RevivedSin's RL Updates Thread

Expect low activity.
Like low, low activity.
Like, I'll abscond all other areas except the RP. I tend to realize it takes less time for modposts and IC posts than trying to interact with the whole site.

Shin is busy! He's no longer here! However, within our hearts and on our topics, he continues to live on! Making a post to pierce the heavens! Even in a grave, we can post on! And if you mod, it's our victory!

... Who the hell do you think we are?! We're RERN! Not just one person! We are ourselves! RERN THE PLAYERS!


Work hard, Shin.
I really liked you, good luck in this part of the rat race...
Good luck with college from a fellow college student. :0

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Willing to give any information? University? Major?
Santa Clara University, CA.

Cool. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it.
Don't expect anything from me during this next week. Tons of shit. BYE GUYS, I'LL SEE YOU AROUND THANKSGIVING. HURR HURR HURR.

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Fixed it for you. And good luck.
Finals Week. If you see me on the chat, for more than an hour, kick me off.


Of course, I might blaze through Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World before I do anything relevant to the site. So, maybe late winter break. XD

Hm, now that I mention it, I have to prepare for Calculus and Physics next quarter....

Yeah, um, so I'll mod when I can. But definitely not this week. Maybe though, since I can't RP at all. ;~;

Wait... so you said 'not this week.' Then, 'winter break.' Then, 'late winter break.' Then, 'maybe not for a while.' Then, 'maybe this week.' WTF. XD
Hiko, you'll understand once you get to college finals. XD
We have midterms in late January, but I'm a freshman...
Back, but uh- major inactivity due to ToS2 controlling my life is to be expected.
Done with ToS2, back at full modding strength.

Though today's curry kind of made me off kelter. @_@
Alright, so I tried backing up my data the other day and I had to install some stuff for the backup drive to work....

...which resulted in my computer freezing about every minute after I started it up.

I'll be using my old computer, which I started this site on, so that means...

uh, no YVD challenges, I don't want to have to install everything that I did on my old computer to my new one. DX

but you can expect me around.
Will you be able to fix the new one soon?