Yumland Research (Event OOC)

This thread is for all OOC for the Yumland Research event, go nuts ^^
Zal, when you're done posting, be sure to post here, so I know to mod you guys.
Posted; managed to find a little bit of time to finish amidst my multitasking.
Then I get to finish up me post ^^
wewt, now only King need finish, and anyone else who MIGHT show up ^^
Yeah, about that...

I don't want to wait much longer on Zanallen. It's really up to you guys, though. He can't jump in after the first modding, so tell me what to do.
It's up to you, really. I guess you might as well go on, but I'd love it if one or both of them could post.
I suppose I'll wait for King to finish up, then go, regardless of whether Zan shows.

I'm still gonna give King until tonight, however.
I'm working on a post. I'll probably have it up before I have to leave for Edmonton. If not, I'll have to hope the bus has internet.

EDIT: My, that was easy. It's up. I'm proud of it; Any post in which I manage to capture a semblance of my own sarcasm or love of wordy understatement is worth it. That said, though, it's rather short.
Bravo to good posters!
Thankies Cindy, and way to go King, now we can be modded ^^
La ha! I detect the death and destruction of you all! Er...What I mean to say is...Good luck noobs.
La ha! I detect a certain someone stealing my classic catchphrases!
Lali-ho! Smells like chocobos!

We're gonna get killed. o_o

Ah well. There's no situation I can't gun-spam my way out of.
You won't get killed, but you won't one round everything this time. Why Demon saw fit to send three virii against four navi's is beyond me... but then again, I was vaugely AWOL at the time, so I can't really blame anyone but myself.

You guys will be fine.
WoodenWalla? You really picked names on a Capcom level... Lame and straight to the point. D:
Well, I like to keep things as close to the game as possible.

Meaning of course, that in realiity, I was really too lazy to come up with anything cooler sounding.
Sorry about the slow response, lads. Been kind of swamped, hide it as I might.

It'll be up within the hour and a bit, Zal's promise. <<
Sorry for any inconvience. But I will not be able to do my post till tomorrow.
Out of curiosity planeswalker, is there any particular reason you chose to heal Gungnir twice, as well as Gunner when he has the highest present HP in the group?

I was under the assumption you were going to heal Triggerman and Edgar this turn.