Davis Aero and blitz lightning WIP

Name: Davis Aero
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Davis Aero is about 6'1" and roughly 220 lbs, He's lean and thin making him just as fast as his words. He wears form fitting tight pants mostly made of like cotton to able him to be quick, as the same applies to his shirt which never has buttons. They're also to thick straps then connect at two points, the front two just above his front pockets and just above the rear pockets. On the connecting clips that attach the straps are large buttons with a cross encompassed in a circle with a pair of wings coming out from both sides. He wears low cut shoes and always are kept neat and tidy just like his appearance. His primary color scheme is victory blue and a almost blood red, the winged crest is always sliver.
Personality: Davis is a very talkative and very loud talker, he's easy going and makes friends very easily too. when he gets attached to someone he cares for them deeply aiding in anyway that he can and giving more then what is needed. he also falls in love easily sometimes at first sight which has lead to some sticky situations. Although his rash and often rushes into things he is quick minded and can think and act on moments notice. He is always the first to act and the last to leave.
PET Modifications: standard PET with the silver circled winged cross on the base and two smaller ones on the sides.

Name: Blitz Lightning.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Speed
Appearance: blitz is actually quite tall being about the same height as her operator, she to is very slender as to facilitate her speed. She has small hands but long fingers and is covered from feet to about her nose in a skin tight body suit that has a pale ice blue with red lightning bolts streaking down to about her shin. she has long flowing hair the same color as her eye's that also match the blue of her uniform. Hands are covered in red gloves that fit tightly around her wrist. her hair is always kept in a long ponytail, except the two large bangs that most of the time when not battling cover her deep eyes. Also around her waist and right leg are small pouches strapped there what she contains in them is not known.
Personality: Contrary to her name Blitz is very quiet and reserved. She rarely speaks but is very caring to all that she considers friends. She tends to hang back and not be seen or notice although when given attention she seems to shine almost glow physically. When it comes to battle however she is exactly like her operator, first one in the battle last one to leave.
Custom Weapon: hands and feet
Signature Attack:
Name: Blitz Attack
Effects: 40 Damage, Tactical Movement, element Elec
: A blindingly fast attack that moves almost faster then the eye can see and punishes the enemy with a powerful melee attack infused with electrical energy. can be done with any part of blitz's body.

i think i'm done i hope i didn't make any mistakes

Signature System In Brief:
You get 60 points to spend on signatures.
You may create as many signatures as you wish, not exceeding the 60 points.
A basic signature would be damage, which is 1:1 damage:point ratio.
Therefore, a damage signature that used all 60 points would look like this.

Active: Giant Beam
Effect: Damage (60)
Points used: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Cooldown is calculated by the amount of points used divided by 40, always rounded up. So, if you've got, say, 41 points in one sig, TCD would be the same for 80 points of another sig, 2 turns of cooldown.

Oh, and that active thing indicates that the sig is one-use, and has to cool down before using it again. Passive sigs can be made at 4x the cost, which are automatically used every turn.

Of course, you're not expected to spend all the points, so if you have some points left over, you can just leave it as it is.

Signatures can be added with extra stuff, listed in the 'Signature Attack Effect List' in the Rules section. An advanced signature would look something like:

Active: Cursor Gunner
Effect: Damage (50) Take Aim (10)
Points used: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Hope that helped. =D

(PS: Your point total can be increased by buying Process Upgrades in the Navi Shop in SciLabs. Each costs 100z more than the last, and increases your total by 40 points. You can only have as many PUs as your level, level 10, 10 PUs.)
yes it did however i was wondering if you could help me with a i guess it's a affect i want to know if movement could be something to add to make an attack faster like moving really fast an attacking or if that is microburst that what i'm confused on cause i know what kind of attack i want just not sure how to make it?
Ah, you're thinking of Tactical Movement. There are two abilities that could do what you describe, but one of them is Teleport, which is beyond the pool of points available to a starting player.

So, Tactical Movement would allow you to zip across the battlefield (within reason), and get to your enemies.
But that would just be movement. It would put you within melee range of an attack, but wouldn't give you any particular accuracy bonus. If you're okay with that, then awesome.

So, an idea on what you might be thinking:

Name: Speedy Attack
Effects: 40 Damage, Tactical Movement

This would let you zip around and then strike for moderate damage. 40 damage is a good starting amount, enough to take out most beginner viruses. And, from what it sounds like, this might be what you're looking for.

Feel free to let me know if I'm wrong, though.
that is exactly what i wanted but i can't find tactical movement so i don't know how much it cost to add that to a sig
Movement is located in the Free Action section of the Sig Effect List along with a good number of other interesting effects.

Quote ()

Movement: 20 [Any movement that is complicated or protracted enough to require an action to accomplish. Movement can be used to get into trouble (move in close) or get out of it (retreat!), or do other cool stuff (run up walls if you feel like it). Moving decreases the chance of attacks hitting you, based on the quality of your role play and the way you moved.]
so tactical movement and movement are the same thing?
I only see Movement. I think Tac Movement and Movement are the same thing, just different names.
Absolutely right.

They changed the title from Tactical Movement to Movement while I wasn't looking.

My apologies.
thank you both so much i really am thankful um well i think that's everything for now tell me what you think

GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack(X2)
GET NCP: Undershirt

ALSO GET NCP: (Choose): HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Metal, Set Magnet, Set Glass, or ResetStage.

Please post your profiles in their proper sections, and welcome to RE:RN.
um i choose set magnet for my choice
Set Magnet it is.