Decline in RERN Activity

I'll get straight to the point. My father and I got into a Nasty argument, which ended with my laptop smashed up and harddrive jingling when I shake it up a little.

I won't be around for a long long time (At least back to my usual activity) because my only real access to computers now will be at my school. No chat, no LoL, no nothin...Until I can save up enough to buy a new computer and/or make up with my father.

That is all.
That sucks. Good luck. D:
Hope you get it sorted out with your dad. Family fights are never fun.
The real victim is the computer.

Poor, poor computers. Always getting beat up.
Damn, that sucks man. Good luck with everything.
Best of luck, Goroke. We're behind ya.
Yesss, yesss! Now we need only be rid of CC, and we can finally win some LoL matches!

...I mean, uh.

Good luck! 8D