Wassap. I'm King. I figured I needed a prefix. So here I go.
Man, it's gonna be fun to start anew. I figure I'll restart Mik and Fenrir's storyarc, since now I have a clear idea of what I wanna do... An idea that's changed over time.
Anyway... Yeah, glad to be here. Computer's still spouting ancient evils, but that might change soon.
Took you long enough dood! Glad ta have ya back.
So you've come. I take it you got my message then.
Yeah. Thanks for the heads-up, or I never woulda found this. I'd be checking the old RECN site daily for any signs of a revival... XD
You've saved me from a pathetic routine! -clapclap-
You're so slow. But good to see you back, I was already wondering where you were.
Slow, man?
My computer was spewing minions of the Abyss!
I had to fight them off with my Gun-That-Shoots-Chainsaws![/lie]
... How long ago did this happen, anyway?
Years upon Years. We feared you would never return, one who has become prefixed!

But don't go alone, here, take this!


Couple days.
I've decided to severely alter Mikael and Fenrir... By which I mean I'll keep the katars and ditch everything else. It was a forced effort, making those two, with no real thought put into either of them. I figure this time, I'll make them right. Just gimme some time in which to ponder.
Ready, dood! *hails* You made it! Huzzah! XD
Not rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor poodle dog, nor iced cream, nor Lenin's ghost shall keep me from appearing wherever you least expect it. ^ ^
That's deeply disconcerting.
/blah /swt /rawr /lol /orly
What are those freakish little things?
They are the freakish new emoticons placed on the forum by Eon. Click 'Show All' when selecting a emoticon and they'll be at the bottom.
King's caught the Nippon Ichi bug!

Trade it for a map!

Or a sword.

Or a... tooth filling? WTF?

I put those emote ;~;
Nice to see you here, King...although you probly don't know who I am...
*is emo in the corner*
Humm... Kuja? Darkie?
I know Leon is Valience...
But as for you, I'm stumped.
...I'm on Tenku no Rakuen and Guardian U also, but I'm pretty new here too. I need a good five hours to understand the RP...*cries at his own ignorance*