The instant she was in the Net, SplashLady knew something was very, very wrong. The area was beyond dreary; it almost felt like just standing there was draining her soul of warmth. "Um...you DID jack me into a vending machine, didn't you...?"

"Well, it looks like a vending machine...that does NOT look like a vending machine's cyberworld, though...

"But then, where am I? It doesn't even look like something for an ElecTown Net. Even Chaos Areas look a little like what they're supposed to represent..."

"Maybe ElecTown's weird like that? We can check it out, at least."

"All right, but I want you to make a couple of folder changes. Make it more about survivability than just offense, okay?"

"Right...can't be too careful!"

"That's what I'm thinking..." Even so, something wasn't right. Normally, she could walk through Chaos Nets with her head held high. But here, she was sensing something. Something that made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. With all the caution she could muster, the mermaid Navi slowly progessed into the unknown Net, having zero idea of what awaited her within...

(Searching for Battle #1, like a crazy person)
With hesitant steps, SplashLady went forward into the network, not knowing of its powerful secrets. The ground beneath her felt soul-sapping, and there were a myriad of poison-imbued panels spread around everywhere as well. Holes in the ground that led nowhere were also rampant. Eventually, she stumbled upon the resident viruses of the network. Gun-metal helmets clanked against deadly-looking mattocks; three Metools approached SplashLady from her front, left, and right. Swinging their pickaxes about, they scraped the ground with their stumpy boots, and readied themselves for battle.

Metool Omega A: 300 HP [Cursed] [Left]
Metool Omega B: 300 HP [Poison] [Front]
Metool Omega C: 300 HP [Cursed] [right]

SplashLady.EXE: 550 HP [Cursed]

50% Poison
40% Cursed
10% Missing

...Without warning, and with a sudden look of dread, SplashLady froze. "S-Sabrina...? I think I just realized where I am..."

"Oh, cool, I'm still wondering about that."

"I think...this is the Undernet..."

The operator paused for a moment, processing this new information. "...The Undernet? THAT Undernet?!"

"There's only one...and I've been thinking about it. The Undernet's the only place that could possibly be worse than Chaos levels...I think we oughta let the machine keep your money, honestly..."

"Y-Yeah..." Jack out button, pressed! ...Wait, why was nothing happening? "...SplashLady, behind you!"

The mermaid Navi was half-tempted to ignore her operator, suspecting a 'made ya look' moment, but in a place like this, she had to check...to find three gray colored Mettaur in three different direction. "Ugh...even though they're just standing there, I feel like I'm gonna be crushed by the power they're emitting..."

"...You know what? Here's a crazy idea. Let's NOT be intimidated by them! Yeah, they're super tough, and aside from Dad and that other guy he mentioned a few times, I've never heard of anyone defeat Omega viruses. But we're pretty strong too. We're gonna fight, and we're gonna win! Or at least not lose, which is pretty amazing in its own right!" Enough talk...time to fight! "BattleChip, HardBody! Slot in! And if you could follow up with Water Splash, that'd be super!"

SplashLady glowed for a moment, only to look virtually the same. She did appear shinier, though, as a sturdy yet clear material covered her from head to toe. And she was pretty sure she was going to need every last bit of its defensive strength. Of course, defense alone couldn't hope to win any battle, much less this one...so, heeding her operator's advice, she raised her trident, creating twin streams of water that swirled around her, eventually meeting above her head, and forming a tight ball. With a twirl, she pointed her weapon at the Mettaur to her left, causing the levitating water to rocket at the Omega virus with enough force that even hiding in its helmet would do nothing but make it a sitting duck.

But once again, her Navi was by and large defenseless. That had to change. Looking at how the battlefield was set up, Sabrina whipped up a plan to try and forcibly remove one of the foes from the battle. Granted, it wasn't a new idea, but it was an idea nonetheless. "Get ready to blow 'em away! BattleChip, AreaGrab! BattleChip, WindRacket! Double slot in!"

