a surprise since half of her program came directly from Machman himself, but the relationship is more like that of a close friendship or even that of a brother/sister bond.  Aera has no qualms with virus busting, especially if she has the opportunity to protect Machman.  It was recently found out her processing speed is something to behold; she can scan and interpret data at a nearly impossible speed (granted she was only searching web pages, etc.).  It would also seem her personality is maturing fairly rapidly, since her "giddy school-girl" attitude is rapidly being phased out by a more mature and impassioned demeanor.

Recently, she has developed feelings for Mach that she doesn't quite understand.  In the grand scheme of things, she is still very young, and doesn't completely comprehend the feelings and thoughts she gets when she is close to him.

Her cheery demeanor is nowhere near reserved for just Mach, she is very kind to other Navis and SPs, and is not prone to jealousy, mainly because she knows Machman isn't the kind of Navi that flirts around with other female Navis/SPs like a playboy.  She loves having new friends, and enjoys interacting with those she knows, and even with those she just met.

Her combat style is primarily supportive, but she learned a great deal from watching Machman fight, and has more than enough electrical power to hold her own in battle.  She follows Mach's directions to the T, and has started to think more and more like Machman, so she can make effective combat decisions that utilize her own strengths to eliminate targets.

Sig Attacks:  (Total 230pts)

Tesla Pulse: Confusion + 2TCD (80pts)

Repulsion Shield: 2-hit shield + 1TCD (40pts)

De-bug: Status Cure + 1TCD (30pts)

Electro-Therapy: Heal 72 + 2TCD (80pts)

Recharge: [Passive] 18HP heal per turn (80pts)

Name: Vector.SP

Gender:  Genderless, but refers to itself as male

Element/Subtype:  /

Level:  30 (HP V7, Speed V2, Attack V5, Second Chance, Brace, Planeswalker)
HP:  110
Damage:  35
Actions:  3

Vector could be considered a group than a single entity because his body is completely composed of angled metallic plates; held together by an invisible force, similar to that of Machman's wings and booster engines. The plates themselves are of varying sizes and shapes, but they are uniformly glossy dark blue with varying amounts of shimmering silver trim, and are mainly triangular or diamond shaped. The edges of these plates vary from dull and scored (for traction) to a razor's edge.

These plates are manipulated at will to form Vector's "body," which can take a very high variety of forms; however, he mainly takes an angular, ~6' bipedal form. The most unique formation of the metal plates forming his body could be considered his "head," since it houses his sensor array. It is arranged like the slit in a knight's protective helmet, and though he can see through any part of his cyan sensor array, he has a single red "eye," that mainly just indicates where he's focusing his sight.

Personality:  Vector's personality seems to be taken directly from knights of old, from their strong sense of loyalty, honor, and chivalry, even to their honorific vernacular.  Vector believes he was created as a protector for both Machman and Aera, whom he considers his King and Queen.  He almost always addresses them as "Sire" and "M'lady," which is at best tolerated by Mach and Aera.  Other than his overly polite and professional demeanor, he remains silent and observes quietly unless addressed.
He has a very chivalrous attitude, especially when around female Navis and SPs, and can sometimes be provoked to anger when witnessing impolite or "boorish" behavior.  He reacts very well to praise, but he effectively hides his pride to give a very calm and unwavering reaction.
In battle, he fights efficiently, and with a high degree of precision (thanks to his unlimited range of movement, and no worries about weight, nervous twitches, or fatigue).  He most often acts as armor for allies in battle, but recent upgrades have made him more effective even as a separate entity.

Sig Attacks: (Total 40pts)

Orbital Blade Defense System: 2-hit shield + 1TCD (40pts)

Quote (KaijuMan.EXE)

Name:  KaijuMan.EXE

Gender:  Male

Element/Subtype:  Fire/Break

Level:  6  (2 chip, 2 HP Mem, 1 Speed)
HP:  190
Actions:  4
Buster Upgrades:  None
NCP: [20/40]  Undershirt (10), HP+50 (10)

Description:  This beast stands nearly 10 feet tall, but his length from nose to tail reaches almost 15 feet. He weighs in at almost 1 metric ton of muscle, armor, and teeth.

KaijuMan's body is rather heavy, but he isn't chunky by any means.  His body is very sturdy, but toned.  His muscle structure isn't very detailed due to his design, but the strength in his legs and tail is immense.  His head is unsurprisingly very reptilian, covered with scales and shaped in rather abrupt angles, giving his head a very aggressive look.  If the shape of his head wasn't intimidating enough, he has piercing yellow eyes and pitch black reptilian pupils and a mouth full of sharpened, dagger-like teeth. His Navi emblem, a silhouette of a person towering over a city landscape, is situated between his eyes. He has three pairs of bumps lining the top of his head, and each one has a long, spine-like spike that extends almost 2 feet away from his head. These spines have a limited range of movement, and help convey emotion on top of making him look even more intimidating.

