Pirouette's Divina Cross
Level 1 Cross
Null/Recovery (No change... but mystically null chip boost ^.^)

Visual and Personality Shifts:

If it were really feasible for Pirouette to become more self-assured and self-confident, she would probably do so while influenced by Divina's cross. The ballerina already has that in spades herself, however, so it's not too noticeable. She does fall into the habit of trying to have the last word on any conversation while in this cross form, but that, too, isn't terribly far removed from her own norm.

Her normal desires to make those around her happy is amplified to the point that she's a little bit more willing to put up with indelicacies or indecencies that she would normally baulk at, especially if they are only liable to affect her, for the sake of others' peace and happiness.

Of note elsewise, though she is never really much of a fighter, Pirouette is even more overtly pacifistic than usual, while at the same time more prone to making vague threats against those she perceives as having done wrong by others. She is more concerned with the protection of those around her than usual, and can easily fall into thought patterns where she sees it as her duty and responsibility to do so, even in cases where her allies are capable enough.

Visually, Pirouette's hair usually comes loose, falling straight and free to a point somewhere just past her shoulders, and a faint shift in tone turns the blond colour into something just a little bit paler and more silvery.

Her leotard and tu-tu are exchanged for side-swept toga dress that sits with a slim golden ring on her left shoulder and leaves her right shoulder bare. The dress is arranged loosely, and doesn't obstruct her wings, though it gives the impression of a mostly bare back as a result. It covers the essentials on both the high and low sides, even so, though she does wear a simple modesty band underneath, intended more for decency in case of slips, than for actual support.

Th dress wraps in a firm cinch about her waist, then drops front and back as a simple, broad loincloth. The look leaves her legs bare, including her hips, and right up to the waist cinch; it's easy and non-restrictive to move in, but good fate and modesty-preserving coding ensures that it's almost impossible for her to actually cause any accidental flashing.

The wrap at her waist is further marked by a slim belt of gold rings that drop a further delicate chain down about six inches in the centre at both the front and back, and the very end of each side of the loin cloth is weighted further with several small gold coin adornments. Elsewise, Pirouette goes barefoot in this form, though her steps are light enough that she often appears to float.

Cross Signature (80/80):

White-light Warding

When influenced by Divina's cross, Pirouette's first instinct is towards protection and defence. This manifests in the formation of multiple copies of her light-and-feather shields. In a pinch, she can control both of these herself, but more prominently, she can bequeath them to allies in need.

Effect: (2-Hit Shield, x2), 2TCD (80 Points)
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