As had occured countless times before, the aquatic fighter completely vanished from where she stood, only to reappear near the gray virus. Her left hand had been altered, however, into some sort of manual use fan. The plan was clear to her; there was an invisible line forming with her, the Mettaur Omega, and a bottomless hole. With all the might she could muster, she swung her temporary weapon at the enemy in front of her, with the goal of not just damaging, but pushing it right into that hole, where it would cease to be a threat.

Of course, there were still other threats in this fight, and little time to respond to them. There were still way to do said responding, though..."Defense time...and keep them pointed at the Mettaur, no matter what! BattleChip, Guard3! BattleChip, CurseShield! Double slot in!"

SplashLady's left arm acquired its usual shape, just in time for it to be covered by a blue shield with a yellow cross on it. The Mettaur may or may not have recognized exactly what it was. Her right side was also protected, as a Dominerd floated beside her, all ready to take a bite out of whatever tried to attack her from that angle. Despite all of her defense, however, she remained extremely tense, knowing it wouldn't protect her completely, unless she had utterly divine luck. And when did that ever happen?

[Order of Turn:
1-HardBody chip on SplashLady (S, halves damage for 2 turns)
1a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
1b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
2-Water Splash charge attack on Metool Omega A (200, Aqua, Break)
3-AreaGrab chip to near Metool Omega B, facing nearest Missing panel (teleports user, Accuracy up)
4-WindRacket chip attack on Metool Omega B (100, A, Gust, Northwind and Microburst on-hit)
5-Guard3 chip on SplashLady (200-, S, Piercing, Line Attack, blocks and reflects one attack equal to damage dealt, up to 200)
6-CurseShield1 chip on SplashLady (160, A, blocks and counters one attack)]
Readying her best efforts, SplashLady started off with a defensive HardBody, and blasted a nearby Metool with her powerful buster attack. However, it was for naught, as the nimble Metool merely sidestepped the attack. The attack was countered by a collective powerful thwack of the team's pickaxes, which sent three different shockwaves towards her. Fortunately, she managed to get away by teleporting off to one of the Metools and swung her fan at its unguarded flank. The Omega's instincts alerted it to her presence, however, and yet again, her attack missed. With all of her defenses exhausted, she put up some defenses. The Metools reacted by hunkering themselves down, with a couple of them creating HolyPanels underneath themselves, and the last one repositioning itself from its Poison panel. They then launched yet another trio of attacks against her, though the CurseShield and Guard absorbed them easily. The last one barely missed her, as the Guard returned the attack towards one of the Metools as a lightspeed wave, and the CurseShield returned it as a chompin' Dominerd. Unfortunately, both of the attacks were halved in damage duly by the respective Metools' Holy ground.

SplashLady also found that she had teleported onto some Poison paneling earlier, and the swampy depths sapped her energy. (-30)

Metool Omega A: 225 HP [Holy] [Left]
Metool Omega B: 270 HP [Cursed] [Front]
Metool Omega C: 220 HP [Holy] [right]

SplashLady.EXE: 520 HP [Poison] [HardBody 1] [Guard3 Broken / CurseShield1 Broken]

45% Poison
35% Cursed
10% Holy
10% Missing
...Everything that had ever been said about the might of Omega viruses was completely true. Even though she didn't feel anything directly, SplashLady could note the sheer force of the shock waves hitting her shields. It really made one wonder how it was even possible to beat them..."These things...they're not going to be easy."

"Tell me about it...I think my PET shook from those attacks! I'm not even sure two Navis could take them on..."

Two Navis...yeah, it'd be nice...wait. That gave her an idea. "Sabrina, I don't think you and me alone can handle this!"

"Uh...what? You realize I can't send SplashMan to help you, right?"

"Not that. I think now's the time...to borrow a friend's powers!"

"...Ohhhh! That makes a lot more sense..." To be honest, she completely forgot about Crosses...let's see. Cross menu...EternalisCross? Eh, it didn't add enough healing. VoltCross? Eh, she didn't want SplashLady to get in a Mettaur Omega's face. Summoner and BinaryCrosses didn't do anything for her, either...oh, right, duh. The one that had a small 3 instead of a 1 next to its name. Had decent benefits, too. A tap of the button revealed the confirmation screen, depicting an emblem of various polearms and spears. "Hope you're ready! Cross System, online! VoulgeCross, activate!"

