Well... it was gonna happen eventually...

I'm getting my Jaw Sucker Punched into a more closed position! What is this surgery you may ask, well let me tell you:

The surgery may involve one jaw or both jaws during the same procedure. The surgery is performed in hospital under general anaesthesia, and often does not involve cutting the skin, instead the surgeon is able to perform the surgery from inside the mouth. Precise bony cuts are carefully performed in the jaws using special delicate bone cutting burs and saws, and the cut pieces are carefully repositioned in the desired/planned alignment using a surgical splint (like a small mouthguard) which is specifically made for each individual patient. The bony pieces or segments are held and stabilised in the desired position using titanium bone plates and screws - this has eliminated the need for wiring the jaws together for a few weeks after surgery as was the case in the early days when this type of surgery was first being developed. Often, small elastic bands will be applied to the braces to help keep the jaws together loosely and stabilised the bite.

So in short: Bones a breakin', me gonna be away from compy for a few days.
you have not amputated your own arm
you have not reached true enlightenment

j/k, hope it goes well.
Stay safe.
Things you don't want to hear while losing consciousness:

"What is that thing?"

All jokes aside, stay safe.
Good luck, hope it goes well.
Sounds like your connection to the internet is gonna get...


Despite my constant jeering at you, good luck with the surgery.