Feline Fallout

[Jack-in Location: Dentech University]

Inside the peaceful Dentech network, a jack-in gateway gleamed orange as two wireframe figures rose from the ground, building up the two feline Navigators, Raki.EXE, and Riki.EXE. Raki stepped out first, appearing with an impressive-looking battleaxe in her hand. Swinging it around with reckless abandon, Raki left her sister Riki behind to slowly trail behind. "Gonna go ahead and see what's in front, all right, Riki?" she said, not bothering to wait for a reply.

A long, ancient-looking flintlock rifle's parts were gathered from thin air as Riki began to construct the firearm with lightning speed. Before long, she was holding the rifle at her side, an impressive work of art in itself. She stood near the gateway, humming a little tune as she waited for their battling partner to arrive. "Don't let Raki get too far off, Riki," said Markus, taking some precautionary steps.

"Mm," nodded Riki.

[Battle 1 - Ready]
[Raki/Riki: 150 HP] -- (Both count as single Navi)
The gateway gave the usual bright entrance as the feline navi made her entrance into the net. She gripped her furry coat for a moment, a little nervous at actually meeting and working with the new navi. She had a bit of an issue trusting new people, and it was making her easy.

[It's ok Nyan. These people seem like good folks. Let's just enjoy it ok?] Mira's cheerful voice of reason seemed to reassure Nyan, though she did hesitate for a moment. I guess you're right... Her voice still seemed a bit nervous, but she tried to shake it off. Her cat-like eyes shifted towards the two sisters who seemed to be heading out already. She certainly didnt want to be left behind.

Wait for me! She called, as she tried to hurry, still clutching the front of her coat as she ran.

[[ready for battle 1]]
It didn't take long for the pair... er, trio of Navis to come across a group of viruses loitering around in the Dentech network. Situated in what appeared to be an abandoned meeting area, a trio of Bunny viruses were hopping idly around the derelict area accompanied by a pair of Metools, a BombCorn and about a dozen Megalians floating nearby.

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
BombCorn: 70 HP
Megalian-WA: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WB: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WC: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WD: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WE: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WF: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WG: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WH: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)
Megalian-WI: 130 HP (10HP Wood Aura)



Oh wait, the Megalians left. Guess they had some higher level Navis to jump.

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
BombCorn: 70 HP

100% Normal

Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP
Nyan.EXE: 150 HP


As Nyan had materialized, Riki was expecting her to turn in her direction, but instead, Nyan simply took off. Seeing the snow-white cat-Navi go off without noticing her, Riki went running after them. "Ah, don't leave me here!!" she said, sprinting after them frantically, her coat fluttering about behind her. She went for a good deal of running before she caught up with Nyan, panting hard. As a gunner, her processes didn't have her as fit to run as Raki was. She was quite out of breath, only managing a fast walk by the time she matched Nyan.

"Hey guys, over here," shouted Raki, beckoning them forth towards her. It seemed that she had put away her weapon for the time being, something that was rarely seen by her sister. "Okay... okay..." said Riki, still catching her breath. As Riki approached, Raki was standing akimbo in the middle of the road, gazing a short distance ahead to what seemed like an abandoned meeting area. Raki's fuzzy tail was whisking about excitedly as she saw the large amount of viruses, her fur standing on end as she imagined the battle ahead.

"Man, seems like we got in on a giant herd of 'em," commented Raki, shielding her eyes as she looked up at the strange-looking Megalian flock. A feral grin was all over her face, happy to find a big massacre waiting ahead. Her sister felt the same, except she knew it'd be on their front. "S-Sis, that's way too many for us to handle," said Riki, finally getting a little bit of her composure back. Then, suddenly, Raki's expression dropped. "Ah, shoot, they left," clicked Raki, her grin turning into a scowl as her tail drooped. Disappointed, she watched the Megalians float off somewhere they weren't.

"Thank goodness," exhaled Riki, relieved that they weren't going to be completely destroyed on their first busting run in a long time. Riki looked at her downcast sister, then felt kind of sorry for her. Raising her hand, she apologized, "Sorry, sis, but it's oka--" but was then immediately interrupted by her sister. "Ah, whatever, it's fine! Scottie, throw in something already, you mook," yelled Raki, annoyed that their operator was being so passive.

