Stock Hunting

[Since we only stayed here briefly, I think it's about time we explored the area more in depth, don't you?]

Rei was looking to expand the shops stock further, having Sylk scope out the nets he hadn't had a chance to see what they offered yet. Netfrica was top of the list, as they had left prematurely the last visit and it was within sylks expertise as far as enemies went. It would be the simplest of starts.

Sylk was lacking in interest of the job, Scoffing at Rei's comment, not exactly up to doing work today. She would much rather relax and take it easy, but thanks to the incessant pleading of her Operator she eventually caved. She prayed for at least one decent fight on this outing, but she knew it may be too much to ask for. While Rei was enthusiastic about the shop it was far from motivation to the spider. She couldn't care less about the store, she just wanted to have fun.

Let's just make this quick, okay? A tone of frustration as she started her venture into the area. On the bright side the scenery was a pleasant sight to her, going back to nature in theme. As much as a network could look anyways. These were the areas she was most fond of, where she felt most at home, unlike the flashy and more commercial places like Net Vegas. She wondered if the location would improve her mood as she soaked in the atmosphere. Only time would tell.

*battle 1 ready*
Instead of quick, Sylk ended up facing wick, as a trio of HauntedCandles barred her way on some barren ground.

HauntedCandleA: 100 HP
HauntedCandleB: 100 HP
HauntedCandleC: 100 HP

100% Sand

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP

- GO
Hmmph. Too easy. Let's just kill 'em and move onto the next batch shall we? Sylk was restless, and disappointed at the turnout of enemies. The spider let out a sigh as she lazily thought out a plan. It didn't have to be extravagant since she knew they would fall fast. It just had to hit hard. She lifted her arms above her head, stretching her body and limbering up as she got ready to fight. She wasn't in any dire harm.

Her silken weave of armor formed around her flesh and took shape as she began to strut towards her enemy slowly. With each step her extra set of eyes opened wider, briefly peering out from behind her hair. She was ready for anything they threw at her, taking note of her surroundings completely as she prepared to strike. Casually lifting a hand to her side the usual snap could be heard she she called for one of her many minions of battle. The fuzzy creature chirped as it arrived at her side, her slender arm motioning towards the group of enemies. It didn't matter which one it struck, they were all the same after all. The bandcoon understood, as it scurried off to appease its master swiftly.

With her obligation to the shop taken care of by summoning the unofficial mascot, she could unload some damage into the enemy team. She drew back her right side as her first weapon of choice became recognizable as a large boomerang. Her feet slid along the rough sandy terrain as she shifted her body into a throwing motion, releasing the large blade into the group. She didn't waste time with any excessive or extra movements, she just wanted them dead.

Sylk quickly followed up with some heavier artilliery, using all 6 of her arms to try and stabilize an almost matching set of tankcannons. The added weight from the weapons caused her to slowly sink, her footing being consumed by the floor as she took aim. She set the guns to function off of the more explosive ammunition it carried, before placing her fingers on the triggers. It only took a moment for the arachnid to show a grin as two simultaneous blasts rang out, her body being pushed back from the force, and sinking further into the ground.

Tossing the guns aside to lighten her load, she pulled her feet from the sand and resumed her battle stance, staring down her enemies ferociously. Sylk still had one more weapon up her sleeve. Her 6 arms came together as her hands seemed to clasp a small, round object within her grasp. Taking it firmly into her most dominant right hand, she raised the orb up before her as if to line it up with the viruses. Turning her body to the side to line her shoulder with her foes, she pulled her arm back before letting the bomb fly into the center of the group.


Passive: 20 hp casing

1 - Spider's senses: accuracy enhancement + dodge - 2 TCD
2 - PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B [A] @ HauntedCandleA
3 - Boomerang1 - 60 wood + group attack (arc) - Accuracy: B [A] @ HauntedCandleA, B, C
4 - TankCannon1 - 80 + Blast 2 - Accuracy: C [b] @ HauntedCandleA, B, C
5 - TankCannon2 - 120 + Blast 2 - Accuracy: C [b] @ HauntedCandleA, B, C
6 - MegaEnergyBomb - 60 x 3 + Blast1 - Accuracy: C @ HauntedCandleA, B, C
This wasn't even a contest. Those viruses should look into getting a lawyer. Oh yeah, that raccoon brought back some zenny.

