Gone fishin' or campin' or somethin'

Yeah, dudes. It's the May long weekend up here in the frozen wastes of the North, which means that I'm being dragged off to the local provincial park in order to do the intensely unentertaining thing called "camping". I'll be leaving tonight (Friday night, come on, do try and keep up) and I'll be back sometime on Monday afternoon.

I suffer from severe withdrawl when I don't get my Internet.

Apologies to the Darkchip boys and RS for dumping them like this. I'll mod extra-good before I go to make up for it, and I'll see if I can get some of you modded in my absence if you need it.
heh, cya later EN, hope that you don't go frickin crazy while your away and kill your parents! *shot, stabed, beaten and blasted by bass*

Quote (English_Ninja)

We true nerds survive only on the light from our computer screens!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Anyway, have fun with that, and get some Vitamin D, girlie!
Camping is fun
yes it can be, IF your near a town that has an arcade and a beach about 5 miles down the road.
Do not enjoy your camping trip.
Hope that you will not get sick through insect bites.
I'm glad I have tons of homework to do to keep me busy.



Yes, well, anyway.

I'm back. But God, were there ever a lot of bugs..

They were just little midges or something--they didn't bite--but I managed to swallow about six over the course of the entire trip.
Welcome back, darling. :'D
Hey now, midges are good protein.

Bats eat them, and THEY seem to do just fine. They can fly, too. My sources indicate that so can midges.

Therefore, midges are the secret to flight.

At any rate, welcome back. I must admit, though, I'm jealous of anyone who did anything over the course of the weekend. I've been bored out of my skull the entire time.
Welcome back n00b killer.
We missed you and your warnbat.
Welcome back. Hope you at least managed to hate on your parents while you were gone.
Welcome back, Ma'am. I do so hope you are rested from your trip.