Hello Hello

Hello hello everyone, been a few weeks since I registered but sadly new job has kept me a bit busy so I couldn't get things rolling earlier. Hopefully I'll be able to register my navi and opp shortly. I look forward to meeting you all as time goes on.
Neat. Hope you'll stick around and RP with us. : D
1 - Follow rules.
2 - Have fun.
3 - Chat.
4 - Don't piss anyone off.
5 - ???
6 - Profit
1. Naturally
2. Always
3. Anytime
4. No promises
5. Booya!
6. Planning too.
Welcome and enjoy your time here.
Hello! Welcome to RE:RN! I'm P.A. and I handle pretty much nothing around here. I've been around for a while though, so if you're unable to reach mods, I'd be glad to help.

...Feels like I'm forgetting something...
Oh! Right!

A rundown of Welcome thread procedure.

Quote (The Rundown)

Welcome. There will be cliched death threats, warnings of players that you don't really need to watch out for, randomness interpreted by the posters as humorous, genuine welcomes, and Steve saying Yort, here in your welcome topic.
Yoyoyoyooyoyoyo :3
Hello there Morisha! Hope you get along well with others in Rogue Network!
If you need any help getting started with your registration, I can try to help explain things to you.
Thanks, mostly I'm just finalizing the details out, doesn't help that I was sick and writers block hit last night. Sorry again for the delays, I'll have it posted soon.
Here is something I gave someone else to help them register:

Azure's post certainly helps explain some of the basic systems for registering (we have a lot, but you only need to be familiar with a limited few for now). Don't feel pressured to register a profile quickly; better a well-thought, quality registration than a rushed, incomplete one.

If you have any questions about registering (or anything else, for that matter), feel free to ask us here or in the chat.
Yay somebody else new. I'm pretty new to. It's nice to meet you, and I hope you have a great time in the rp.