DragonierMan's NS_Uniform

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"The Ardant, Dauntless Knight, Vigilant Partisan DragonierMan.EXE"

The NS_Uniform.GMO features gray armour, consisting of a lower-body codpiece with tassets running along the outer thighs, long-clawed boots and gauntlets. A black leather belt runs across both shoulders and attaches itself to a rounded gardbrace at the navi's left shoulder, the other side of the belt loops around the right shoulder and runs diagonally across the back to attach to the left hip. Another band stretches from the left shoulder to the right hip across the chest. That belt holds a round chestplate in the center of the navi's chest, bearing the Neo-Shogun's horned demon-mask emblem. The navi's own stone tower emblem is still worn on a gray wool-cloth headband. The space covered by the leather of the codpiece, held by a third black belt, and tasset armor is large enough for some degree of modesty in regular movement.
I wish to change the above NS_Uniform.GMO to this:

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"The Ardent, Dauntless Knight, Vigilant Partisan DragonierMan.EXE"

DragonierMan is a tall and muscled man, powerfully built, and possessing short, dark-gray, wavy hair, and gray eyes. Two horns sprout from the top of his head and extend up half-a foot, with a slight curve backward. His skin tone is Caucasian with a slight tan. His chest sports stylized tattoos in gold and gray, and depicts his navi symbol: a great stone tower. Superimposed around the stone tower is the grinning face of an oni, the horned, demon-mask symbol of the Neo-Shogun Faction.

He is otherwise minimally dressed, wearing a headband, knee-high boots, forearm guards, a thong, and a flowing loincloth, all a golden-yellow color. He also wears a similar golden-yellow cape with an emerald-green plus-sign, and a similar colored emerald-green band that flows around the cape and parts around the plus-sign symbol, just like a Metool helmet. A pint-sized, golden-hilt sword, a replica of one used by the Swordy virus but sized for a Metool, fits into a golden-yellow scabbard with the same Metool helmet design engraved upon the sword and sheath, and is tied around his thong by a golden string. For someone as big as DragonierMan, the sword is more like a dagger.