I'm back, Again.

Yeah, It's me again. My Interwebs kinda left for a while, making me completely forget about this place. I plan on actually doing something this time, though I don't like my name... Is there any way I can change it? If not, will I be allowed to create a new account. If both options are impossible, I'll stay as is.
Again, I hope I'll be well liked here, as I was the first time, back when it was Chaos Network.
What's up

I'm pretty sure you can make a new account when ever you feel like it. Or simply ask a Admin to change it for you.
Admins should be able to change it for you. Maybe officials, too, I haven't tried yet. You'd have to PM one, or perhaps tell us what you want it to be here in this thread? I dunno.

Anyways, I'm sorry but I don't think I remember you. However, all the same, welcome back.

Best of Wishes.

Thanks Guys! I feel welcome already.

The name I would choose would be Johnny.

Glad you feel welcome, Johnny.

Done and done. I can do it, after all.

Thanks a bunch man!
I PM'd SMS, about it,....
Better tell him it's alright.
Why does it still say Goodholykid?
It'll still say GHK in existing threads. New threads will be okay.

And yeah, Lux, you can do just about anything that admins can. XD
Sweet, thanks, Uh... Can I call you Steve?
Nice to see you again.
hello, welcome back to RERN, hope you...re-enjoy(?) your stay.
I have a seriously bad memory which only seems to work for ridiculous things, so I cannot say I remember you. But, nonetheless, hope you enjoy your stay. Or re-stay...
My post count was only in the 90s. I don't expect you to remember me.
I may remember you.
Or perhaps you were before my time.
Either way, welcome (back-ish).