SplashLady released her grip on her trident, which, instead of falling to the ground, levitated slightly above it, and began to spin around her. While slow at first, it quickly revolved more rapidly, and began to glow red. Soon, a vortex of fire surrounded her, and scorched the fin attributes of her outfit to ash...

...But this was only the beginning. Her skirt itself was set ablaze, and shortened to just above the knee before the flames magically vanished. Her gloves, boots, and skirt glowed white hot for a moment, before adopting a gray coloring. The shells on her chest did the same, but instead of simply becoming gray, they transformed into an open mail vest.

Up top, her helmet glowed like her other accessories, though instead of simply changing colors, it now appeared slightly thicker in the middle, forming a ring shape. Her hair, normally not appearing that far below her headgear, lengthened a bit, and became bound in a neat ponytail. Her transformation nearly complete, the Navi reached out and grabbed her weapon, which by now had lost two of its prongs, and became a simple spear...albeit one with a spearhead on fire. As soon as she did, her entire body gave off a blazing aura, causing her bodysuit to change from its usual blue to a softly glowing red, almost as though her very soul had switched at that moment. The envelope of fire soon concentrated to her left arm, creating a nondescript, blood red buckler over it. The transformation complete, the tornado of flame around her vanished, revealing to world her new found firepower.

"I don't care what arena I'm in...with Voulge's spirit inside me, I won't lose!"

Instantly, flames erupted over SplashLady's right arm, and quickly creeped to her spear, where they happily burned. She didn't have time to waste on three viruses...with a flick of the wrist, she spun the weapon so that it pointed downward, and raised it over her shoulder. Getting a bead on the nearest Mettaur, she flung it forward with all her might, displaying that it wasn't merely for show; much like her normal water attack, it could lance even the sturdiest defenses.

Once the spear connected with something, be it the gray Mettaur in front of her, or the purple earth that consisted of most of the battlefield, the crossed Navi yanked on a chain attached to her glove's wrist, causing the weapon to sail back at her, landing handle first into her hand. One thing she had definitely noticed, however, was the purple ground...aside from the small areas around two of her enemies. That needed to be fixed. Once again, the javelin was pointed at an enemy...but instead of throwing it, a spark flew from its tip, landing on the ground near a Mettaur with divine protection. The point of impact quickly heated up, and spread rapidly like a wildfire, appropriately enough. Before long, a good chunk of the area was now a much hotter liquid, which she quickly took advantage of by racing onto the newly created magma. "Sabrina...I need something strong. Strong enough to wipe this virus off the face of the Net!"

"...Right!" Yeesh, apparently her Navi's blood just got replaced by lava. If she had blood anyway...argh, not the time to think about stuff like that. Let's see, Lava boosted Aqua attacks, so if they used one that was strong..."It's not all that hot, but it'll do the job! BattleChip, WaterLine2! Slot in!"

The fire around SplashLady's spearhead began to glow blue, which she promptly stuck into the red hot floor below her. The combination of fire and water deep inside the ground reacted spectacularly, creating a massive pillar of steaming water to rise ahead, preferably right where the virus stood. Of note was the ground where the aquatic burst occurred: despite the heat, the lava there had cooled, becoming a plain old panel.

Now came the least fun part. She didn't have to raise her shield, as the shock waves would be better defended down low. Curiously, however, she had more energy than normal. Usually she was fairly tired for a few moments at this point...but she could still keep going. The easy answer was that the power of friendship was giving her the extra energy, but that couldn't be it...even when using crosses before, nothing like this happened. But maybe...all that team busting with Voulge made their friendship especially strong? It'd explain why her heart was beating a little faster thinking it over as she tried to avoid getting blown away by pickaxes...

