Navi Net-Shop

Current Zenny: 34560z.

Suzume walked into the Net-Shop. She was reading a data-slate as she walked to the front counter. "Hello there. I'd like, um, these following items."

PowerUP v6: 6000z
PowerUP v7: 7000z
PowerUP v8: 8000z
Process Upgrade v49: 4900z
Process Upgrade v50: 5000z

Total: 30900z

Total Zenny After: 34560z --> 3660z.
Suzume received a small nod as she moved towards a counter and Tempoman stepped across to her after serving another navi. He accepted the list and glanced down it, then looked back to her with a friendly smile and another quick affirmative nod.

"No problems here. Just one moment." Barely a moment did, indeed, pass, before a small coalescence of light formed between his hands and resolved into a bundle of packages, all neatly marked. He moved them across to Suzume after taking her payment.

"All done and confirmed. Enjoy your order! If there's anything else, just let one of us know. Have a good day!"

DragonierMan GET: PowerUp v6-8, Process Upgrades 49 and 50
DragonierMan LOSE: 30900z
Suzume collected the items and gave a little bow, followed by a wave, as she walked out of the Net-Shop. "Thank you. See you next time."
Nighty busts in, rushes to the counter and slaps 4750z on the table.

"Gimme two HPmem naow!" He squealed. "I gotta get stronger to help Dad! Also give me three process upgrades! I'll need those.

HP Memory v3: 1500z
HP Memory v4: 1750z
Process Upgrade v4: 400z
Process Upgrade v5: 500z
Process Upgrade v6: 600z

Total: 1500+1750+400+500+600 = 4750z
Tempoman popped up behind the counter, startled by the overly excited navi. "S-Sure, one moment." He ducked down for a minute and then came back up with a bag of upgrades. He counted out the money and deposited the bag on the counter. "All done and confirmed. Enjoy your order! If there's anything else, just let one of us know. Have a good day!"

Nightshade GET: HP Memory v3 and v4, Process Upgrades v4-6.
Nightshade LOSE: 4750z
Walking up to the counter, Jazz would simply slap down 7500z onto it. Excuse me Tempoman, could I get Buster Upgrades 2 and 3 as well as a floatshoes Navi Customization Part? Jazz asked simply.

(Buying: Buster Up 2 and 3 and a Floatshoes NCP)
82z left over
As Jazz approached, Tempoman was alredy zipping across to his position from serving another navi, but gave a polite smile and wave all the same.

"Good morning, what can I get for you... Buster upgrades? No problem. Just a moment." He ducked behind the counter and popped up again in precisely one moment, now sliding the requested software across to Jazz. "Here you are, two buster upgrades, and your shoe program. That'll be 7500." Once the transaction was processed, he stepped back from the counter and inclined his head.

"Thank you. Enjoy your purchases, have a good day, and do come again!" a moment later the approach of a different navi drew his attention and he darted away quickly to continue his work.

Jazz Lose: 7500z
Jazz Get: BusterUp v2 and 3, Floatshoes NCP.
Jazz nodded at Tempoman as he gathered up his buster upgrades, slipping his Floatshoes on almost immediately afterwards. Slowly floating away, Jazz gave a hearty goodbye before disappearing from Tempoman's shop
[>> Assistant to the Regional Manager - Bounty Shop.]

Wandering into the commercial area complex through one of the many entrances, Terra paused to look about at all of the different holo-displays that advertised various upgrade products. Most of them only caught a glance from her, but she stopped at one in particular, and looked down at her gloved hands, clenching and unclenching it. She then nodded to herself, and hailed down one of the shop's attendants. "Excuse me, I'd like to buy four of those upgrades," she said, pointing to the holo-display that she had been looking at.

- PowerUP (Charge) x4 (v5, v6, v7, v8) (5000 + 6000 + 7000 + 8000 = 26000z)
Zenny Change: 26675 - 26000 = 675z
As Terra flagged down a shop assistant, it turned out to be Tempoman himself who came to her rescue. He took her back to the counter quickly with a nod and a smile.

"More buster upgrades, hmm? We've been getting a lot of requests for those just recently. Some big firmware update, I imagine. well, let's have a look at you..." A brief scan light traced over Terra, before the navi gave her a nod. "Right, and it was four, was it? I'll have the right ones for you in just a moment."

In a gesture that took precisely one moment, tempoman turned around in place, and by the time her was facing Terra again ,he was setting a small data container down on the counter in front of her, with partitions for each upgrade.

"For you, that'll be a flat twenty-six grand zenny." He nodded and smiled to her again as the transaction was completed. "Excellent. Do enjoy your upgrades, and come again soon!"

Terra Lose: 26000z
Terra Get: BusterUp v5, 6, 7 and 8
Terra nodded curtly as the data container was placed down, and she inspected the package for a moment. As she was motioning to leave, she saw another holoscreen nearby that caught her eye, and her eyes narrowed as the advertised upgrade displayed its effects. Hesitating for a moment, she added, "Excuse me, I'd like to add something else," before indicating in the holoscreen's direction.

