'Elem'Mare and 'Elem'Cannon

Technically four viruses/chips, but they're all close enough to be considered the same thing. Multiple elements means that they can be found in more places/situations, anyway.

Health Points:
'Elem'Mare viruses are loosely based off of the anceint virus Trojan. These modern viruses, however, are created by using standard Navi Element Settings as a cover for their actual viral signature, making them hard to detect and hard to firewall, so they are prevalant throughout most areas of the Net. Each Mare has a different Element associated with it. (I.E. FireMare/AquaMare/ElecMare/WoodMare) These Mares appear to be as common horses, but, in place of their manes and tails, either fire, ice, vines, or lightning take their place. V1 of this virus is colored white, V2 brown, and V3 black. When they stampede, either the crackling of fire, the rushing of water, the snapping of electristiy, or the crunching of leaves can be heard. It should be noted, that while it is possible for a Navi to ride a Mare, it is generally considered a bad idea, as only a Navi that shares the element with that horse can avoid most of the damage from the mane/tail, and even then, they are still hurt by it.
Stomp - A standard attack of the Mares. Stomps with a Firey/Icy/Electrical/Wooden hoof. 20/40/60 'Elem' damage.
Eye Beam - While it sometimes looks strange to the unitiated, Mare viruses can shoot beams of their element from their eyes. Only used when at below 25% HP. 50/90/130 'Elem' damage.
Dodge - Mare viruses are nimble, quick, and dextereous enough to dodge attacks.
'Elem'Cannon - Fires a small beam of designated Element. 50 'Elem' damage.
Hi'Elem'Cannon - Fires a beam of designated Element. 90 'Elem' damage.
M'Elem'Cannon - Fires a large beam of designated Element. 130 'Elem' damage.
Program Advance: Giga'Elem'Cannon - As GigaCannon, but with Element attached to it.
Kinda strong for a Mascot, but very well done.
I don't see why a mascot has to be weak, necessarily. Spikey has 90 HP and inhabits ACDC, after all, and has a chip that's about as powerful as the one Steve's given this virus.

I like this guy pretty well. :3

I will mention that at 3rd form, 40 damage is almost nothing from a virus. I know that a Spikey2 already has like... 50 damage or more. O_o
Well, we consider Metool mascots because they're staples. They're very weak, you can find them in droves, they attack you freakin' everywhere you go, and there are special variants because they're so common. In canon, there are levitating metool. We have MegaMets.
...Why not just toss in some elemental Metools? ._.
@Pally: I don't think that they are really that strong. A little high in the HP department, but damage is pretty much the same as other common viruses.

@Aim: True, I guess I'll change the damage.

@Kazu: I would hope that variants on the Mares could be done as well, for special circumstances and stuff. (NightMare, anyone?)

@Shur: Because horses are so much cooler than weird little contruction worker hat thingies.

Quote (Shuryou)

...Why not just toss in some elemental Metools? ._.

That might not be such a bad idea. We might even do it on top of the contest winner.
I wondered why the games didn't have trojan horses. They have all kinds of viruses, including data miners (metools). Trojan horse viruses just make sense. I like this idea.