Viewtiful Pause


No. No changing. This is merely a topic that inform you all that Shuryou is taking a break from RPing here at RERN. I've got some gaming to do and I don't like RPing anymore as it has become a chore instead of something I like. I will return, but it might take a bit. I'll still hang around at the Chat Room. I also lack that muse that is supposed to guide my words in posts.

Sidenote. A Mod who is willing to take over Darkstar's mission, PM me. Stat. Or leave him stuck in that mission, I'm fine either way. The second option might be more amusing.
The muse excuse again? One of my muses friggin mauled me the other day, but I\'m still here.

Unpredictable, that guy. I guess it\'s what I get for using that armored bear guy from The Golden Compass as a muse.

But anyway, take a break if you must. And...go ahead and leave Darkstar stuck. I\'m sure it would be more fun for everyone that way.
please mods......i wish for my mission to be finished sometime this year.....cya shur.....i'm gonna kill you for this......
Not unless I kill j0 first Dark-chan.
Bye Shuryou-san! Come back soon!
You guys have specific muses? I just take whatever's running through my head and call it Bukteban. D:

Go forth into the wilderness, my son. Recharge your muse; don't waste it all on copious use of the Sexybeam like I did. D:
Twi has a muse.

It's been asleep for three months. Lazy git.


Tell me when you come back, okay? The people NEED more material to write all of the weird Druidman/Divinity stuff!

Yeah, the DivinityxDruidman scenes will continue. I just need some inspiration again. Been wasting too much brain capacity on school. And, eh... RPing is becoming boring. Trés boring.
Atelier Iris 3 took my muse at gunpoint and told me that unless I spent 5 hours a day playing through fetch quests and stereotypes and somehow stayed endlessly amused, my muse would be gaining a new orifice. I was forced to comply, I tells ya! D:

See you around Shur. Good luck.
I magically returned to the RP.