Upgrades: 834 BugFrags Available
Planeswalking - 100 Bugfrags (+3 lvls)
Fly - 200 Bugfrags (+5 lvls)
Chip Preset - 100 Bugfrags (+3 lvls)
Speed V1,V2 - 300 Bugfrags (+10 lvls)
Damage+ V1,V2 - 30 Bugfrags (+2 lvls)
HP+ V1-4 - 100 Bugfrags (+4 lvls)
Bugfrags Remaining: 4

Name: Shrike.SP
Gender: Unknown
Element/Subtype: / (P: Marksmanship | A: Reload)
Level: 27 (+15 dmg to Chips +10 dmg to single-opponent)
HP: 80
Actions: 3
Attack: 20dmg Fire
Upgrades: Fly, Chip Preset

Shrike is a small, roughly humanoid program with its structure built around its central and most notable feature: a single mechanical eye roughly the same size and shape as a standard volleyball. The majority of its eye is dark gray in color, with a slightly lighter gray shutter-like "iris." Shrike's pupil normally glows a soft green, which intensifies when utilizing its weaponry, and flickers whenever the program "blinks."

Shrike's eyeball "floats" in a frame-like housing from which its limbs and control surfaces are mounted, allowing its eye to point in any direction regardless of its body's orientation. In its humanoid mode, Shrike stands a little under 2 feet tall and a similar-length wingspan when its stubby, dark blue arms and simple two-fingered manipulators are outstretched. Its shoulder armor is very angular and flattened, so much that they act as its wings when in flight. Slightly smaller control surfaces protrude from its cylindrical legs, which are actually tiny jet engines with thrust vectoring paddles similar to MachMan's, which act as its toes and heels when standing.

In addition to its arms and legs, it has an angled loop-shaped bracket that acts as its nosecone/leading edge when in flight, giving it an angular, roughly airplane-like profile. The bracket extends forward from the sides of Shrikes eye then bends down in a 45 degree angle for a short distance before returning to its original angle, so when the bracket's arrow-like tip is pointing straight forward, it doesn't obstruct Shrike's line of sight. The bracket is also split down the middle, allowing the two "arms" to swing independently to give a greater range of movement and act as additional flight control surfaces.

While fully capable of moving and acting independently from MachMan, it can also fasten itself to the upper surface of Mach's torso armor, just behind his canopy-shaped helmet. It does so by stretching its arms and legs out to its sides and clamping down on purpose-built brackets, keeping itself firmly attached to its Navi's frame. When Mach is maneuvering or moving at very high speeds, it normally presses itself against the Navi's armor to avoid being shorn off, but can also slightly hike itself up to give it a mostly unobstructed view and forward firing arc.

Personality: Not much customization was put into Shrike's personality, as its AI was limited to combat-oriented functions. As such, while it can speak in an androgynous, synthetic tone, its phraseology is very mechanical and doesn't speak unless queried or given parameters to speak, such as to announce an inbound threat. Outside of battle, Shrike remains seen but typically not heard, and to others it would seem Shrike was just a part of Mach's armor or some piece of equipment, much like Cirrus was when Mach first met her.

Buster: Shrike's eye also doubles as its primary weapon. When needed, it can fire a concentrated beam of light, which can quickly cause significant thermal damage to its target. In lower energy states, the active beam is simply a ray of heat, but at higher power settings it can cause the "air" caught in the laser's path to glow and/or ignite, creating a reddish orange beam.
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Bugfrags: 288

Second Chance: 100 (+3lvls)
HP+ V5,V6: 110 (+2lvls)
Damage+ V3,V4: 70 (+2lvls)

Bugfrags remaining: 8
Shrike Lvl: 34
Mach Lvl: 50
Bugfrags: 107

Disarm Strike: 75 (+1lvl)

Bugfrags remaining: 32
Shrike Lvl: 35
Mach Lvl: 53
Bugfrags: 156

HP+ V7, V8: 150bugfrags (+2 levels)

Bugfrags remaining: 6
Shrike Lvl: 37
Mach Lvl: 53