"A-Ah, oh, yeah, okay," fumbled Markus, reaching for one of the battlechips, and inserting whatever he got his hands on first. The PET screen flashed as it read the RageClaw, transmitting it to the sisters. "I'll take that!" said Raki, snatching up the process, and materializing it in her hand. Immediately, her right bracer glowed blue, and extended towards her hand, encasing it in a giant mechanical claw of sorts.

"Pheeee-eew," whistled Raki, examining the beautiful contraption for a moment. "Welp, I'm off. Catch you guys later!" she said, heading for the nearest target of her hostilities: a BombCorn. "He- wait!" Riki reached out for her sister, moments after the latter took off. Hastily, Riki reached into her coat, and shifted something around inside of it.

As Raki ran off, claw outstretched and fangs bared, the cat-Navi's top emitted a small beeping sound, activating its defensive maneuvers. With the protection built into it, Riki had made it so that any hits about to come into contact with Raki's body would be deflected immediately by a small energy field near her fur. She didn't think Raki would need it, being able to parry a first hit with relative ease, but it couldn't hurt to be safe. Raki chuckled as she heard the beep, then flung out her claw at the BombCorn, waiting for a solid hit.

Riki herself also had some similar defenses, but the field was projected at a much larger radius, and would prevent things that would break the close-quarters defense type. She opened up communication with Markus, and requested, "Mark, could you get me a Shotgun?" The operator was glad to hear the soft-spoken voice, and calmly inserted the chip. "All right, there it goes," he said as it transferred.

The Shotgun round loaded itself into Riki's flintlock rifle, and Riki took a deep breath. Then, in one swift motion, she brought the rifle to her shoulder, training her sight on the Bunny group. It was unlikely that she would hit all of them, but she was damn well going to try. In her head, countless readjustments to her aim accompanied calculations to her opponents' movements and her rifle's capabilities. After a short moment, her ears twitched, and she let off the shot, raw buckshot headed straight for the rodents. The recoil was pretty strong, making her coat flap around a bit.

-- [Raki.EXE] -- [Riki.EXE] --
[1] Synchro Defense @ Raki (1-Hit Shield + 20 HP Casing) + Riki (20 HP Barrier)
[2] Raki: RageClaw1 @ BombCorn (Null 40 + Slashing) {B}
[3] Riki: Shotgun @ BunnyA/B/C (Null 50 + Spread2) {A}
When Nyan caught up with Raki, she looked around, only at first to see Riki panting and out of breath. The navi was a bit embarrassed, seeing as her assumption that the twins had stuck together had been wrong. Ahh, I-I'm sorry about that. I didn't realize you were waiting behind for me... She said bowing slightly in apology to the cat. Nyan was disappointed in herself with the first impression she just showed, certainly not fit of a military officer.

As she looked back towards Raki's direction, she was struck by the sight of a massive collective of viruses. It shook her up momentarily, but her strong nerves quickly corrected the feeling. Mira, this looks a little problematic. Theres too large of a gathering here for normal battle plans. a Strategic approach, or even a tactical retreat may be advised.

" What are you talking about Nyan? The viruses seem to be leaving, aren't they? You should easily be able to handle the remaining ones, heehee~ "

Nyan took a second look in disbelief, yet sure enough the Operator was right, as the large mass of megalians fled to another scene. It was quite beneficial.

"Let's get you started off then, shall we? Rage claw, coming at ya!" Mira called cheerfully, flicking the chip between her fingers before sliding it into the PET. As the young girl did so, Nyan extended her arms into an offensive stance as her claws forth from her gloved finger tips. The Rage Claw data fused with her hands, giving her natural weapons a more sharp and bladed style. She was Battle ready.

"They seem to be taking all the viruses, so i guess just deal with the mets for now, ok Nyan? They should be no problem at all for you." Mira commanded in a cheerful voice, as she watched over the goings on in the battle. "I'll send something for you to clean up with after your done, ok?"

Nyan nodded in agreement, wasting little time as she sprang forth into the fray. With her agile body it wasn't long before she came upon the first of the metool, her claws prepped and ready the shred. She pulled her arm back for a moment, only to have her claws glint in the light as her hand came crashing down toward the helpless virus with her bladed fingers.

