35 FXP = Level 1 cross.


SylkCross, Elec/Ground, Level One: +10 to Elec Chips

DruidMan's leather attire begins to stiffen and darken, as if it had been left untreated for a long period time, until it resembles something more akin to a carapace than armor. What flesh that is visible takes on an ashen complexion, and his hair turns powder white, hanging loosely around his face. His eye color changes to a dark crimson color, and his canine teeth noticeably lengthen, almost to the point they force their way out his mouth. His left forearm swells and engulfs his hand and gauntlet, looking like a spider's abdomen in reverse, allowing the spinnerets to face outwards and fire webs as well as weaponry. While his scimitar is still present, DruidMan opts to channel most of his magic through this 'Elemental Web Launcher'. The most noticeable change, however, is the four massive spider legs that have burst from his back, jutting up over his shoulders and then back down to the ground, which lifts his main body off of the ground, his existing legs barely scraping the floor. DruidMan uses these legs as his new primary means of locomotion, but he can swing them about to attack in a pinch. DruidMan's personality changes only slightly, with his overall demeanor becoming slightly more curt, but his speech becoming slightly more sultry. The 'dudes' and 'man' will live on, however.

DRUIDMAN.EXE CROSS SIGNATURE ATTACK: Metallic Web Force: Druidman yells "METALLIC WEB FORCE!!!" Druidman uses his spinnerets to rapidly generate a cocoon of metal webbing that snugly surrounds his body, protecting him from the next 60 incoming damage. His haste in donning the web leads to a lot of waste getting all over the ground, converting it to a medium area of metal terrain. It takes DruidMan 2 turns to replenish the used webbing. 60HPCasing, Medium Metal Terrain Change (80Points)
35 FXP = Level 1 cross.

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DruidCross, Wood/Ground, Level One: +10 to Wood Chips

Sylk's black carapace takes on a shade closer to brown, resembling ironwood in color and texture as her body channels druidic power through it. Her hair grows out down to her shoulders and changes to an emerald green, with stray vines and leaves littering the hair randomly in a few spots. Her upper body is protected by black leather armor almost resembling a corset but extending up and over her right shoulder and to her neck, clasping around it. Her swallowtail skirt is replace by one of tough black leather, extending down to her ankles and outward holding it's shape firmly, opened at the front still revealing he legs from the knees down. Sylk now also wield two scimitars, with an upside down spider decoration on the pommel. Lastly her personality shifts to become more calm and laid back from her usual quick to anger demeanor.


Strangling Vines - 10 wood + hold, medium grass terrain under target (80 points, 2 tcd)

Sylk channels the druidic powers to summon up a mass of vines from below, binding and dragging down an enemy caught within it's area, creating a web-like pattern around them on the ground.