Asymptote/Erysichthon Cross

Erysichthon Cross (Henceforth known as Eris Cross)
Element: Fire
Type: Glitch
Abilities: Floating Point Error/Hack

As teacher and student battled together, grew to know each other just a little bit. And some gratuitous and painful looking body horrors that you should TOTALLY not let your children watch. Asymptote has managed to commune with the...well...bubbly, upbeat and kind of fucked up succubus-looking navi by the name of Erysichthon.exe. By way of doing this, Asymptote has broken one of the "locks" on his programming, allowing for the access to a cross by the navi of the same name, as well as unlocking basic GMO drives for the navi to make use of.

Appearance: Asymptote's body shrinks down a little bit to just under the five foot mark, his entire frame also shrinks down to accommodate for the smaller frame too. His muscles and overall body structure shrink to a more moderate form, less like a wrestler on drugs and more..."Lithe" one could say. His body structure becomes more feminine, rather than a "toxic masculinity" that his original form would evoke. Muscles shrink in size to a more toned size, like one would see on a trainer's physique, legs becoming more along the lines of a runner's than that of a horror monster's massive chops and, more importantly, Asymptote's mask opens apart at the mouth region, allowing for Asymptote to move his mouth in a more normal fashion and his eyes change from the blood red color they were previously, into an ocean emerald, much like his "student's". As well as his body being covered up by an emerald colored navisuit with both his navi emblem and a copy of his "student's" down and to the left of it, just under his left pectoral.

Then the horror kicks in. The mask, when he speaks, is filled to the brim with three rows of metal looking teeth. Each one as sharp as the last in an almost comically pointed and serrated looking fashion, in front of his now metallic and segmented looking tongue (which, in a less horror filled universe, is a condition called Hyperdontia). Each tooth small in it's own fashion, but together can rip through enemies he bites through and chew them up without any real trouble (barring defenses). His body also takes on a bright red skin color, as if he had been bathed in the blood of his enemies. And to help top it off, a large, many toothed tail with a mouth sprouts from his tailbone. A tail with what seems to be it's own mind, but all in all, is very protective of it's owner one way or another. Asymptote also leaks...what seems to be base coding from his body. A garbled mess of white and black data that leaks from the maw on his tail, his wounds and his mouth. Asymptote also grows immensely hungry in his cross form, for one reason or another, loud growls, not from him or his new tail, but from his stomach as it requires more nutrients to sustain his compacted form.

Signature Attack(s)

Consuming Recovery: Despite his hunger, this has not affected his higher functions (much) and by ripping through himself for a relatively small amount of damage, he can then either "vomit" base coding at an ally, or heal himself of the same wound he caused by wrapping it in basic 1s and 0s (and maybe 2s, who knows with code really), while in laymen terms this is "Absolutely disgusting and vile", it will leave a residual residue that heals himself or an ally (or enemy) over time. (Multi-Stage: Sacrifice 30 HP from self (40 points of Nerf towards powering signature), Recover 30 HP per turn over 3 turns (90 total healing), 3TCD, 80 Sig+40 Nerf)
AsymptoteCross (Level 1, 33 FXP)
Type: Null/Variable
Ability: Buff/Debuff
Bonuses: +10 to all chips of the element of the other Navi, cosmetic changes. 80 total cross points which can be used toward making cross signature attack(s).


In this Soul Cross, Eris communes with the soul of Asymptote.EXE, a sympathetic teacher hidden in the shell of hulking monster. In this form, the most stark change that she undergoes is that a few of her main limbs retract into her body and vanish, namely her tail and her arms, leaving stumps on her shoulders and tailbone, as if they were amputated. In return, an enormous jet-black growth sprouts from her back, forming a 7-foot tall mass that takes on the shape of an extremely muscular headless humanoid. The black mass is usually hunched over, and its chest is oversized, into which Eris's top half is embedded into, covering her from the nose down to slightly above her breasts. This proxy body takes over the usual movements, while Eris usually hangs limply from its chest. While neither she nor this body is able to talk in this form, the body is able to emit a low-pitched groan, and is seemingly quite intelligent in performing its actions--much more than Eris is normally. The mouths that usually appear on her body now appear on the proxy instead.

Besides the most major changes, her general appearance also changes. Her skin turns into a shiny bluish-violet, and her tube dress is replaced by a slightly thicker dark grey ribbed sweater that goes down to about the same length as her earlier tube dress. Her hair is dyed a darker blue, with a few strands of red still remaining that run down the side of her face. The sclera of her eyes are tinted a deep black, while her irises turn red, though these eyes are usually hidden behind half-closed eyelids and glazed over. Inspiration.

Cross Signature Capacity: 80/80

Active: Integer Overflow
Eris's proxy arms grow increasingly more muscular, such that one arm nearly matches Eris's original size. This enhancement is temporary, and causes the body to lose quite a bit of balance, but allows her to funnel a great amount of strength into her chip attacks before running out.
| Strengthen 120 | Off-Target 1 | 80 SP/40 NP | 3 TCD |