Leeeeaving, on a jet plaaaane...

This weekend marks my last days in Hawaii before I leave on the most intense trip of my life. I don't know how much of it I'll have my computer for. Anything vital needs to be said, tell it to Roguen, who I'll be calling regularly.

The plan goes a li'l something like this:

On Tuesday night, I go to San Diego, sans parents or anything of the sort. In San Diego, I'm welcomed by some friends we know there. One of them is a former Olympian who happens to run a fencing school, and I'll be staying with him for a while.
Then we'll be taking an RV up to Las Vegas to watch the Fencing World Cup. I'll also be helping him with his booth selling gear. Then we go back to San Diego. A family friend of mine meets me in San Diego and we go to New York together, where my mom and her dad meet us. I'll be watching Wicked, followed by Les Miserables, and then whatever the "discounted last-minute tickets" stand has. Finally, we fly down to Miami to fence in the Summer Nationals. I'm in Div 3 foil and Div 2 and 3 epee.

All in all, about a month.

I'm totally, totally stoked...
...Party hard?
*Concocts plan to kill Kazu and take his place* Step one...Two hour drive to San Diego...
GO! KAZU! GO! DRINK SO MUCH BOOZE THAT YOU DIE! then we can have someone else take your place........*SHOT IN THE FACE!* ouchie.
Kazu! Bring your +5 Sword of FencerSlaying!

Canny Defense, Insightful Strike, Precise Strike, and Elaborate Parry will serve me well, I sense.
Too bad button mashing doesn't work for fencing games.

Anyway, have fun.
You're not stopping in St. Louie? Oh well, I guess I'll wave as your plane flies over.
*shoots darkstar* there shall be no dying of the Kazu. It shall not happen. :gonk:

And Kazu, don't be stupid and use large actions. They only fuck you up.

And come home safe, I need you safe.


Quote (Roguen Child)

*shoots darkstar* there shall be no dying of the Kazu.

Not even the power-hungry Dark.
Have fun, Kazu!
ps: I have no idea what that fencing stuff is...>>
... Oh, right, fencing swords are ridiculously light weapons (except for the epee,) and usually deal bludgeoning damage...

We're safe for now. So long as he doesn't get Weapon Focus in anything deadlier, we're laughing. ^^

At any rate, best of luck. Poke some chests and take some names.
Sabre's my favorite form. You're allowed to slash instead of only stabbing.
I've' tried sabre, and have come to the conclusion that sabre is for brutes.

Quote (Phoenix)

Sabre's my favorite form. You're allowed to slash instead of only stabbing.

Stabbing is more effective; slashing doesn't penetrate any major organs or release much blood.
Oh, wait, fencing?
I've still no idea.
You don't "slash" in saber. You BEAT EACH OTHER SENSELESS. I've seen so many split knuckles and sprained fingers because of some big fat tank who decided that he could just hit with all he's got because it would work.

Plus, foil is more fun.
Yeah, in saber, you pretty much just attack the opponent like you were wielding a thin club or something. Well, that's what I think anyway. I like Foil. I suck at fencing in general, so whatever. >_<

Maybe it would be because I only took one quarter of it, but I kinda wish I could join a club. sad. T_T
Rising from the radioactive dust of the Terran surface in the post- World War Terminus age, I have come again!

-has read way too much Blade Runner-

Next chance I get, I'll tell the harrowing tale of babysitting three spoiled kids and a (due to delays) 36-hour voyage...

You're not back yet, loser. go disappear gain! >_<