Newbie ME!

Good day to all, I'm ProtoTYPE V.01 a new member of the board. I hope I'm welcome in here and you can understand the way I speak because I'm not good in speaking English, it's not my first language. oh my account is now validated who validated it?
Welcome newbie! You are most certainly welcome here. Abide by the rules, be polite, and you're set.

Also, your English seems pretty good to me.
Yo. Good to have another newbie. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask, alright?
Yes yes yes.. I will but I'm not yet done reading the rules so I can't start my profile yet but as soon as I finished reading it I'll make it immediately. XD

Thank you for welcoming me here.
Churning out a welcome message is tedious work. Also, rules are to be followed. Good day.
Don't worry I'm not a RULE violaters.. XD I haven't seen any officials welcoming me, Are they busy?
Probably not here because of the presence of another welcome thread.
Chances are Steve validated it. He'll probably be in to say Yort once he sees this.


And that's...about all I got
Heya. Relax, and welcome to RE:RN.
Hee hee, I AM relaxing. I haven't done reading the rules cause I'm somewhat busy nowadays. I'll create my character soon.
Hey, welcome, enjoy your time here.
I already made a character profile but I guess I can't fill the signature move, Is there anybody who wants to help me?
What do you need help with specifically? All of it?