MachMan's .GMOs

.GMO slots taken: 0/7

Name: HighRoller.GMO

Description: This .GMO is used for when Machman's wing units are either inoperable, offline, or simply when Mach prefers not to fly. Mach's lower legs are secured by several braces that connect to a partially swiveling heavy gear directly below his ankle. The largest brace runs down the outsides of his lower legs and connect to the ankle gear via high-resistance springs. These springs help prevent his ankle from making sudden, extreme movements which would very likely cause immediate loss of control and potentially serious damage. There are a pair of restraining braces that curve in front and behind his shin and calf to keep him from hyper-extending his feet in either direction. The soles of his boots are reinforced with a durable, high-impact steel-like material, and the material extends past his toes before it bends up and around like a large bumper. The center of the ankle gear has two blade-like protrusions that can swivel on command or lock in place. They are used to provide extra balance as they slide along the ground like an extension to Mach's ankle.

Why all the reinforced footwear? The reason lies solely with the wheel that seemed to have sunk into the dead-center of the ball of each foot like a single-wheel rollerblade. However, unlike a rollerblade, both wheels are powered by an internal motor program which can provide instant torque like an electric motor. The wheels themselves made of a lightweight material with several holes to strengthen it structural integrity and help increase airflow for cooling. The rims of the wheels are coated with a specialized rubber program that can be changed on the move to adapt to different terrain. These different types can range from smooth racing flats, to studded off-road tires, to "paddle tires" for the capability to cruise over bodies of water. The tires are of a relatively small diameter, but with engines capable of pushing them to over 900,000 RPM in less than a second, Mach can still enjoy supersonic cruising.

Battle Information: When in use, Machman is vulnerable to any ground attacks and any damage caused by terrain/elements used on terrain. However, his movements are not hindered, so moving over Sand, Ice, Sea, etc. would be no different from traveling over Normal. Broken and Missing terrain cannot be traversed without disabling this .GMO.
.GMO Slots Taken: 1/7

Name: Beachcomber.GMO

Description: Machman's armor disappears, including his gauntlets, greaves, and chest plate. The pylons on his ears disappear, and a pair of navy blue swim trunks replaces his orange under armor with an orange stripe running down each side. Mach's hairstyle remains unchanged, and the blue mask covering his nose and mouth still remains. His bodysuit is also gone, which reveals his slightly tanned skin, and the toned muscles on his arms, chest, and abs. Not bulky, but like a runner's build. His wings till float behind him, but the whole ensemble completes the "beach comber" theme.

Battle Information: Machman becomes more sensitive to cold temperatures, but his combat abilities are nearly unaffected.
.GMO Slots taken: 2/7

Name: Buccaneer.GMO

Description: Machman takes the "pirate" route with a rather extreme change of attire. Machman's metallic hair is contained under a black, tricorn hat with an orange feather protruding from the top. His left eye is covered by a black eye patch, but instead of restricting vision, it has quite the opposite effect. The eye patch houses a visual targeting system, and is used for his Enhanced Perception signature attack. Mach's dark blue facemask is replaced with a black bandanna wrapped over his nose and mouth like a wild west bandit, and it appears the bandanna had a "Jolly Roger" insignia printed on it, but it is positioned in such a way that the lower half of the skull (nose and jaw) appear over where Mach's nose and jaw would be.
Machman wears a dark blue undershirt with some conservative white frills that slightly come out from the sleeves and V-neck front of the black jacket he wears overtop. The tails of his jacket hang just above the back of his thighs, which are covered in striped pants in dark blue and orange, which appear to be made of a rather light material. Those pants are secured with a black belt with a dull pewter buckle that looks like his navi emblem, and tucked into the mid-calf black leather boots over his feet.
His antigravity wing structures appear to have an almost bone-like structure and color, with the occasional back stripe created by somewhat tattered fabric wrappings.

Battle Information: The majority of Machman's signatures and chip attacks assume a pirate theme, such as his MachSabre appears more like a cutlass, and heavy weapon chips manifest themselves in the form of cast-iron naval cannons. His rising barrage chaingun looks more like the ancient "Gatling Gun" that was created around the Netopian civil war.
((NS Uniform GMOs for Vector and Aera))

.GMO Slots Taken: 3/7

Name: NS_Uniform.GMO

Description: NS_Uniform.GMO features a dark blue, sleeveless tunic, worn over long and baggy, similarly-colored pants, tied with a cord at the waist. MachMan's emblem is still worn at his earguards. Banded tape covers his wrists and shins to heels. He wears a simple pair of tabi boots over his feet, and a flexible ring mail lining on the inside of his tunic. His headband resembles that of a regular NS footman's, but is additionally adorned with wing ornaments on each side. His mask remains, just as in his regular form. His wings have been made feather-like and glowing, which Yasu seemed to think would be an impressive touch.

Battle Information: His attacks take a more traditional Yokan form, such as utilizing old solid-fuel rockets, longbows, spears, clay bombs, and katana. His wings are capable of moving in a bird-like fashion, but they almost never actually "flap."

.GMO Slots Taken: 4/7

Name: NS_MachFighter.GMO

Description: The Machfighter is much smaller in this form, with a length of only 30 feet, and a wingspan of 35 feet. The canards just behind the nose are more functional than his default frame, and are much larger to allow better lift (if his anti-gravity drive should fail). Instead of a main wing and a pair of elevons near the back, he now has a single wing mounted near the rear of his frame, and sweep forward at about a 30degree angle. For rudder control, the wing has a pair of vertical stabilizers set through the wing a little more than half way out from the fuselage.

