Sorry for all this

I've been gone for a couple of reasons. First, school, and the fact that I really have been doing my schoolwork lately.

Second, because I'm DMing a campaign for my friends.

I know this makes me sound like a lazy jackass, and, in all reality, I am. I won't put up a fight if you guys decide someone else would better fill my position as admin. I still love this site and will come back to it, and I would love to rock with the upcoming event even if it's as a Member. Those of you with gmail, or AIM, give me a poke any time.

I'll come back to post or hang in the chat occasionally-- I just thought I'd apologize for falling inactive without explanation.
Catch ya round, Kazu. Have fun DMing and stuff.


Upcoming event?

*Kaz 4 Prez*
I'm my groups DM, and I'm in that just leaves lazy. Yeah, well, hope to see you at the event you let slip is coming soon.
I'm not joining the coming mission anyway. I couldn't care less.

Take your time or something. And if you realize you'll be staying away for a longer time, pass the event torch to someone else please.
Yeah, can't think of anything to say that hasn't been said by Shur (minus the not joining part).
Bye, Kazu. Don't be a stranger!
you haven't talked to me for months...

Quote (legoroy2)



Upcoming event?

*Kaz 4 Prez*

Hey! I came up with the entire fucking event, not Kazu!

Also, I guess we'll promote Demon if you'll be really inactive. >>

Edit: LOLZ, DEMON PROMOTED. Eon agreez. >>

I wish I could HAVE a DM...

most likely I'll be the DM, im good at that. Especially the "insert boring thing here" blah-blah blahblahblah, blah, blahblahblah-blah blah "End boring thing".