Her sapphire eyes shifted to the other met near by, as she used her momentum to shift her body weight a little closer. Her feet slid across the ground gracefully as she moved towards the second enemy. This time however, it was her leg to lift up from the ground as her toes flicked out another set of blades from her boot. With a swift motion it too was aimed to maim the poor met, hopefully rendering it incapacitated.

Nyan kept her close combat maneuvers fluid, leaving as little excess movement as possible. It helped her stay aware and safe from counter attacks as she did. She quickly doubled back following her attacks, a simple motion with her agility and finesse.

"Alright Nyan, here! Use this new chip we got to clear up the last of em." Mira called, holding the spreader chip within her grasp, grin on her face as she slid it into the machine.

It didn't take long for nyans left hand to acquire the data, as a military grade shotgun took form within her grasp. With a quick pump of the barrel, her cat-like eyes took aim before squeezing the trigger. The blast rang out, as the shot went off.

Hopefully that takes care of that.


1) Rage claw - 40 dmg + slashing, A accuracy @ Metool A

2) Rage claw - 40 dmg + slashing, A accuracy @ Metool B

finesse dodge

3) Spreader1 - 30 dmg + Spread8 @ BunnyA, BunnyB, BunnyC, MetoolA, MetoolB, BombCorn

While Raki was dealing with the BombCorn, her sister Riki was attempting to shoot down the Bunny groups. Though Raki seemed confident about her Rageclaw swing, it missed the slippery little virus and got a blast of kernel right in to her face...thankfully protected by her shield. Riki, on the other hand, measured well with her Shotgun as she successfully shot down two of the Bunnies.

Switching to the other side, Nyan's own Rageclaw attack began as she preyed upon the Metools. One of the viruses was cut into useless data while the other escaped by a hair. Nyan then switched to her magical shotgun that was able to shoot all the viruses at once...but it wasn't so accurate since it only weakened the viruses a little more.

BunnyC: 50 HP
MetoolB: 10 HP [Guard]
BombCorn: 40 HP
Megalian-WA: ESCAPED
Megalian-WB: RANAWAY
Megalian-WC: TOOSICK
Megalian-WD: TOOLAZY

100% Normal

Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP [Shield Broken + 20 HP Casing / 20 HP Barrier]
Nyan.EXE: 150 HP
"Damn. Riki, that shot was a little bit off," said Raki, watching her sister decimate two Bunnies with a single buckshot round. Given their speedy behavior and erratic movement, it was certainly an impressive feat to hit two of them at once. "Oh..." muttered Riki, slightly distressed that she would miss something, not really taking into account that it was difficult in the first place. "Ah, watch out, sis!"

Turning about, Raki found that she didn't have much time to dwell her sister's aim, since the BombCorn was already firing back on her. "Oh, nope, almost!" she exclaimed, extending her claw out and parrying off the shot with ease. "Did you really think that would hit me? Hah!" sneered Raki, retaliating with a swipe of her RageClaw once again. "Hahahaha!"

"She's really having a bit of fun, isn't she?" remarked Markus, a tired smile on his face. The young man could only watch and swirl about the last drop of coffee in his cup dejectedly, wishing he had more of the sweet black nectar. He kept himself optimistic; as long as he kept the two under watch, they wouldn't go off breaking something important off somewhere. Besides, most of their process enhancement upgrades had been stripped, and he didn't have much in the way of battlechips, either.


"Mark, Mark!" said a voice, snapping him back to his senses. "What is it, Riki?" he asked, finding the ranged half of the twins addressing him. "Ah, sorry. Could you, um, send me a Cannon, please?" requested Riki. "Oh, sure. Sorry for spacing out," said Markus, slipping in the last of his meager amount of chips. Receiving the battlechip, Riki nodded her thanks, and reloaded her rifle.

Twirling about a large bullet in her hand, Riki loaded the deer slug into her rifle, and moments later, was pointing it at the last remaining rodent virus. Raki saw what her sister was about to do, and took the chance. Nearby, a small Metool was hiding pitifully underneath its invulnerable helmet. Of course, said helmet was only so effective at its defense, as it had a completely uncovered underside.

