Vanishing act?

Yep. Stuff's happening that I'm going to have to deal with. After tonight, I will have no real time for RE:RN for the next several months.

I can't and won't go into details, but if I have internet access after the dust settles, I'll return.

I dunno what else to say... =/

Anywhoo... I'll probably make it back on here somehow. Pally's not one to give up so easily.

( PS: This still totally sucks. ;~; )
I'll guard the fortress while you're gone, buddy. Take care and take your time.
Awwwwwwww, no new systems?

*parties behind Paladin's back*
Don't worry, I'll help keep things in ship shape, you can count on me! after all, what's the worst that could happen leaving me in charge?
Well, good luck Paladin. Hope to see you around whenever you show up again. Best of wishes.
Goodbye, good luck, and don't worry. Even if you're not here to use me as your punching bag, I'll do what I can in your absence. Even if I have to be Val's punching bag now or something. *twitch*
Punching? Who punches?

Real officials fight with their dropkicks!*shot*

Anyways, good luck Pally. I hope things go well for you. And thanks for all your hard work for us, it won't be forgotten.

Just hurry back, cause, ya know, the rest of us are lazy bas- I mean, not as cool are you :3

Take care, home slice.
Pally's leaving? For six months?
Well, at least he'll be back in six months to scrape together the burning wreckage. XD
I'll be waiting Paladin...Our reckoning shall merely have to wait. You better return so I can delete that dumb Navi of yours.
...I actually cried a little.


I won't say goodbye or anything like that.

Just Welcome Back when you're here again.

Good Luck.

Orite, almost forgot. You still owe me that million dollars, so you better get back here. >:0