Koumori's Dark Adventure!

YumLand, the network was a living breathing thing during the day as Navis and Mr.Progs was scuffling around the grassy plane from getting to places here and there. However, as the sun was setting down, YumLand network suddenly became a ghost town, not a single presence of a program except the menacing viruses. The news of the disappearing navis during the nighttime was certainly having an effect for people's night life. Near the YumLand Square's outskirt was a mysterious navi completely covered in a black cloak just sitting down, becoming one with the silence...

"She's sure taking her time..."
Koumori, hurredly coming from the portal, headed towards the area, seeing a navi in the darkness, able to see well thanks to echo location, calmly walked up to the navi. "Are you the agent that the netpolice sent?" she asked quickly.
The cloaked figured turned it head and saw Koumori standing just behind her. The navi was smiling, even though you couldn't see it through the darkness and the cloak. "You must be Koumori," the navi stood up and slid off the hood, revealing a navi with short brown hair, a face that was covered in old scars and a monocle on his right eye that doubled as an eye patch. "I'm Dr. Hesselius, a member of the NetPolice's Special division."
"Pleasure to meet you. Now then. The mission said that there are reports of several missing navis from this area. Do you have any leads on who or what is doing this?" Koumori asked, wanting to get down to the specifics of the mission.
Dr. Hesselius nodded his head and proceeded to open his mission data. "We received reports that multiple navis disappeared during the night time of YumLand. It's very strange that the kidnapping was only done during the night time. Unfortunately, it made things much easier for our suspect when it caused everyone to cower and hide during the night time, having less eye witness."

Dr. Hesselius slowly walked forward, into the the net. "We don't have any solid leads, so the only thing we can do is wait until the suspect comes to us. The NetPolice issued a special protocol on YumLand, so we won't be seeing other navis other than our selves.
"At least no other civilians will be in the way. So, how do you suppose that we get the criminal out into the open?" Koumori asked, she already had an idea, but, better safe than sorry.
Dr. Hesselius looked straight at Koumori and smiled. His old scars wrinkled all together, which really didn't look to plesant. "I guess the best bet is to tread closer into its territory. We have the data depicting where the kidnapping happened, so we're going towards the area where it's most likely going to strike."

Dr. Hesselius tussled his cloak and underneath it was a fairly large gun. "Also, as long as I have this cloak, they can't really measure how much of a threat I am to them.". The Police Navi started to walk faster, not really caring much abotu Koumori. "Let's go"
Koumori nodded as she hurried along next to the officer, she didn't want to be alone with this all happening.
Both navis traveled into the dark YumLand network. The whole place was dead silent with the sound of their footstep echoing further and further into the place. Dr. Hesselius turned and looked at Koumori, who had a small portion of fear showing in her eye. He put his hands underneath the cloak and handed her a special program. "This is a Torch program, it won't lit anything on fire, but it will lit up a light bright enough so you can see at least a 30 feet radius. And don't worry, I'm sure this won't shy away our suspect". The program was a small flame that revolved around Koumori's waist. The flame was bright and it wasn't hot at all, it even passed through Koumori's hand without anything happening.

"Alright, let's..." Dr. Hesselius suddenly went silent and turned 180 degrees fired off a silenced shot with his rifle. A scream echoed through the net and a Genin Virus fell to the ground, deleted the next second. "Che! Seems like the viruses are talking advantage of us!".
"Viruses...I have a feeling that this is going to be a proverbial blood bath. Kedamono. Ready the chips. I'm going to need them." Koumori said, looking around the area.
Within the darkness was a group of navis slowly creeping towards the navis. All of them were staring directly at Dr. Hesselius with blood-crazed intent as he killed one of their comrades. The doctor scoffed and raised his rifle up to his shoulder level. "Be careful of the Genin viruses, Koumori, they're infamous for their special counter attacks! Be wise and plan out your attacks!"

GeninA: 60
GeninB: 60
GeninC: 60
GeninD: 60
ZemonA: 100
ZemonB: 100
ZemonC: 100

Koumori: 120
Dr. Hesselius: 250

100% Grass

"Hmmm...their HP values are low though, if I do it right, I can take them all out without having to worry about being counter attacked..." Koumori bantered with the officer. "Kedamono. Dash Attack and Guard1." She demanded Kedamono complied and sent the two chips to Koumori, the data to Koumori without any delay.

Quickly accessing the chip data, she quickly went on the attack, attempting to get around to the side of the Genin viruses, attempting to line up with them, as she activated the chip and was sent rocketing herself over to the other side of the viruses, her body had attempted to crush the quartet of viruses in one go, so that there were less targets to fight.

She then quickly wrapped her wings around her body, a slight sheen coming over them as she activated the Guard data within her body, the light that revolved around her would still expose her to other viruses, but, at least it was better than fighting in complete darkness as she readied herself to dodge, once the Guard data faded from her body.

Dash Attack--->GeninA-D (90+impact, line attack)
Guard1 (reflect up to 60 damage to one enemy)
The Dash attack by Koumori was successful at deleting two of the viruses on sight, but that gave the surviving Genins to counter with their Kunais! They threw up to 6 Kunai, all heading straight towards Koumori. The first kunai met with the Guard chip and reflected it straight back to the Genin who threw it. The rest was heading towards the navi, and two of them managed to hit her while the other 3 was evaded.

On the other side of the battle, Dr. Hesselius was fighting against the Zemons with his Rifles. He fired two shot and both landed straight to the forehead of the viruses. They retaliated with wild swings, but Dr. Hesselius dodged them with ease.

