Thaaaaat's right.

I'm going on a week-long trip to Ireland Newfoundland ENGLAND. Off to London until Tuesday the 17th. I'll bring back half-decent pictures. Maybe.

Try not to raze and destroy the boards in my absence.
We won't.

*hides explosives*

You see nothing. Enjoy your trip.
*hides Twi*
We won't.
*hides WMD's*
I won't..........what? don't turst me one little bit?
<hides EN's Killstick, Warnbat, and Banhammer>
I'll take care of that for you.
Have a nice trip.
*Hides... uh...*

Damn! All the good things to hide are gone!


*Hides the rum*

And thus, momentarily, I depart.

I have a bunch of Canadian flag pins with me to ensure that I won't get mistaken for a stupid American.

Remember to pack some bags of milk. Never know when they come in handy or a Dutch guy comes along to ask for your 'bags of milk'. He might grope your 'bags of milk'.

Nonetheless... Have a pleasant trip. Look out for royal laser beam eyes.
Drop by and say hello. I'm easy to find, just follow the explosions.

Have a nice time anyways.
Don't go off doing crazy things like challenging the Queen for Queenship and all that... We don't need an English Queen on the forum.
Have fun, doodette. Oh, and if you meet a dog who answers to the name "Snuff," give him a treat for me.
Also, try not to practice too much necromancy around Dickens' grave. It took enough effort putting him in the ground in the first place.
I'l, uh, attempt to bullwhip my muse into finishing in Electown before you return. For the sake of cooperation and mangled sentences!
Don't forget to visit sunny Scotland! Chocs away and yiff!