HauntedCandleA: DELETED
HauntedCandleB: DELETED
HauntedCandleC: DELETED

100% Sand

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP

Rewards: 525 + 100 = 625z
Sylk just sighed with little to comment on the battle, if you could even call it that. A look of displeasure was in her eyes as she looked at the smouldering remains of data left behind. Slowly strutting towards the left behind zenny, she reached out a hand to send it into the PET, causing it to disappear from her site. Without sayign a word, she just moved on further into the net.

[Let me guess, bored and disinterested already?]

Rei knew exactly what was wrong with the navi, seeing a similar reaction far too many times in the past. Sylk didn't bother to respond, but it wasn't exactly necessary either way. They both knew the answer, and Rei didn't need to hear it from her mouth. He just hoped the next fight would brighten her mood a bit, otherwise he would be forced to hear no end of it at a later time. That much, he was certain of.

((battle 2 ready))
Walking through the Netfrica area, Sylk found herself strolling through some dunes, eventually coming across a narrow valley path in the middle of the deserted area. In the narrow valley, some Spidey viruses were seen crawling across the walls, while some Flamey viruses meditated in the middle of the path. Of course, that was stopped quite soon when they saw Sylk's approach, and turned hostile.

Spidy A: 90 HP (Sand)
Spidy B: 90 HP (Sand)
Flamey A: 60 HP (Soil)
Flamey B: 60 HP (Soil)
Flamey C: 60 HP (Soil)

Sylk.EXE: 140 HP (Soil)

30% Soil (Valley path)
70% Sand (Valley sloping walls, could be climbed)

hmmm, sorry little spiderlings, but I'm not in the mood to deal with you or your friends right now. The arachnid stated, as she looked around at her would be enemies. It was yet another set of viruses who most likely weren't worthy of her time. Of course as far as Sylk was concerned that applied to most things.

The spider closed her crimson eyes for a moment as she took a deep breath, her arms extended outward as silken threads began to extend and surround the entirely area from her position. Her signature web was now in place, and it could only result in the demise of her enemies. Sylk kept her eyes closed for a moment, as she used the newly created terrain to her advantage. She concentrated on the feeling and vibrations from the threads, feeling every tug and shift of the strings. Sylk could feel her opponents and could read what they were doing. As her eyes slowly returned to the light, she was ready to strike with a precision assault. First however, she needed to summon some back up.

With a snap of her fingers Sylk called forth the stores trusty mascot in training, with a chirp the furred little creature appeared before the spider, ready to do her bidding. She bent down, petting the little creature on its head before directing its attention to the Spidey clinging to the wall. She extended one of her hands towards the target and fired off a thread aiming to grab and pull the virus from the wall. Taking the hint the Bandcoon went after its target with a speedy dash in order to retrieve something nice for its master.

Following up on her plan, Sylk summoned up two fang like objects as her gaze fell upon not just one but both spider viruses this time. Gripping them tightly in her palm the arachnid channeled her flames into the chip data, encasing it in a brilliant blue flame as she drew her arms back. With a swift flick her her arms she let the attack fly aiming to pierce her targets effortlessly.

Sylk wasn't about to end her fight there though. In order to finish this quickly she opted to use something she hadn't since her last fight with Machman. She began to wonder why she rarely used such a devilish and powerful chip, but she couldn't exactly come up with a solid reason, other than it took the fun out of plotting. She was in no mood to prolong the fight today though. Surrounding her body a cloud of spores began to swirl around her, slowly gathering and condensing itself into the palm of a right hand. In the left hand a strange glowing light began to accumulate as well, a chip she hadn't really used before till now. Drawing both of these clusters of data together, the spore cloud increased in size now trying to be contained between all 6 of sylk's hands.

With a grin, the spider slammed the cloud into the sturdy web beneath her resulting in an explosive wave of spores sweeping the entire battlefield around her. A storm of purple clouds encasing the area before slowly dissipating into the air and returning to nothing, Sylk was more then pleased with the end result. She didn't imagine anything had survived after the assault but she kept her eyes peeled. She had been wrong before, and she wasn't about to be caught off guard.