"Let's see you fly!"

Taking advantage of this weakness, Raki pounced towards the Metool, and swung her mechanical claw at an angle, so as to snag the helmet from underneath, and send it flying. Applying a calculated amount of force, by her reckoning, the Metool's underside should hit the Bunny. Riki's pose remained unchanged as she saw her sister's move for a few moments. Then, her ears jerked, and she pulled the trigger, aiming straight for the Bunny for a precise double-tap.

---- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ----
[1] Raki: RageClaw1 @ BombCorn [Null 40 + Slashing] {B}
[2] Riki: Cannon @ Bunny [Null 40 + Knockback] {A}
[3] Raki: RageClaw1 @ MetoolB + Bunny [Null 20 + Impact] {B}
Hmm, it seems as though the viruses ignored me for the time being. I'll show them how big of a mistake that was. Nyan muttered to herself, as she brandished her claws once more. She was quite pleased with the damage she had already done, but it just simply wasn't enough to end the battle like she had planned.

"you can do it, Nyan~ Shred those pesky viruses! Show em the power of your claws, hehehe~" The energetic Op called out, offering unneeded but appreciated words of encouragement. In response, Nyan wasted little time heading into the fray once more. It's time to end this! She called, as she leapt towards her target.

Working her way between the bunny and the bomb corn, Nyan twisted her body slightly, build power in her muscles as a cold air gathered around her. Ice formed quickly along her claws and once she could feel her power at its strongest Nyan swung her body in a full circle with her claws extended. Large blades of ice were sent forth like slashes, one for the bunny and the other for the corn.

Following up with her frigid attack, Nyan's claws were targeting the Bunny. She darted in swiftly with her arms dragging behind her body. The claws preped as her fingers spread out on each hand, waiting to strike down their prey. With a strong swing both of her arms lashed out aiming to maim the virus into nothing ness.

Nyan took a quick look at the battlefield around her, wondering what was left. She caught sight of Raki, and seeing her plan she got an idea. She figured that the bunny was certainly finished by now, so she took it upon herself to help deal with the in coming met.

Let me give you a hand with that. Nyan called as she motioned a single claw behind the rest of her body. She changed her stance as though she was playing baseball. Her claws readied themselves once more in place of a bat. Nyans tail twitched for a moment, before swaying back and forth at the anticipation of the result. Her agile body was ready for anything that might happen.

As it got in range, it seemed as though there was a brief twinkle in her eye as her body started to move. Stepping into the strike her whole body lashed out at the helpless Met, her claws itching to strike something.


1) frigid claw - 30 aqua + slashing x 2 targets - shot type A accuracy @ bombcorn, BunnyC

2) Rage claw - 40 dmg + slashing, A accuracy @ Bunny C

Free dodge

3) Rage claw - 40 dmg + slashing, A accuracy @ Metool B

And thanks to massive amounts of RageClaw, things were destroyed.

Megalian-WA: ESCAPED
Megalian-WB: RANAWAY
Megalian-WC: TOOSICK
Megalian-WD: TOOLAZY

100% Normal

Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP [Shield Broken + 20 HP Casing / 20 HP Barrier]
Nyan.EXE: 150 HP


- Riki+Raki: CornShot1 BattleChip data, 380z
- Nyan: ZapRing1 BattleChip data, 320z
- Both GET: 2 FXP
"And that's a wrap," said Raki, standing up straight and surveying the damages. Granted, it was pretty low on the scale of "mass destruction", but hey, they'd work up that scale again. Grabbing some zenny packets, she threw them about in her claws before getting bored in two seconds flat. Unhooking her claw from her hand, she began to examine its structure as she walked back to Riki. "Man, I don't remember this battlechip. It looks completely 100% alien to me," said Raki, turning about the claw's hinges and joints.

Her sister smiled. "Well, it's been a while since we've gone out busting. There are probably some newer viruses we haven't seen yet," said Riki slowly. "Hm, you're probably right about that," muttered Raki. Looking over at Nyan, she raised her voice as she strolled towards their partner. "Hey, Nyan. How much loot did you get?" she shouted, throwing her mechanical claws up into the air and catching it, just like her knives. Riki shook her head at her sister's antics, and walked around to search for any leftover data.

