first off, this is probably essential: I'm not a capitals kind of guy. call it an affectation or whatever, I just don't think it matters unless I'm writing something. otherwise I just try to make sure the meaning of what I say isn't bs. if I get into the rp again I'll use caps in the appropriate places.

second off, I'm amazed this place is still standing, and we still got most of the old guys doing their thing. I know that sounds kind of dickish, but I always assume that if I haven't seen something for a while that it's gone forever or changed fundamentally. from what I can see you guys are doing pretty well, too. good on you!

third, hi. I'm mawk. the lowercase m is important mainly because of my bs artistic sensibilities. I was here a while back (see: oh man it must have been like one or two years by now) under a diff name (I'm gonna keep quiet on this and see who gets it. it's probably just a matter of cheating by looking at IPs, though.) I just kind of lost interest. coming in felt like a chore, y'know? now I just kind of wanted to check in and I thought "what the hell." I'm a lot busier now than I used to be, and the rp may or may not still be my bag, but I might give it a try. I got a couple characters who'd work.

fourth, I like some things. these things include a bit of drawing and spriting, 5 gum, getting hammered w/friends, and dada. I'm makin a couple of games and shit's changed an insane amount since I was making a couple games that year or two back (but then again so's everything else) but things are goin alright. if you wanna see what it's lookin like right now I could put something up. it's a platformer so it's not like you'd be bored to death.

so uh yeah


if someone could point me over to the chat, that'd be primo. that'd be the best song, played on the prettiest guitar. I have absolutely and completely forgotten where it is.

oh hey wait I found it. cool beans.

p.s. oh ahaha what darkstar's a mod?

granted I ain't seen the guy in like a million years so I guess he could be alright

yeah he looks pretty alright now. cool!


Welcome back. I guess.
Play nice. Dark can see posts too.

Anyways, re-welcome, anonymous pseudo-newcomer. I'm Hiko, though you may or may not know that or know me as the troll yahiko9040. I promise I got better.

Have fun RPing... or not... >_>

also it looks like some people have already got it but no spoiling it ended way too fast. ;=;

hi lego :3
Welcome newbie/returning member. Yes. I am a mod. Problem? Anyways, not here to start fights earlier this morning on X-box live...anyways, read the rules if you intend to join the RP and have fun.
Welcome back, I suppose. I have no idea who you are.

And Darkstar's a'ight....most of the time.

Hi and welcome back.
Heya! Welcome back! Man, we're getting a lot of returning members recently. Whoo~ I've got my work cut out for me.
Yo, I'm Grim. We probably haven't met, so it's nice to meet you. Got any ideas on a NetOp/Navi?
do I ever.
n2m broblerone how's everything w/you B]

I'm not gonna lie, it took me a good 15 seconds to figure out what you said there.

But other than that, not much, just got back from a large hiatus myself.
that's like half the fun of talking the way I do. you should try it out too.

it's not very hard it's just not putting capitals after full stops and adding "bro" to words.