[Order of Turn:
1-Activate VoulgeCross (become Fire/Guts, +40 HP, +1 action, +20 to Fire element chips)
1a-Contego Aestuo (passive 1-hit shield)
1b-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
1c-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
2-Burning Javelin charge attack on Metool Omega B (200, Fire, Break)
3-Macula Fervens sig on Metool Omega A (Large Area Lava Terrain Change around target)
4-Get on Lava terrain
5-WaterLine2 chip attack on Metool Omega A (130, Aqua)
A blazing spirit quickly overtook SplashLady as the fervor of Voulge's soul infused her with power. (+40) The Metools backed away slightly, wary of the sudden change in the Navi, quickly readied themselves for a tougher battle. A burning javelin made its way towards the Metools, which it immediately polevaulted away from. A short while later, it disappeared into the ether, becoming invisible to SplashLady's eyes. A pool of lava melted the floor shortly after, thanks to another throw of her javelin. She quickly got onto the lava, though the poisoned paneling still damaged her slightly prior to that. (-30) The Metool that she had targeted with the lava threw a pickaxe at her, but it was dodged swiftly after a pillar of steaming water deleted it at long last. In retaliation, the other viruses made sure to unload a very large load of attacks towards her, though she readily dodged all of them easily. She was winning! Dammit.

Metool Omega A: DELETED
Metool Omega B: 270 HP [Invisible]
Metool Omega C: 220 HP [Holy] [right]

SplashLady.EXE: 530 HP [Lava] [VoulgeCross L3 - Fire/Guts] [Shield 1/1]

25% Poison
20% Cursed
5% Holy
40% Lava
10% Missing
It took a while, but one of the Mettaur had finally become nothing but junk data. The sight of that brought a small smile to SplashLady's face as she elegantly avoiding the massive amounts of incoming shock waves. "There, that should make things a little easier."

"And I am ALL for that! By the way, I just thought of something we could do. If they're going to dodge our attacks, we should make it so there's consequences for it!" And that meant exactly one chip. "BattleChip, Mine2! Slot in!"

The firey Navi flipped her spear over, and let its head touch the floor. Images of land mines flashed at lightning speed throughout the battlefield, though they stopped with no indication of where they had been planted. But since they were programmed to not be set off by their summoner, that was the viruses' problem, not hers. Now for another problem...the fact she couldn't see one of the remaining Mettaur. "We've got a problem. Do we wait out its invisibility, or take the fight to it in spite of that?"

"Well, that's a silly question. We didn't get rid of the first one by sitting around!" And while formidable, there were ways to get past Invis, just like any defense. "BattleChip, CircleGun2! Slot in!"

Normally, when CircleGun was used, a gun would start to form on either SplashLady's arm or spear. But this time, a CirSmash virus formed in front of her, all set to fight the gray enemies. It scanned the area, quickly noticing where there was something solid where it appeared that only air existed. The gunner virus turned in that direction, and fired a pair of laser shots at its malicious counterpart. That would make it visible, or at the very least, painfully obvious where it was. Speaking of painful, her lance had quietly set itself on fire, as the Navi infused it with her flame energy. She flipped it into a throwing position, took quick aim on the Mettaur, and flung it with great strength towards it. Once it landed, on the ground or in the virus, a simple tug would let it easily fly back to her hand.

"Okay, that's enough for now. Let's worry about all those shock waves and pickaxes!" Which, in this lifetime, meant one thing. "BattleChip, IronShield2! Slot in!"

The shield over the crossed Navi became larger and heavier, though the additonal strength meant the latter was of no consequence to her. Holding it between her and the other viruses, she awaited any extra attacks, ready to block as needed.

[Order of Turn:
1-Mine2 chip attack (240, S, places mines under 10% of terrain)
2-CircleGun2 chip attack on Metool Omega B (120, Seeking)
3-CircleGun2 chip attack on Metool Omega B (120, Seeking)
3a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
3b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
4-Burning Javelin charge attack on Metool Omega B (200, Fire, Break)
5-IronShield2 chip on SplashLady (4-hit shield)
Splashlady's mines were planted somewhere on the field with the empty chasm increasing the odds of the Metools stepping on them. The Metool to Splashlady's right seemed to have no intention of moving from its spot and simply began to attack. A powerful shockwave cut it close, but Splashlady managed to catch sight of it and evaded. By then, her CirSmash locked onto something directly ahead and fired off two shots. The first one splashed harmlessly on some lava, prompting the sudden creation of another Holy panel. The second shot struck the virus (-60) forcing it out of hiding. She instinctively let loose her fiery javelin and watched it cut into the side of the Metool's shocked face (-100). However, it survived and began to launch repeated shockwaves in desperation. Splashlady tried to stay nimble while letting her new IronShield take hits for her. Two shockwaves still rang against her shield despite her best efforts. The crossfire from the second Metool proved too hard to avoid or block and Splashlady found herself on the receiving end of two devastating blows from the side (-150) (-150).