- Element Shot (500z)
Zenny Change: 675 - 500 = 175z
Turning back around towards Terra at her next inquerry for purchases, Tempoman took the woman's money and slid her an element shot. "Come again!"

Terra get: Element Shot
Terra Lose: 500z
Nodding in affirmation, Terra retrieved the upgrades that she had purchased, and began her jackout sequence, returning to her PET immediately.

[>> Second Home - Yoka.]
Exorcist wasn't sure how she felt to be going on another mission for the NetMafia, but she knew that they ought to be powered up going into it. Signing up for the Creel family, mostly in charge of public relations and recruitment for the mafia, hadn't changed the fact that the danger had been on par with what one would expect from Mafia business. Stunt had made not just her, but also her SPs, feeled humbled and powerless... going into her first official mission under the Mafia a bit better armed just made sense.

Of course, there was no need for TempoMan to worry about that. In a sense, she also felt refreshed, that she was able to do her shopping in person this time rather than relying on Burt for it, given that Suitachi always seemed ready to throw Burt out of the shop before he finished. She took a moment browsing, selected the upgrades she liked best, then tracked down TempoMan. "I think these will be good," she suggested, pointing at the ones she had in mind, then presenting her zenny in a data packet.

((Purchase: 1 PowerUP for attack stat, fourth PowerUP total (4,000z), 1 slashing upgrade (1,000z), HP +100 navicustomizer part (10,000z)

Total: 15,000z))
Nighty slammed the door open and zipped to the counter, shoving a large quantity of zenny into the shopkeeper face.

"Alright I need to make this quick. I need 3 Navicust expansions, four sig expansions and a new pair of floatshoes and they better be comfy to wear cause I need to fight alot and impress my dad!"

(2000+2250+2500+700+800+900+1000+2500=12650 which means I am left with 245z)
The shop was bust and both Exorcist and Nightshade found themselves met at different service desks by TempoMan. It was unclear which one was the real TempoMan and which was a stand in. Maybe they bother were?

"Bulking up there I see, ma'am, let me just check that for you..." His eye passed over Exorcist with a quick appraisal, then the upgrades she had selected, before he nodded. "Excellent." With a short gesture, exchanged the upgrades for her large investment of funds. "Hope they serve you well, and do come again!"

A short way down the service desk, the same TempoMan stepped to the counter to meet Nightshade as he zipped up, nodding a few times as the excitable navi listed his order.

"Not a problem young, sir. I'll have those for you in a jiffy." He cast a similarly appraising eye over the young navi and nodded to himself. "Right, I know what versions you need. One moment." With a brief turn, Tempoman faced Nighshade again, precisely one moment later, though he was now holding a moderately stacked bundle of upgrades in separate data packets. After he made the exchange, the shop navi winked at him with a grin.

"There you go. Enjoy, and good luck impressing people out there. Come back when you need more!"

Exorcist Get: PowerUP (v4), Slashing Upgrade, HP +100
Exorcist Lose: 15000z

Nightshade Get: FloatShoes, 3x NaviCust Expansions (NC number 1, 2 and 3, cumulative version count V5, 6 and 7), 4x Process Upgrades (V7, 8, 9 and 10)
Nightshade Lose: 12650 z
Asymptote would slowly lumber in, gently pushing away through the crowds before producing a small amount of zenny and sliding it onto the counter for the shopkeeper. One Level 10 to 14 process edit please. This should be just enough. Asymptote spoke calmly, with some difficulty...why did he spend THAT MUCH on a single chip!?

Buying: Level 10-14 Process edit, 140z
have: 535z
after: 395z
"Need a quick change, sir? No problem!" Tempoman slid across to Asymptote and listened to his request with a quick not, then darted away into the back of the shop area. He returned after a second or two, handing him a small process editor with a smile.

"Good luck sorting yourself out! Come back when you need another, or if you want to upgrade!" He waved the navi off before turning to other, more boisterous customers.

Asymptote GET: 1x Process Edit
Asymptote LOSE: 140z
Much obliged Tempoman. Asymptote would speak simply as he slowly moved through the crowds to get back out of the shop.
((From -> Jenny's Home))

As Courser stepped out of the shadows near the entrance to the net-side navi store, he looked bot, then took a few extra moments to drift about the displays and product descriptions, before making his way to the counter and greeting whichever shop assistant he happened to be served by.

"Hi. Not too much today. Could I get two customiser expansions, versions three and four, as well as a Shield customiser part, and the ninth tier process upgrade." He produced a small blue crystal extending the zenny data across the counter as he ordered.


NC Expansions V3 and V4: 1500 + 1750 = 3250
Shield NCP: 3000
Process Upgrade V9: 900
Total: 7150z
Funds Remaining: 1210z