KaijuMan's reptilian body is covered in small, dark olive drab scales to allow him a wide range of movement, from his neck all the way to his tail. His muscular arms are more human-like than reptilian, though they were covered in scales, and the shoulders were lined with some curved spines. His forearms are covered in dull gray vambraces, which have four claw-like blades circling the front edge, ready to spring forward and surround his clawed hands with jagged steel blades. His hands weren't the only sharpened parts of his body, the armor covering his thigh each have hardened spikes extending down to his clawed feet, and his spine is lined by dorsal spikes. To complete the pointy ensemble, a metal sleeve with four blades is secured at the end of his very long, muscular tail.  He also has several long, flexible spines sprouting from his back, but they provide a slightly different purpose. When very excited or brimming with energy, these spines stick almost straight up and ignite, creating a "sail" of fire. This sail looks very similar to that of the ancient Dimetrodon species of dinosaurs, and similarly helps KaijuMan regulate his body temperature.

Personality:  KaijuMan's personality is like a conglomeration of several different quirks; a mix of competitiveness, introversion, bloodlust, and a slight superiority complex.  He prefers solo rampaging to a monster tag-team, and whenever he has allies he tends to become very competitive.  He hates to have an ally defeat more enemies or cause more destruction than him, and may become aggressive towards him/her as a result.  He tends to be rather stoic and silent outside of battle, but becomes much more outspoken and active in a fight.  If he can't defeat a foe, he would still try to prove his superiority by destroying anything around him, anything to prove that he is the "king of destruction."  KaijuMan tolerates John to a point, but he does appreciate the relatively high amount of freedom he now has thanks to his NetOp.  After being trapped in his PET for months, he truly appreciates the opportunity to stomp around the open net.

Background:  KaijuMan was originally created as a mascot/advertisement for an up-and-coming film company, specializing in monster movies.  Unfortunately for them, Netopia wasn't really in the market for the genre, and the company went under.  KaijuMan was out of a job, and was essentially caged in his PET for several months.  Needless to say, the monster Navi was not amused by this.  He became more and more aggressive, which caused the owner to have second thoughts about keeping the Navi, and abandoned the PET in a Yoka park.  That was when John found him.

Custom Weapon:
Melee:  KaijuMan uses any part of his body to bludgeon the enemy, like his claws, head, and tail.
Melee Charge Attack:  KaijuMan charges his opponent and delivers a devastating headbutt and takes a bite out of his opponent.
Ranged:  KaijuMan fires a blast of air from his mouth, damaging the enemy.
Ranged Charge Attack:  KaijuMan adds a liquid propellant to his air blast, and ignites as it passes over his white-hot teeth

Signature Attacks:  [300/300] PU #6 Max Cap: 100 (150 Nerf) 20 Passive

Drain Crunch: KaijuMan takes a bite out of the target, causing damage and restoring some of his health. The influx of energy into his system causes him to become slightly bloated and sluggish.
(70 Drain Fire + Self Slow + 4TCD) (100pts + 40 Nerf)

Lava Mortar: KaijuMan launches a fiery chunk of molten rock from his mouth, which explodes on contact with a spray of lava and flames over a wide area. 
(70dmg Fire Blast2 + Shot Type + Self-Slow + 2TCD) (100pts + 40 Nerf)

Scorched Earth:  The immediate area around KaijuMan becomes so hot from his built up body heat, the data itself starts to smolder and burn, turning the area into a bed of hot coals.  The heat focuses the Navi's mind and loosens up his muscles, improving the accuracy of his next attack.
(Medium Coal Terrain [centered on self] + Take Aim + 1TCD) (30pts)

Crushing Terror: KaijuMan lunges headlong into the thick of battle, whether it be a mad dash or a powerful leap. The sheer speed and force put into his assault can cause enemies to stop dead in their tracks, nearly crippled with fear or shock, due to the fact a very large beast is now standing within chomping range. The faint-hearted freeze up, while others are shocked only briefly.

KaijuFolder:  [11/30]
Shotgun x1 Null(50dmg + Spread1)
RageClaw x2 Null(40dmg + Slashing/20dmg + Impact)
ShockWave x1 Null(40dmg + Ground Attack + Line Attack)
MiniBomb x1 (60dmg Blast1)
Zapring x1 Elec(40dmg + Stun1)
RemoteBit1 x1 Elec (Summon 100HP object, doing 80dmg + Panel Break for 3 turns)
Magbolt1 x1 Elec(90dmg + Stun + Magnet Pull)
Totem1 x1 Fire/Wood  (Summon 100HP object, doing 100dmg Fire + Spread 2 / Healing 50 for 3 turns)
Rope1 x1 Wood  (50dmg + Hold) [3 turn duration]
RollingLog1 x1 Wood  (50dmg + Ground Attack + Wide Attack(2) + Double Attack)

ZephyrMan.EXE:  62FXP (Level 1 Cross) Normal/Wind
Ante.EXE:  52FXP (Level 1 Cross)  Normal/Break

Quote (Lt._Grim_Reaper)

((For storage/NPC use))


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