Oh, christ...

Well, due to situations not beyond my control, nor unforseeable, but highly regrettable, the hovercrafts have grown big nasty fangs and flown directly towards my video games and internet connection.

The full effects have not yet been discussed, and I still have limited internet access, but there is a chance that I'll still be able to do the stuff I signed up for.

Lego, Cereal, I highly apologize, and to the admins, I would like to continue this mission thread, but seeing as my posting will be highly restricted, I'd like to request a time paradox thread for MagicCereal, allowing him to continue virus busting in my absence.

Talk to you all later,
Noooooes! D:
Well, hope it gets better. :/
god damn hovercrafts...probably worse than lori's parents...good luck man...you is gonna fuggin need it.
Hovercraft?...No ideas
A Hovercraft is defined as a highly overprotective, outlandish, jumps-the-gun, sort of parent.
think about the mothers that always get in our way because they don't like seeing kids with immitation weapons. See: wii zapper. but, they are only overprotective of THEIR children. See: Lori and PA's parents.
dang, sorry to hear that PA

luckily i'm over the age of mine doing that


*realizes how old she is*


*goes and cries in a corner*
Wait, dark, the Wii Zapper?


yea, the overprotective bitches, see: Mothers, went off on the wii zapper because it looked, SORT OF, like a gun, It DOES, but, it doesn't warent that shit, if I had a link, i'd show it to you guys, but, I don't, so, just take my word on it, would ya?
Try to find a link anyway, I have to see this.
I'll have to say no to that time paradox :/

That's my vote, anyway.

Also: Is there a reason? Such as your grades, perhaps? :/
Eon. Since when were you... I dunno... not blunt?

It seems as if you'd usually say something along the lines of, "No time paradox. Are you sure it isn't your grades that's killing your internet time?"

Also, sorry, PA, hope to see more of you soon.
Bluntness gets the point across. If he's letting the site affects his grades, he needs to go do his work.
To put all your curiosity to rest, it's because I was up past my 9:30 bedtime. Not even multiple times, either. Once.

And I kid not.

Games are back, internet is not, very limited access at school, college funding is threatened of being pulled, though nothing further has happened.

Mom is fine (for once), Dad's the pissy one.

And Eon, I do want to continue this mission, but there's no reason for Magic to suffer because I was up past my bedtime and Dad was on 'roids for his gout when he determined the punishment he won't rescind.
Are you shitting me? Man, I thought your parents were bad, but not THAT bad...
Man, don't I know it...

But in light of this, please let Magic have the thread. If you already have, thank you, I haven't been able to look at the site itself, just this thread.

Talk to you later.