Metool Omega A: DELETED
Metool Omega B: 110 HP [Holy]
Metool Omega C: 220 HP [Holy] [right]

SplashLady.EXE: 230 HP [Lava] [VoulgeCross L3 - Fire/Guts] [Shield 2/4]

25% Poison
15% Cursed
10% Holy
40% Lava
10% Missing
10% Mine
Much to the blazing Navi's chagrin, she couldn't hold off the mighty Mettaur forever, and ended up taking a pair of extremely painful shock waves. "Ugh...I hate to say it, but that was incredible. I don't think I've ever felt such raw power from a virus attack before..."

"Yeah...we're going to try and let you unfeel it for a little bit, okay?" It was kind of sad...their strongest healing chip, and all it'd do here was negate a single attack. Still, that was one more attack her Navi could take. "BattleChip, Recover150! Slot in!"

Pink energy surrounded the crossed SplashLady, removing the pain of one of the Omega attacks. The other remained, serving as a reminder of just how dangerous the gray Mettaur were. Of course, their holy panels would make her life that much harder...if she had no way to remove them. Luckily, that was definitely not the case, particularly with the fire power of Voulge flowing through her. It was time to utilize it once again...and so, she flung a single small flame from her spear at one of the divinely protected foes, or to be more specific, the ground it stood on. Upon landing, the white hexagonal pattern would soon give way to red, boiling lava, and that would expand to make more of the ground too hot for the virus to handle.

But most importantly to her, it'd take as much damage from any regular virus without the sacred terrain. Once again, the burning Navi began transferring fiery energy from herself to her spear, causing it to once again be set on fire. Good thing it wasn't made of wood, or else it'd have burnt to a crisp by now. But by now the drill was clear: throw the lance as hard as possible at the target, hope that said target acquires damage like a hole in the head, then tug on the chain that binded it to her to retrieve the weapon. And naturally, that's just what she tried to do. Now, what to do about that other Mettaur's holy ground...

"Guess we should get rid of the other one's extra protection, huh?" Luckily, the operator was thinking on the same wavelength as her Navi on this occasion. "I know you won't take water very well with that cross, but...it'll get rid of the holy terrain! BattleChip, AquaDragon! Slot in!"

A large vase appeared next to SplashLady, which quickly became the least of anyone's concerns, as a large, Electopian style dragon rose, as blue as the ocean that spawned it. It gave off a mighty roar to signal the commencement of its enraged striking, but turned to look at its summoner, who seemed...different from usual. Shaking its head as though dismissing the notion, the WaterDragon dove into its pot, only to reappear elsewhere on the battlefield, and began charging the still protected Mettaur Omega. Of course, while nice, whether its attack did damage was irrelevant; only that its watery trail erased all traces of sacred ground.

"All right, that should take care of that...now, let's give 'em one last attack before we call it quits for now!" And she had one in mind, one that was a bit hard to avoid, while being fairly easy on the user. "BattleChip, Gaia2! Slot in!"

The Navi's spear suddenly acquired new blades, acquiring an axe blade on its side next to the spear, making it more of a halberd. But it was no ordinary polearm at this point. She slammed the new edge into the ground, causing a gargantuan ripple effect to go off in a circle around her, and expanded...and expanded...and expanded...up to and well past where the Omega viruses stood. Of course, there were spots where the ripples evened out prematurely...but so long as they weren't near where the viruses would encounter it, that wouldn't be important. Of greater concern to her now was the practice of shielding and avoiding those pickaxe induced hazards they loved to make. It wouldn't be easy, as had been demonstrated before, but it had to be tried...