Nearly flush with the sides of the fuselage are a pair of air intakes, which are very long, yet thin. These intakes feed into an internal modified Scramjet engine, complete with 360 degree thrust-vectoring nozzle. Perched on about the half-way point down the fuselage is what appears to be a glass cockpit, reinforced by metal framework. To open, the canopy slides forward, allowing a single human-sized occupant inside. ((see J7W1 Shinden for design inspiration))

Battle Information: Though based off an ancient design, the internal workings of the aircraft are all cutting edge. The glass canopy can have a full HUD projection, and even zoom in on objects. The flight controls are incredibly responsive and all work independently, allowing for extreme aerobatic maneuvers, while its compact design and reinforced frame can hold up against the strain. Instead of vulcans, it has four internal cannons in the nose, and additional weapons can be hung under the wings and fuselage.
.GMO Registration

Name: CastArmor.GMO

Description: With this .GMO active, Mach's normal armor has been removed and replaced with bluish-gray mechanical plate armor nearly from head to toe. The majority of the plating looks to be light and fairly form-fitting, with the exception of his cuirass and pauldrons. Said chest and shoulder armor is a bit blockier than the rest, and have two small, angular intakes wrapped up and over Mach's shoulders that lead to a pair of slatted thrusters mounted on the back of the armor. The chest armor also has a large, oval-shaped collar around his neck, which supports a full glass helmet, that looks akin to a formed-glass "bubble"-style cockpit canopy. The glass is dark cyan and opaque, so Mach's head and facial features are completely obscured, though his vision is unimpeded (save for any issues caused by his injuries).

His upper and lower arms are covered in lighter armor, but one thing of note is his hands are completely covered by rectangular blocks of armor, making his limbs look more like clubs. Thankfully Mazer had the attention to detail to add fold-out 3-fingered manipulators to let his Navi at least pick up/hold items in this state. His lower torso and legs are covered in similarly light plate armor, and the only significant additions were additional "toes" sticking outwards from the sides of his feet to assist Mach in keeping a stable base when standing.

Battle Information: In this form, Mach's capabilities are widely restricted due to his current state. It's designed as a mobile "cast" of sorts, simply to allow Mach the ability to move outside of the controlled environment of the PET.
Looks fine to me. APPROVAL!
All .GMOs previously registered no longer apply IC, so this will effectively replace CastArmor.GMO as his #1 of 8 available .GMO Slots.
Description: With this .GMO active, Mach's overall shape becomes roughly more humanoid, inasmuch as he could wear a dark blue tunic similar to his original uniform. His height remains the same, but the lack of engine nacelles and fuselage-esque armor makes his forward and side profiles significantly less wide. Over his tunic he wears a slightly lighter colored sash-like garment, but the two sides extend straight down from his shoulders to his waistline, and appear impossible to fasten together at the center of his chest. The Yokan-style sash is also anchored in place by 6 white, fist-sized circular engine intakes aligned in two vertical trios down his chest. The top set has intakes beneath the tunic that travel slightly up and over his shoulders, while the lower four's intakes travel underneath. The matte black exhausts for each engine sprout from his back, and splay out in angles like feathers in a simplistic bird's wing, though they look very small compared to the glowing wings present in his original uniform. Each of the trapezoidal exhausts have multiple horizontal vanes, to help vector some of the thrust to assist in maneuvering.

His dark blue, baggy pants look relatively unchanged, but they seem to fuse with his lower legs instead of being bound down with white tape. His lower legs and feet are still very mechanical, but the strut-like bottoms of his feet are more human-like in this GMO (albeit blood red in color), split into two broad toes as if he was wearing tabi-style boots. However, instead of a flat sole or multiple "teeth" like traditional Yokan footwear, it has a single centered "tooth," which several inches long. While precarious-looking, Mach has minimal issues keeping his balance, and can simply utilize his Omnishoes NCP to prevent falls. His prosthetic arms appear slightly more life-like in build and are bound with light gray wrappings from his wrists to just below his elbows. His hands look also fairly lifelike, but are colored dark red and the tips of his fingers are slightly pointed like claws.

Mach's neck is covered by his red bodysuit, which leads up to his angular, full-face helmet. The faceplate is made of the same material as his standard canopy-style helmet, but blood red in color and formed in an angular, face-like structure. The forehead slopes aggressively down and forward before coming to a point several inches past Mach's face, looking almost like an elongated nose or beak. Below the protrusion is a black angular bracket, appearing like a scowl while also framing the jutting out "chin" of the face mask, which extends nearly as far out as the "nose." The left side of the face mask also features a single angular, glowing amber eye below an eyebrow-shaped streak of white. If needed, the entirety of the facemask can be removed, revealing the .GMO doesn't apply any cosmetic changes to his actual face. The areas not covered by the face mask are mostly obscured by fairly long, light gray hair spiking out and back in an wild look, although most of his hairdo was pulled back to short, spiky ponytail on an extended "stalk" made by dark colored tape.

Battle Information: His mobility and martial capabilities are unaffected, save for a single cosmetic change to his sword and percussive chips. Instead of swinging a large blade or firing from an air compressor-like gun, he wields a hand fan made of five jade-green "feathers." They are rigid and sharpened, so while they are capable of conjuring up powerful blasts of air and cutting gales, they're equally capable of directly slashing through targets.

Also adding Shrike.SP's 1st of 5 available .GMOs
Description: With this .GMO active, Shrike's normally spherical eye takes a hexagonal diamond shape (like a two-sided "Tokin" cap), made of a glossy black material. It more or less acts like a one-way glass shell around its normal eye, so it doesn't impede its vision or capability to gimbal in any direction in its frame. Its arms and legs remain in the same shape, but are painted in a crimson color, with the two brackets painted white.

Battle Information: No mechanical or cosmetic changes.