Brand new navi!

I'm making a brand new navi for me, and I fear that I might've gotten pretty rusty. I'm gonna post my progression right here and I would like to hear your opinion~

Thank you!

EDIT: This is probably my first time making a sprite for a RP character...Only did a simple color change, but I like how it ended up^^. Sadly, I can't find any good sprite with a shoulder holster, jacket over the shoulder, bracelet, and etc XD jkjk.

Still thinking about the appearance for Voulge.

EDIT2: Finished Voulge with his description and all other stuff. Changed him from Fire Sword into a Normal Sword because of a request from the chat room to not use a Fire Sword :'P

I just need to finish the story part so I can make a "Crazy Excuse" to transfer the stuff from Alphonse to Voulge.
Operator: Marius Eirenikos

Age: 20

Gender: Male


A young BrightLander (European) who's dressed formally with white coat, black dress shirt, red necktie, white dress pants, brown leather shoes, and he has a black leather shoulder holster which holds his PET. He always holds his coat over his shoulder from a habit of his and always keeps his PET by his side. Marius' hair is long, clay brown, and unkept. His eye's color alters in different shades of lighting: Normally, the color would be dark brown. When the light shines towards the eye, it turns to dark crimson. In a dark shading, his eye color changes to Red-orange. His skin is slightly pale with a small horizontal scar over his neck from his days as a police officer. For his accessory, he wears a metallic bracelet with an insignia of a pole arm etched over it on his left arm and couple of silver rings on his right arm. [Speech = Gray]

Personality: As a fresh graduate from the BL Guisarme Police Academy with one of the highest grades and performance, Marius tend to be strict and tight in necessary situations. Due to his scar over his neck, his voice is limited in volume and pitch. He is friendly and very generous, trying to keep the image of the old fashioned police officer. However, he sees that his actions are always righteous and true, despite the damage and harm it might do to the others. In the end, the results from his actions are assuring. Because of this type of behavior, he was permanently kicked out of the BrightLand police force and forced to move into Electopia, ACDC Town, for his relocation. He treasures his PET and his bracelet because it was a gift from the academy and reminds him of his former glory.

PET Modifications: A large golden emblem of a pole arm is set on the middle of the PET (The emblem of the BL Guisarme Academy). Installed in the PET is a police radio (Sadly, only tuned to BrightLand station, not Electopian), Holographic visual screen of the net through Voulge's POV or 3rd Person and a holographic image of the navi, a video camera directly linked to his home (Originally to the police station), and a database record of high class netcriminals. The color of the PET is blood crimson with gold stripe on the side.


A strong sound of a fist pounding a desk comes from the inside a small office. Inside is a young man standing straight up with his legs together and arms behind, being scolded by a much larger man in his mid 50's in his top physical form. Everyone outside the office minds their own business, since, fights like this breaks at least once 2-3 days. The old man walks out of the office in a very angry manner while the young man swiftly follows him. "With all due respect sir, we were still able to catch the terrorist in time before he was able to--", turning and staring straight towards the young man, the old man starts to spit and splatter as he talks, "Eirenikos! All of us in the Precinct appreciate your work and results. BUT!! Today, 29 people was hurt from the disaster and chaos you created by open firing INSIDE A FREAKIN AIRPORT and 3 people was nearly killed from the gunshots made by the terrorist!!".

The old man stepped out into the balcony of the Police building and started to smoke a cigarette. "Commissioner, they took the bait, it was the only chance we could ever afford. Casualty is necessary for the greater peace. I'll be writing the papers about the civilians caught in the cross fire...". The Commissioner stops Marius and sighs. "No need to do that...I don't know how to deal with you Marius. I know you've been here for less than a year, yet you made more progress than a 10 year officer! Who knows what'll happen if we keep you here". Marius stands tall behind the Old man, still standing straight with formalities. "Thank you Commissioner. I promise to make a valid improvements to the BrightLand community by working here.". The Commissioner smothers the cigarette and blows the last smoke away, "But one bad trait about you is your thought of justice." "..." "You will easily sacrifice civilians and properties to achieve your goals. Do you know the toll of casualty you made during your time here? Hell, I don't even know.". Marius stares at the Commissioner, and asks "What are you implying?"