[Order of Turn:
1-Recover150 chip on SplashLady (150, Recovery)
2-Macula Fervens sig attack on Metool Omega C (Fire, Large Area Lava Terrain Change)
2a-Reserve Tank R (passive buster charge)
2b-Reserve Tank L (passive buster charge)
3-Burning Javelin charge attack on Metool Omega C (200, Fire, Break)
4-AquaDragon chip attack on Metool Omega B (150, Aqua, creates 25% Sea terrain)
5-Gaia2 chip attack (130, Ground Attack, To-All Enemies)
A glow of restoration infused SplashLady with more health to fight her way through her enemies. After that, she caused the ground to become even more hostile for the Metools, turning most of the current battlefield into a volcanic waste. She threw her lance at one of the Metools, hoping that it would strike true. Her enemy tried to leap out of the way, but luck was not with it that day, as it was pierced by the lance.

She then spawned a massive AquaDragon to attack the last Metool, which was even more unlucky. In addition to it not being able to avoid the powerful attack, it had also unwittingly tripped the Mine that SplashLady had set earlier, which exploded and deleted it decisively! The last Metool shrieked at the loss of another one of its comrades, and let out a shrill war cry, launching one powerful shockwave at SplashLady. At that moment, SplashLady had her Gaia attack ready, and countered the Metool's earth-shaking attack with her own, canceling it out.

Without many places left to go, the Metool bathed itself in a bright yellow glow, restoring a large portion of its health, before disappearing into the ether. Somehow, however, SplashLady didn't feel like it was all over yet...

Metool Omega A: DELETED
Metool Omega B: DELETED
Metool Omega C: 200 HP [Invisible]

SplashLady.EXE: 380 HP [Lava] [VoulgeCross L3 - Fire/Guts] [Shield 2/4]

5% Poison
5% Holy
80% Lava
10% Missing
An explosion heralded the reduction of battle participants to two; just the Navi and a single gray Mettaur. The former looked on, happy, but still sporting a serious look on her face. "We're getting there...but it's way too early to celebrate just yet!" With a snap of her fingers, the CirSmash from before looped around in front of its summoner, quickly scoping out the invisible virus as though it had never left the visible spectrum at all. Target acquired...locked on...PEW PEW! A pair of laser blasts were launched from the gun at its side, each headed towards the Omega virus without a single care for its invisibility.

"All right, now we can see it, and there's no holy spot to protect it. So now...let's finish this!" One might have gotten the impression that a massive onslaught of BattleChips was coming...but instead, a single one was selected and slammed, featuring a rough looking Navi punching. "BattleChip, GutImpact! Slot in!"

The head of SplashLady's spear transformed, becoming much larger and well-rounded. And a bit heavier, but having the strength of two Navis aided greatly towards not caring about that. Instead, she casually flipped it over around with nothing but her fingers, and hurled it at the Mettaur Omega, much like her charge shot in her current form. However, as soon as it connected, or was clear that it wouldn't hit, she yanked its chain, causing the weapon to sail back to her...right as she began to rush the virus. Catching it neatly midway, she launched herself at the enemy, attempting to plant the pain-bringing part of her less than sharp spear right onto its gray helmet. And just in case that wasn't enough, she grabbed it like a broom, and attempted to both figuratively and literally sweep her problem away. After all, her operator DID say to end it. Ending it was only natural...or something. Sabrina probably wouldn't be particularly upset if the Mettaur was still standing, provided she was still standing herself. Slightly disappointed that the barrage didn't work, maybe, but not angry. She was actually pretty nice like that. But she could think later. There was possibly still a job that needed to be done.

[Order of Turn:
1-CircleGun2 chip attack on Metool Omega C (120, Seeking)
2-CircleGun2 chip attack on Metool Omega C (120, Seeking)
5-GutImpact chip attack on Metool Omega C (160, Break, Impact, Knockback)
6-GutImpact chip attack on Metool Omega C (160, Break, Impact, Knockback)
7-GutImpact chip attack on Metool Omega C (160, Break, Impact, Knockback)]
The Metool was in a big surprise when SplashLady fired a gun and missed it by a hair, panicking to find that its invisibility wasn't as effective as it hoped. The second shot made its mark and negated the invisibility of the virus, leaving it wide open for the next few attacks. However, it simply meant that the Metool needed to be on the offensive if it wanted to survive, throwing attacks after attacks against SplashLady with everything it got. The shield broke, but still left the navi unscathed, giving her the chance to deal the finishing blow with her large, rounded spear as it smashed the last virus into bits!

