Spam Can Group?

With the addition of the new groups, if the groups are not just for the RP, would it be ok if there was a Spam Can or General La-De-Da group?


Red Fist group is for the OOC and IC places. We are like police, handing out the warns and stuff. So if you see anything or get a PM from someone and you feel insulted because of it, let me know. Just PM me with evidence or a link to the topic it was said in and I'll look over it. Honestly, why would we need a Spam Can group?
i don't know........another useless suggestion.
It's an interesting idea, but a dumb one. If you're a Spam Canner, you'd better damn well be in the RP and General too, at least once in a while.
It's more about classification than anything be frank, it's not required at all. For example, if a person posts more in the Spam Can than anywhere else, then they could be in the Spam Canner group.

It's just an idea.
You mean like...A mark of shame to denote the useless spammers of the board? That has its merits...
I suppose things like that would be fun. However, it might clash with another little idea we have up our sleeves.
That it would....

*plots deviously*
hey, im RPing nao leave me alone

*panic* >_>;
*Chuckles ominously*

You mere mortals have no idea what we're planning...

Hee hee hee hee hee.

If it helps, I have no idea what you're planning either.
Neither do I...*Hides himself amongst the bodies of the fallen*