"From today, you're officially banned from the BL Police Force."
On an apartment rooftop in ACDC Town, Marius leans on a fence blankly staring at his metal bracelet. "Already a month past, and nothing. I can't land a single police job in Electopia.". Marius' PET started flash and a holographic image of a large, armored navi appeared in front of Marius. With a dull expression, the navi spoke, "Eirenikos, you cannot blame your self. The police force in Electopia cannot understand the good you were doing". Marius shifted his eye from the bracelet to his navi and spurted a tiny smile. "I appreciate it, Voulge. It was only 4 guys and they still freak out, despite all the criminals I caught...". He springs off the fence and starts to head down towards his room. As he is heading down, he's twirling his PET, making the holograph image distort. "Say, Voulge, how about we go for a walk? The weather today is fine". "oF Co-oUrse"

In the middle of a public park, a gigantic blue tower stands tall, covered with crowd of hundreads of people. Curious, Marius walked towards the tower to see what all the commotion was. What he saw was a young man, around the age of 17 and dressed peculiar with his martial art uniform, netbattling an older man. From the screen mounted on the tower, it looked grim for the young man's navi. " Not good, Alphonse. I'm almost out of chips. Do something!", Alphonse was severely bruised, scarred, and completely covered in water and ice. "*Huff Huff* I know, K...but it's strange. That operator has an awfully alot of aqua type attacks for a null element navi." Marius stared at K's opponent and his PET. He whispered to himself at a very low pitch, "......." Voulge appeared infront of Marius and asked after listening to Marius, "Should we start the siege?" A smile came up on his face, while he traced the scar over his neck. "No...wait till the moment is ripe."

The battle raged on with suspense. Alphonse was constantly dodging the opponent's water attacks, but his speed was slowing down little by little and a powerful water bomb threw Alphonse straight into the air. The crowd who was watching the battle was whispering about the abnormality of the battle. The man looked over the crowd and scoffed, "What are you yapping about? If you got something to say, try beating me first!". Alphonse laid defeated by the navi. Turning his backside down, Alphonse stared at his opponent and let out a sigh. "Heh. Seems like I lost.". K was gripping his fist and his expression clearly said "WHY!". "IT'S NOT FAIR! Alphonse?!!?! Why did you lose?", "I had the disadvantage of being a fire ty--", "GAHHHHHH!!! MY PRIDE!!"

The man walked towards K and chuckled, "Alright kid. No need to Yap for thing like this. Now, you're gonna fork over all of your stuff.". K, with a shocked expression, staggered back. "We never agreed with that! You fa-", Alphonse interrupted K and started to speak towards the opponent's navi. "We agreed this would be a friendly exhibition. We did not place any sort of wager.". The man snickered and wrapped his arm over K. "Don't make this hard. Be glad that your navi is still with you!". In seconds, everyone gasped as they stared at the Tower screen. The opponent's navi was holding Alphonse by his throat, and multiple streams of data was coming from Alphonse and to the navi. "Grr...You..." "Alphonse!! Damnit! Where's the sub chip!". In the back of the watching crowd, Marius stared and smiled.