Metool Omega A: DELETED
Metool Omega B: DELETED
Metool Omega C: DELETED

SplashLady.EXE: 380 HP [Lava] [VoulgeCross L3 - Fire/Guts] [Shield Destroyed]

5% Poison
5% Holy
80% Lava
10% Missing

4750z + [GigaWave] BattlechipGigaWave
Damage: 160 + Line Attack + Ground Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Sends a narrow, but long, shock wave rolling in front of an enemy. Slow, but difficult to jump over due to its length. Rare
Duration: Once
Element: Null
...It...it was over. The final Mettaur was gone. She...had won. An immense feeling of relief spread throughout SplashLady's body, causing her to fall backwards, though she had to check herself to make sure she didn't do a backwards somersault. "Whew...we did it. We really did it, Sabrina."

"That...was...AMAZING! You were totally awesome!...Er...SplashLady?"

"You mean WE were totally awesome! We both know that I couldn't do that alone!"

"Uh, right...but, you know..."

"I know what?"

"When you fell back like that, your skirt kinda gave up to gravity, and since it's a lot shorter with VoulgeCross..."

The Navi looked up a bit, immediately noticing what her operator was talking about. "...Oh, you mean that..." Indeed, it wasn't hard to notice that her skirt was now covering her stomach instead of further south, and as a result a non-descript, crimson red pair of panties was all that covered her immediately below the waist.

"Yes, I mean that! Cover it up already!"

"I guess I should...but on the other hand, I'm tired and feel like laying her for a moment, and no one's going to see it besides you. And this isn't exactly your kind of thing."

"Got that right!...Fine, lay there! I'll just stand here and act embarrassed for the both of us!"

"All right, all right...if it bugs you that much..." SplashLady powerfully kicked the air above her, allowing her to do that backwards somersault she prevented earlier. Unfortunately for her operator, due to how the camera program was working, this ended up giving her a front row view of her Navi's behind, with only a single layer of covering. But it only lasted for a moment, as the skirt caved to gravity and once more covered what it was designed to cover. "Guess I should see what the rewards are, huh?"

"Please do! I'm just really glad that you weren't wearing a thong just then..."

"Oh, grow up! I'm a girl, you're a girl, and neither of us are into other girls. So deal with it!"

"...Fine, but for the record, I did NOT enjoy the view. Half of the world's population would've, but not me!"

"Noted!" ...Hmm. For three viruses, this chunk of data was extremely big...even bigger than Chaos Net's. With a snap of her fingers, it was decoded, revealing a very large amount of cash, and BattleChip data. "Holy mackerel...Sabrina, I'm sending it over! And it's a LOT..."

"...Whoa." Did her zenny total really just rise by as much as she thought it did? Okay, blink, and...yep, it was still there. "That...was a lot. Not bad for three viruses, huh?"

"Well, that's just it. We also got a BattleChip!"

"...Wha?! Seriously?"

"Data signature matches that of Mettaur Omega..." Sabrina's PET brought up a chip picture and info, revealing the chip in question to be called BigWave. "What does it do, anyway? It wasn't a Guard series chip, that's for sure."

"It's called BigWave. You know how they attack by creating shock waves with their pickaxes, right? Well, it lets you do that. Only in this case, with the power of an Omega virus!"

"Cool! That oughta soften some enemies up!" With that remark, the Cross system elected to deactivate, revealing the mermaid Navi as a mermaid once again. "Hey, looks like I'm back!"

"Yep! Now, let's go ahead and jack you out, okay? I really, REALLY don't want to go through that again..."

"I don't think I could if I wanted to..." Jack out sequence, activated. Beam of light, activated. SplashLady, exiting the Undernet...alive.