1) Spider's web - Grass stage

2) Spider's senses - Dodge + accuracy enhancement

Passive: Pull @ SpideyA

3) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: A @ SpidyA

4) TwinFang1 - 70 x 2 targets - Accuracy: A+ @ SpidyA/B

Passive: Fire imbue on twinfang

5) Spice1 - 80 + Confusion + Ground Attack + To-All-Grass - Accuracy: A+ @ All

6) Attack +20 @ Spice1
Changing the entire stage to a silky setting, Sylk turned the area to her advantage, and pulled a spider closer to her. Sending a Bandcoon towards the arachnid was fruitless, however, as the Spidy proceeded to eat the pseudovirus whole. The TwinFang later was a little more successful, though, burning the Spidy down, but not before they laid down some webbing on Sylk, slowing her down! (20 + Slow) The Flameys started their attack then, just as Sylk let the explosive spores into the ground. As a result, two of the Flamey avoided the attack easily, and dealt a massive chunk of damage to Sylk. (20x3Grass/Web + 20)

Flamey A: 60 HP (Grass)
Flamey B: 60 HP (Grass)

Sylk.EXE: 40 HP (Normal)

25% Grass, 5% Normal (Valley path)
70% Grass (Valley sloping walls, could be climbed)
Through a barrage of fire Sylks shadow could be seen, hunched over, arms hanging down. Silence was ushered across the area, as the fires slowly faded away. Smoke rose from the surroundings of the spider as she slowly began to raise her head. From behind the cascade of blue hair, 8 menacing eyes glared towards to two remaining enemies with a burning anger that had no equal. Sylk was about to go on a rampage. She spoke no words, she just raised up her slumped body inch by inch, her head hanging lower as she finally stood straight up. If they tried to attack again she was ready to show them what awaited them.

Her webbing gradually formed and wrapped itself around her body, getting caught up in the bordom caused her to create a momentary lapse in judgement. Forgetting to put up her defenses was her own fault but she would never admit it. She was about to make them all pay dearly. She summoned up yet another Bandcoon, also looking for some sort of vengance for its eaten bretheren at the hands of a spidy, but seeing as it had already been dealt with, it just shook its paw angrily at the flameys instead. Determined to make its buddies sacrifice unwasted, he leapt forth in an attempt to aqquire something from one of the two remaining foes with a valiant chirp.

Sylk on the otherhand seemed to be in some sort of trance, as she continued to stare from behind a wall of hair as her head continued to remain lowered. She continued not to speak, instead raising a single arm above her head. As she did, data began to swirl all around her as she accumulated the contents of a massive download from the PET, its contents slowly being loaded before the arachnid. As the shapes began to take form, it was quite clear as to sylks intentions. 4 varying forms of turrets were all lined up before Sylk. All Large, all deadly. The two Markcannons were quick to shift into targeting mode, whirling as they calibrated and turned their heads to lock on to the flameys left. The TankCannons much slowly, clunking as they aligned their barrels and pointed them as the soon to be victims. Clicking could be heard as each gun armed and loaded itself , Sylks arm twitching slightly as she could barely contain herself.

Her arm swung down to point towards her targets, as her voice let out a low growling word.


As the word faded, all that followed was a symphony of gunfire and explosions. All that could be seen a cloud of smoke. What was left, could only be assumed to be a smouldering crater.


Passive: 20 hp casing

1) Bite of Retribution: Trap (Damage dealing attack):(Teleport) then (50 drain fire + knockback + self slow) - 5 TCD

2) PickPocket - 0 dmg + steals from an opponent - Accuracy: B @ flameyA

3) Markcannon1 - 70 + Seeking + Lockon - Accuracy: A @ flameyB

4) Markcannon1 - 70 + Seeking + Lockon - Accuracy: A @ FlameyA

5) TankCannon1 - 80 + Blast 2 - Accuracy: C @ FlameyA/B

6) TankCannon2 - 120 + Blast 2 - Accuracy: C @ FlameyA/B
Sylk went all out to take care of what was left after her first attacks, successfully deleting the Flamey viruses instantly! The Bandcoon, however, wasn't at his best day as he missed his chance to swipe up anything of value...


Sylk.EXE: 40 HP (Normal)

25% Grass, 5% Normal (Valley path)
70% Grass (Valley sloping walls, could be climbed)

630z + [LineOut] BattlechipLineOut1
Damage: 40 + Break + Panel Break + Line Attack
Accuracy: C
Description: Summons a Flamey to smash panels in a line, and anything on them.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Sylk lifted her body into its normal upright stature, and brushed her hair back. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to regain her composure, before reveling her her enemies demise. Taking a few steps, she sifted through the remains of data before finding anything useful and uploaded it to the PET.

That's it. I'm done. No more favors for you. Sylk snapped as she opened up a channel to her operator, before trying to Jack out.

Rei couldn't exactly fight back, knowing he would lose the arguement anyways. He just let out a depressed sigh and linked her to the PET. As the blue beam of light formed around her, the spider took one last look at the battlefield and what remained.

My luck has been terrible lately.

((end thread))