Post count

Don't know if this was intentional or not, but I don't think any of our posts in this or the General board (NOT the spam can, I know that was intentional) are counting towards our total.
I don't think the ones in general are supposed to...
Indeed. It's been set up so only posts in the RP section count towards your post total.

It was changed with permission, and I personally think it makes more sense since we are on an RP board

Anyways, maybe it will help us gauge RP activity in the future or something cool like that.
It also cuts down on inflated post counts of people who posses troll like qualities.
Excuse me, but what does a 'Post Count' matter? People can spam in the Suggestions and Questions topics to get their posts if they wanted to... Or continuously make edits to their character to get more posts. Not to forget the Moderators who get posts by posting in the Mod Cave. I don't even think a number of 'Post Count' is necessary.
Except that only things in the rp matter now... so all of those would give people 0 posts.

The real world, pet functions, homepages, and net world are the only ones that can boost the count.

Edit: For smiley. And cause I thought shur was being grouchy cause I misinterpreted it.
That's...actually a pretty good idea, now that you mention it.