Name: Deviruchi
HP: 666
Element: Normal
Suptype: Normal (Would totally be a shadow if we had 'em)

Attack 1: Attacks with a barbed pitchfork. 66 Damage.
Attack 2: Shoots a ball of lightning at the enemy, pushing them away with great force. 11x6 Elec + Microburst + Stun 1
Attack 3: Becomes a shadow and attacks form the darkness. 3 turn or until hit with a, attack.
Attack 4: Only while a shadow - Munch on the target's shadow and steal some of their life force. 66 Damage, 66 Heal to self.
Attack 5: Use an AreaGrab Chip (only 2 per battle :D)

Description: A small, black, rectangular looking virus with two pointy horns on the top of it's head. It has a short spaded tail, and small demonic wings sprouting from its back. Two short and stubby arms poke out from either side, and two feet seem to be attached almost directly to the bottom of the rectangular body. It carries a black pitchfork with it at all times as self defense.

Two beady, glowing red eyes adorn it's "face" near the top of the rectangle. In the lower middle, a large, unsettling grin reveals a surprisingly nice set of teeth.

It is constantly snickering and laughing obnoxiously, and is capable of speech.

Chip: Partizan
Type: Melee, Slash
Damage: 120
Accuracy: C
Usage: Up to 6 actions.
Description: A spear topped with a double edged blade with two side blades. It has better reach than a sword, but is a bit harder to use and requires both hands.
I hereby give this the Joke/10 rating. XD
But but, I spent like minutes rip- erm. *ahem*

What I meant to say was that I took a great deal of time and energy to think of this completely original concept that is totally not ripped off from any game that several of us have played, and the JOKE rating hurts me in my soft, tender places. Namely my ear, since it's really painful atm.
Oh geez, wut? XD
Ragnarok Online. Bad loserface. D:<

Then again, I have a Grinch virus... I shouldn't be talking.
*darkstar used KICK LEON IN THE NUTZ* *IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!* Baaaad leon. Darkstar disapproves.