GeninB: 50
GeninC: 60
ZemonA: 100
ZemonB: 40
ZemonC: 40

Koumori: 100
Dr. Hesselius: 250

100% Grass
"Urgh...I thought I could take them out..." Koumori said, holding her wing over her wound. "Kedamono. Fireburn...now." She said, demanding for the chip data.

Kedamono sent the single chip's data towards Koumori. It quickly reached Koumori's data and created a warmth within her, this warmth nearly tore into her data, as she coughed up a small cloud of soot before sending a line of flames at the two Genin viruses and with that, hoping to burn the viruses into oblivion.

"Kedamono...Send the FireKnife battlechip. I'm going to try and take advantage of the terrain." She said to her op, a smile across her face.

Kedamono nodded as she sent the chip to Koumori, hoping her navi takes care of whatever enemies that she had in mind. Quickly accessing the chip data, the tip of Koumori's wing burst into flames, hardening all the while into a sharp blade. She then dashed up behind the uninjured Zemon virus, her wing ablaze as she quickly thrust her wing towards the virus' back and attempted to stab through and delete it.

Fireburn1--->GeninB&C (50+line attackX2 damage due to grass pannels)
Dodge if countered
FireKnife--->ZemonA (60X2 damage+slashing)
Koumori's fiery combo obliterated the Genin and Zemon in a single swipe with the help of the grass field. The doctor had no problem finishing off the other two surviving viruses with fancy sharpshooting with his rifle. Returning to the silence, Dr. Hesselius placed his rifle back into his cloak and walked up to Koumori. "You're not so bad for a civilian navi. It looks like you've hurt your self during the battle, lemme get that for you.". Within the doctor's mysterious cloak, he drew out a chip data and placed it against Koumori's wound, slightly healing it.

"Alright, let's continue."


Koumori: 110
Dr. Hesselius: 250

20% Grass 80% Normal

400z, +10 HP
Koumori thanked him under her breath, grabbed the zenny data, and hurried along with him.
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Both navis were near the designated area, and things were getting darker for some reason. Koumori's Torch still lit the place around her very brightly. Dr. Hesselius suddenly tripped and nearly fell from an unknown object. "Woah!...That was close. Koumori, could you lit around that area?". Koumori came closer to the object, and it revealed a group of Teddies sleeping peacefully and quietly. Unfortunately, the light from the torch woke all of them up in blinding rage, just pissed off from the fact that the navis woke them up!

TeddyA: 100 [Teddy Group: RAGE MODE!! Attack/Dodge/Accuracy Boost for two turns]
TeddyB: 100
TeddyC: 100
TeddyD: 100
TeddyE: 100
TeddyF: 100

Koumori: 110
Dr. Hesselius: 250

70% Grass 30% Normal

"Bears...not good...they are enraged..." Koumori stated, looking over the group of viruses the duo had encountered. "Try to stay at long range Koumori...slotting in chips." Kedamono said, slotting in a couple chips into the PET.

Koumori flet the data come into her body within a second of the data transfer of the chips. Fireburn1 and Wideshot1...Koumori smirked at the viruses, almost feeling pitty for them as she stood her ground, ready to attack.

Quickly accessing the Fireburn1 data in her body, she quickly felt a hot feeling of fire well up within her body, coughing up a small could of soot as she moved slightly closer to the group and breathed a line of fire at the viruses, attempting to torch the three closest teddies that she could, hoping they were on grass pannels.

Quickly following up with her previous attack, she quickly accessed the Wideshot data, her wing glowing with an aqua blue color as she smiled, bringing her wing back, she quickly sent a wave of pressurized water at some of the other teddy viruses, hoping to deal enough damage that her ally could delete them and readied herself to dodge if she was attacked.

Fireburn1--->TeddyA-C (50X2 damage?+line attack)
Wideshot1--->TeddyD-F (60 aqua, wide attack)
dodge if attacked
The fireburn easily burned one of the Teddy into crisp with grass burning nicely on the ground. However, the other two easily escaped from the fire breath and retreated. Koumori continued her attack with the water blade cutting through the Teddie group. Even angrier than ever, two of the Teddies tried to do a joint attack against Koumori. "WOAH! Careful!!" Dr. Hesselius drew out a high-tech shotgun inside of his cloak and fired a single slug, which hit the two teddies and sending far far away from Koumori.

The Doctor slid the shotgun back and sighed with relief. "You gotta understand! These Teddies won't care if their limbs are cut down till they get their prey.". He dropped a whole bunch of complicated mechanical parts down to the ground and started to assemble them. "I won't be able to help you for a little while, hold them off for me. I'll be *grunt* assembling this gun. It might help us alot if we are to face against enemies like these later on."

TeddyA: 70 [Microburst'd][Teddy Group: RAGE MODE!! Attack/Dodge/Accuracy Boost for ONE turn]
TeddyC: 100
TeddyD: 40
TeddyE: 40
TeddyF: 70 [Microburst'd]

Koumori: 110
Dr. Hesselius: 250

40% Grass 60% Normal
"Thanks..." Koumori said to Dr. Hesselius, looking at the teddies that he had sent flying with the slugs, she quickly requested the Guard1 and Dash Attack, receiving the chips seconds within each other, she quickly created a large shield in front of the good doctor, smiling all the while.

"OK...time to delete some viruses..." Koumori mumbled, accessing the Dash Attack data in her system. Quickly wrapping her wings around her, she quickly ran towards the viruses at a breakneck pace, hurtling herself at great speeds towards the closer viruses with the Dash Attack's data initiated, attempting to slam through the group of them and hopefully, delete the ones she had attacked with the Wideshot not moments ago as she readied herself to dodge the closer teddies, should they attack.

Guard1 to Dr. Hesselius
Dash Attack--->TeddyC-E (90+impact, can hit 5 targets in a line)
Dodge if attacked