Multiple navi from the crowd was sent to the tower, trying to help Alphonse. The opponent, still holding Alphonse by one hand, easily destroyed the navis with waves of changing element attacks. In a flash, the arm holding Alphonse was cut clean and dropped. The opponent quickly turned to see Voulge standing tall, holding his weapon in a rapier position. With a powerful stare, both Marius and Voulge started to speak towards the opponent navi and the old man."Possession of an illegally modified Network Navigator.", "Modification type VA09123: A Network Navigator with the ability to have multiple Elemental type and Subtypes. Sentence: 500,000 Zenny Fee", "Stealing private data of other navis. Sentence: 1 Month Lock Down", "Harming or Endangering civilian bystander.", " Sentence: Immediate Deletion/Arrest of the Culprit"

(Not finished...)
Name: Voulge.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Voulge's visual age could be compared to a male in his mid 20's, height of 6'2", and approximate weight of 200 lbs (with the armors). His hair is black and ties it to a short ponytail, crimson eye, and slightly red tanned skin. He wears a full set of silver mail over his upper body with a red leather brigandine over it, a Pauldron on his right shoulder with a pair of metallic gauntlets for his arms, and a full, crimson color dyed, light plated armor for his leg and feet. Voulge's emblem is a single pole arm on the middle with small, different shaped spear weapons on the red background. The emblem is placed on the right side of the brigandine. [Speech = Red]

Personality: Voulge's usual personality could be compared to a stone. Absolute with very very dull expressions. Even Marius don't have the slightest clue of what type of emotion he is feeling. Voulge does, however, has absolute loyalty towards Marius and follows nearly every command listed by him. He believes that Marius' action is for the greater good, but he feels remorseful when he is forced to injure or harm the innocent for Marius' plan. Voulge sees other navis as "Innocent Citizens" and feels the responsibility to be protect them. He is always seen carrying his weapon no matter what, similar to his operator, and treat it like it's own limb.

Custom Weapon:
Avaria-Lancea: A short rapier like weapon with an extended hilt with a wide bronze grip on the middle, a diamond tipped flatened blade, and ornament rubies with varying shapes on the throat of the weapon. The color of the blade is charred black, the hilt colored dark orange, and a blood red cone shaped throat. The blade has the power to transform into many shapes and size of a pole arm, javelin, lance, and even harpoons; All depending on the type of rubies encrusted on the throat of Avaria-Lancea. It also has the power to add or change Voulge's armor. When the weapon transforms, it emits a strong flash of light and morphs into the desired weapon(s) and armor. The weapon in its original form is handled many different ways; such as a rapier, a javelin, and a spear.

Default Attack:
Ruby Assault: Voulge takes the Avaria-Lancea and directly strikes the enemy with it. Since the weapon has multiple functionality in it's original form, it could be used to stab the enemy multiple times as a rapier, pierce the enemy in mid range as a spear, and even throw it towards long range/flying enemies as a javelin.

Charged Attack:
Blood Massacre: A similar attack from the default "Ruby Assault," but the Avaria-Lancea changes into an improved version of it's original form with longer blade and hilt and a extended throat with a design similar of a expanding angel's wing. The rapier function improves as Voulge stabs faster and stronger, piercing and slashing violently as a spear, and the javelin become more effective due to the extended throat's added aerodynamic to the weapon.

Signature Attack:
Grandis Attero (Great Impact): The Lancea transforms into an oversized jousting lance, complete with a set of jousting armor. Voulge assumes stance with his lance on his right arm and his leg quickly positions into a right ground. Voulge madly dashes towards the enemy with the lance aimed straight towards the torso (or any other open spot) of the enemy. When contact between the lance and the enemy is made, Voulge fiercely thrusts straight through. The lance is made out of silver metal, designed with a Renaissance art style angel barely clothed with a single white cloak holding a long sword straight towards the tip of the lance. Red and silver spiral designs are colored on the background. The additional armors are very simple: a single silver breastplate with the Voulge's emblem on the middle, a shoulder and arm garments for the right arm and a larger, heavier shoulder garments on the left arm, and a full sallet helm. The armor is specifically designed to keep Voulge balanced and straight as he runs with the heavy lance.

[40 Damage {40} / Break {20} / Melee {Free} / 1TCD] = 60 Points
Dude, Netopia is AMERICA in the games. Get your facts straight.

At any rate, the concept is decent enough, nothing too ridiculously outlandish, for your netop. The navi needs work, obviously, which is why you're posting here.

