Orion Sinclair and MidKnight.EXE

MidKnight.EXE and Orion Sinclair

Name: Orion Sinclair
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Appearance: A prim and beautiful woman with shoulder length blonde hair tied up in a fashionable cone. She wears deep purple eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, as well as silvery crescent moon earrings. She clothes herself in high quality fashion, opting today for a long luxurious salmon scarf, a pale pink coat over a black dress, high quality jeans and heel-less dress shoes.

Personality: Orion is, to put it briefly, a spoiled brat who has matured into a demanding pain in the rear. She’s been a model, a singer, a t.v. star and a fiancée, but with time her rotten nature made those pursuits wither into nothing. Once the star child of the proud Sinclair family, she’s ended up squandering their name and dragging it through the mud with her. Now she meanders from one half-bright occupation to the other, bungling into a myriad of scandals and controversies that have tarnished what reputation she has left. Her failures and inevitable self-loathing cause her to lash out with barely concealed frustration.

She takes these frustrations out on her Navigator, MidKnight, who obeys her every whim. While Orion does feel bad about how she treats MidKnight, the navi’s persistent obedience and willingness to help a terrible person like Orion infuriates her, leading to a cycle of mild mistreatment.

PET Modifications:Orion’s PET is a high-class model with luxurious leather grip and silver lining. It’s been shaped like a crescent moon, with clips at each point that allow it to be attached to her belt.


Name: MidKnight.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Sword

Appearance: MidKnight is a moderately tall woman with a bulky physique, though it’s not apparent due to the weighty dark-purple plate armour that she wears. Her beak-shaped helmet makes her feel foolish, so she leaves the visor up most of the time, showing her head and fair-blue skin. Her hair is straight and deep blue in colour, and its length changes depending on the phases of the moon, growing longer as it waxes and shorter as it wanes. At new moon, her hair is buzzcut almost to the skin, but at full moon her hair flows en masse down to her knees, billowing out the back of her helmet like a cape. Her steel boots are shaped like unicorn heads, complete with protruding horns on the toe caps and jet thrusters on the heels. Her emblem is shown on both round pauldrons, an icon of her bent tongs pointing at a crescent moon.

Personality: MidKnight is a chivalrous, if unfocused, swordswoman. She was created as the perfect servant, obedient and diligent, but suffers from daydreams and has a rather short attention span. MidKnight is confident in a fight, but her willingness to obey her operator, Orion Sinclair, makes her afraid of failure, and the jumpiness that ensues is a testament to her role as Orion’s navigator. The faint delight she exudes from her poor treatment manifests as a mild masochism, which makes her all the more eager to jump into the fray.

Custom Weapon: “Phase Apollo.” MidKnight’s weapon is a long straight sword with a wide split running straight down the middle. At the centre of the sword length, the blades curve outward in opposite directions, each in the shape of a semicircle. The whole sword resembles a pair of straight tongs with a distinct, circular bend in the middle.

--Type Abilities--

Sword Mastery (Passive): All Slashing attacks gain an additional Accuracy rank. Accuracy with slashing attribute attacks can surpass A rank.

Riposte: Imbue as a free action on a Dodge action to follow up with an automatic counterattack, negated by Impact, for 40 + (Level) Slashing damage at melee range with base B accuracy. This ability will activate after imbued regardless of the Dodge's result. (Once Per Turn)

--Signature Attacks--

Roundo Rondo: MidKnight ignites the thrusters on her boots, skating along the ground directly towards her target. The hoop in her sword glows with moonlight, leaving the afterimage of a crescent moon when she swings. (60 Slashing DMG + Melee Attack = 60, 2TCD)


0 zenny.
2 MiniEnergy Subchips.
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw1, Recover30
NaviCust: Undershirt and HP+50.

--Navi Stats--

100 (+50) HP
3 Actions
1/1/1 Buster Stats
80 Signature Points.
40 NaviCust Points.
Everything is good, approved! Please update your signature and the appropriate information databases before you start rping.

Unfortunately, while the profile is perfectly acceptable, the Sig Attack needs 20 points removed to be legal. A starting Navi has a point cap of 80, but active signatures from Levels 0-4 cap at 60 points (+30 Nerf points if applicable).
Oops! I forgot about that. Thanks for the catch. Edited.
Wait, hang on, it says in the Signature Attack topic:

" At level 0, players will start with an initial pool of 80 Sig Points to make signature attacks (referred to as Sigs) from."

Is this wrong?\

EDIT: Nevermind, Maarty pointed me right.