Name: Aurora.SP
Type: Electric
Subtype: Team


Appearance: Aurora is a fair-skinned girl that stands at about 5 feet 7 inches with a lithe figure. Her face is shaped somewhat like a rounded triangle, and her eyes are yellow that have a slight streak of blue color in them. Her long hair is pure white, with subtle traces of yellow down the back and sides, and flows to a bit below her shoulders. She wears a tinted yellow visor on her eyes, which displays various bits of information depending on the situation. Her ears are covered with white cylindrical receivers that look very much like the outputs on a headphone.

Her usual attire is her white bodysuit, which covers her whole body from her neck all the way down to her ankles. A hollow yellow circle marks the centre of the suit's chest area, with two lines extending from it down her arms towards her hands and stop at her wrists. She wears thin wrist-length gloves of the same color as her bodysuit, which have two more hollow circles on the palms. In the middle of the circle in her chest, a yellow version of the Ezarith emblem is shown. She wears white boots to cover her feet, and the hollow yellow circle design is on each of the soles.

Ezarith Emblem

Personality: Aurora is quite happy-go-lucky to the point that she's the type that bounds off into certain death with a large smile on her face. As such, she's likely to wander around a little with little worry, and doesn't like being protected too much, preferring to help instead of being helped. She's not afraid of many things. In tough situations, she's very steadfast and resilient, defying her normal cheerful, seemingly-weak character. She interacts well with others, even those that don't look all too nice.

Also you're lazy. Why couldn't you have recolored the emblem?
Aurora.SP Upgrade:

Buying Weapon Junction upgrade for 100 BF, reduce 120 BF to 20 BF.
Aurora levels up to 5, Eternalis levels up to 11.
Registering level 5 SP GMO.

SP Graphical Model Override: [Ouranos' Gauntlets]

In this override, Aurora takes on the form of two (or one, if the situation demands) heavy black gauntlets, that go up to half the lower arm. The gauntlets are fingerless, and have a round hole in the palm, allowing Eternalis to use his aquatic powers even while wearing these gauntlets. They also have five yellow lines running down from the wrist to each knuckle, which intersect at points. Yellow pulses of light often run down these lines at intervals, which signifies the gauntlets' flow of energy. The palm-space also has a thick yellow line of the same design bordering it.
Erp, one more.

Buying Damage+ V1, 10 BF. 20 BF changes to 10 BF.
Aurora levels up to 6, attack rises by 5 to 15.
Buying Damage+ V2 [20 BugFrags]
BugFrag Change: 25 to 5
SP Change: Level 7, Attack 20
approved again.
Changing Weapon Junction ability to Second Chance.

Also buying HP upgrade 1, minus 10 bugfrags.
40 HP - 50 HP
Aurora's level goes up by one.
You receive one (1) Approval of Thunder.
Buying Speed+ V1 [100 BugFrags]
BugFrag Change: [151] to [51]
SP Change: [Level 8, 1 Action] to [Level 13, 2 Actions]
Navi Change: [Level 15] to [Level 16]

Buying HP+ V2 & V3 [20+30 BugFrags]
BugFrag Change: [51] to [1]
SP Change: [Level 13, 50HP] to [Level 15, 70HP]
Navi Change: [Level 16] to [Level 17]
Approved, and good luck affording sig upgrades~
Upgrades: Speed+ V2

Bugfrag Cost: 200
Bugfrag Remaining: 19

SP Action Change: 2 -> 3
SP Level Change: 13 -> 18
Navi Level Change: 18 -> 19
22 month apart approval.
Upgrades: HP+V4, V5, V6

Bugfrag Cost: 150
Bugfrag Remaining: 0

SP HP Change: 70 -> 100
SP Level Change: 18 -> 21
Navi Level Change: 24 -> 25
*Checks all the things*

That's all correct, you're good to go.
Changing Aurora's file extension from .SP to .EXE, because apparently I can!

Justification: She has had experience fighting in a Navi's EXE container, both present and past. She'll still be a Support Program though.
I can't see any direct rules about it, so I'm going to approve until such a time as anyone else finds a ruling that says you can't ^.^
Upgrades: Damage+ V3, V4

Bugfrag Cost: 70
Bugfrag Remaining: 32

SP Attack Change: 20 -> 30
SP Level Change: 21 -> 23