Ok, first off, I am going to yell "BROOKLYN RAEG" for no apparent reason other than your FIRE/SWORD type, which actually fits with your weapon. Though in all my headaches and delusions, I'll deal with it.






Ok, that's as much as I can trace really.

He could also be a Raphael ripoff, except with a more Asian and glasses wearing design, though dressed formally in british (BRIGHTLAND) clothing.
This looks really good so far, but I just gotta point out one thing; I'm pretty sure Netopia's supposed to be a counterpart of America. Not that it really matters, though.

Really, the only reason I posted here was to say welcome back, and that I'm glad your ability to describe hasn't been lost.


Netopia is just Capcom's stupid idea to fuse America and Britain into a single country. Anyway, I like it so far. Description might be a little hard/long with changing armors, though...
Runeknight Versus Voulge

so...I guess brightland is the European counter part? Srsly, I thought it was Europe because of what bomber said and stuff. Aight I should change into brightland.

I like the idea, revive, but like what I did with Alphonse. Ima make something that's very unlikely of his type (Alphonse was a tea loving gent who fights with his fist!!). Oh, and I'm gonna kill you pretty soon for making fun of him : D

Gahh, seems like I accidently copied some one's navi again...WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!! (ps: I'm typing this on my iPod~)
maek a nekkid navi lulz

As for 'stealing someone's Navi', RuneKnight and Valkyrie are both the armored-kind of type, although they're both entirely different in personality and moveset. It's just the way you dress up the stuff around your Navi and Operator.
Meh, I just wanted a super awesome original navi, but oh well, I'm still gonna be awesome : D
Lockman - specialist in defence and incapacitating enemies.

Quote (Pocket)

Lockman - specialist in defence and incapacitating enemies.

lol, maybe I should make that my second navi XD.

Anyhow, I got the personality down and others too. I just need to finish the description of the navi and make a SigAtk. I might need someone's help for the SigAtk because I'm clueless about the new SigAtk system...
well someone made a FailMan.EXE... so make a WinMan.EXE!

Or ThermalMan. He'd be fairly large (built like a boiler,etc.) with vents on his hands, capable of creating massive waves of heat or melting anything he touches.

His hand is a keyring with 5 keys (fingers) of varying lengths.
Ok ok...No more original ideas :'P

EDIT: Holy crap, that was fast and that looks incredibly awesome o_o;;

EDIT2: I need to know if the Signature Attack I just posted is good. It said something about not able to stack for Element or something...
I dunno about two breaks in the same attack, but for elements it only has problems if you have 2 opposite elements, like elec and fire, since if you use it on a wood elec does -50% and fire does +50%, they essentially cancel each other out...
Ok, for one thing, you don't get a free Break, I don't even know where that came from.

But Fire Element, 40 DMG and Break (PAID FOR), is fine.

Of course, this practically means you're not transferring over any of your stuff... I think.
Uh, Niax? There aren't any resistances in BN, just weaknesses. So Elec attacks do as much damage as anything else to Wood enemies, and Fire's still strong against Wood. And vice versa for Aqua.
Ohh...Its a typo. It's suppose to be Melee (free) not break (20) and break (free)

I really wanna transfer my stuff from Alphonse, but I have to make a crazy good RP excuse, right? Or is there a new rule or something.
Eh... More so just a crazy excuse, rather than crazy good. Some weird-ass stuff's been let through before. <__<

Quote (Bomber)

Eh... More so just a crazy excuse, rather than crazy good. Some weird-ass stuff's been let through before. <__<

Eh? You mean there's other sigatks that could do some crazy status breaking attacks?

Also, I'm thinking about either making Voulge into a hulking armored figure...or something simple like the three muskateers- ish design with only a chain mail and gains armors via sigatks. Of course, the hulking figure will get extra armor, but more awesomer :'D

Quote ()

I really wanna transfer my stuff from Alphonse, but I have to make a crazy good RP excuse, right? Or is there a new rule or something.

I was responding to this. <__<