Ghosts of Lives Past

Not that I deserve a welcome back with the circumstances I last left on, but still, thought I'd say hi.
Heya, Sj. I don't think that's the first time it's happened, oddly enough. XD

Anyways, welcome back.
Oddly enough, I thought I'd save face and tried to make a new account, but somebody kept deleting them...
Yeah, about that, apparently Greco confused you for a spambot. Good going.
With a name like CantDoIt, I can't blame him. However, Simmons is a real name. <_<
Half my fault. I saw two validations with the same e-mail, took you for either A) a bot or B) Kujajin. Both are quite offensive, so my apologies. XD

Also, double accounting is illegal on this site, so, uh, I wouldn't try that again.
Kujajin? Story nao.

I'll probably start RPing again, just under (yet ANOTHER) character.
Long story made short, Kujajin was a fucking dumbass, he tried to get 4chan to take us out via a link to the chat. Needless to say the little mother fucker failed and got banned both here AND at 4chan.
And hence the security increase...

So, anything else happen I should know?
Nothing, just that you need to keep your Aussie ass in this site this time >:^|

Welcome back
Well, when you put it THAT way...
Oh hey.

Welcome back.
Yay, another Cursor type.