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Name: Szand.SP
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Szand's normal form is a circular ruby surrounded by a permanent sandstorm. Two silver rings float around his core, one being bigger than the other to make sure they won't get in each other's way, and have mythical symbols engraved in them. Within the sandstorm are two dark eyes and a jagged mouth that look a lot as if they are shadows, but move as Szand desires them to. Poking out of the sandstorm are two silver long horns pointing upwards, floating close to the top side of the ruby but not connected to it.
Paired with this core are two large hands made of sand attached to floating silver rings with the width of a bracelet. These have the same symbols engraved them as the main two rings. Holding in one or both hands is a long silver rod from which forms a long sand-made blade of a scythe. At the top of the rod is a diamond shaped ruby which is there to be used to stab someone if necessary and to look pretty.
Personality: Szand is generally an aloof person who has a most venomous attitude towards Djinni, but is fine with anyone who isn't her. But even with this, he won't really give a damn about someone. While Fhyre portrays the defensive side of Djinni core programming, Szand is the offensive side and will often want to run into the heat of the fight without a thought about his own safety. While this is an obvious trait Djinni would have, Szand refuses to acknowledge he belongs to her.
Element: Null.
Subtype: Melee.

With my 333 bugfrags, I'm buying Szand 4 HP upgrades (100), 4 ATK upgrades (100), 1 Speed upgrade (100) and a Wood Attack upgrade (25). Coming to 325 points used.
Registration and Purchase approved. Make sure you update Szand's and Djinni's levels with these new upgrades in place
Buying Damage for V5 (50) and V6 (60) Szand. 110 bugfrags used.