She glanced at the disintegrating BombCorn, and raised an eyebrow. Pulling down her visor, she picked up a glowing yellow bullet that still resided in the virus's husk. She recognized the battlechip data after a good look at it, and identified it as one of her old favorites: the CornShot series. In a way, it was similar to her Shotgun buckshot, but it had this uncanny lock-on ability that was triggered after it was shot. Not bad.

"Mark, I found a chip. I'm sending it up, could you please imprint it?" said Riki, transferring the bullet's data signature to the PET. "Mmmm, okay," said Markus groggily. Sure, that battle was neat to watch, but he really felt like a bit of sleep then. He couldn't really leave the table to go to the counter, either, as the line was still pretty long. Oh well, at least he could look at the shiny new battlechip that was just printed out. Shiiiiiiny.

[Battle 2 - Ready]
[Raki/Riki: 150 HP]
Nyan let out a sigh of relief, as the battle was over. She was quite impressed with how the twin navi's seemed to handle their own in battle. She found it a bit surprising how well they co-operated despite how they seemed to be around each other. Of course Nyan hadn't been a great judge of character at times. Mira, everything's all clear here. Reporting in swiftly, as she examined the remains of the battle.

Nyan's attention was caught by the remaining data of a bunny, as well as some zenny data laying in what once was a virus. Swiftly collecting it, she sent it up to Mira so it could be used later. Mira, got a few things coming for you.

[Yahoo! Spoils of war! great job, Nyan~] The Op praised as she converting the data into something useful.

Suddenly Nyan's ears twitched at the mention of her name from a voice other than Mira's. Hmm? She turned towards Raki at her question almost instantly. Loot? oh, um... Just a few zenny and a zapring. It should come in handy, I hope. She would have much preferred a sword or ice like chip, but considering her enemies she didn't exactly expect anything of the sort to be found.

I suppose we should continue?

[[battle 2 ready]]
Riki, Raki, and Nyan went along their way across the Dentech network, hoping to find their next destination. They came across a strange ground where the floors were completely made of glass, or at least, a see-through material. Beneath the floors were streams of colorful data squares running across in a complex pattern, yet, it was letting out a calming whirr as it passed on by.

Few viruses has already taken a liking of this territory as a group of them were lying on the ground till the navis came on by. The Fishies and the Boomers quickly hovered up and assumed their positions, except the group of white, puffball viruses that still laid comfortably down on the ground...

SnoozyA: 60 HP
SnoozyB: 60 HP
SnoozyC: 60 HP
FishyA: 90 HP
FishyB: 90 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP
BoomerC: 60 HP

100% Glass

Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP
Nyan.EXE: 150 HP

"... That doesn't look very good," commented Markus, looking at the large amount of viruses. Even though it was only a little more than the earlier group, they had a much healthier count of hit points, making their arsenal rather difficult to use. Not to mention some of them were flying, as well as having a strict amount of defensive shielding. Even if they were to engage, the battlechips he had at the moment weren't exactly enough.

"I think we should retreat."
"I think we should retreat."

Some silence ensued for a few moments. "Whaaaat?" retorted Raki after a bit, quite annoyed that she was being overridden in opinion. "Hey, Riki, we could take on this bunch in a snap. Come on, we took down the last one easy!" she argued, furrowing her brow as her tail flicked itself about wildly. She crossed her arms in a huff, and stared down Riki. "C-Come on, sis... be reasonable..." said Riki, her eyes beginning to water.

"Pfff, you've always been such a baby. You're even about to cry. Haha, go on, bawl your eyes out," taunted Raki, flashing a wide grin as she enjoyed the verbal session with her sister. Markus only watched at the side, unable to do anything. If anything, he'd probably break down with enough from Raki. And of course, with a female within spitting range of his general area, that was not the best of outcomes.

"Well, whatever. You just sit there like a little twerp with your guns," said Raki, brandishing her claw in front of her. Riki covered her face with her hand, trying to hold back the sobbing. Watching Raki turn around, she wiped some tears away and gulped down some of her shyness. "F-Fine... I'll fight... Just, don't go off by yourself, please," pleaded Riki.

Raki turned around, ready to launch an annoyed tirade at her sister, when she hesitated slightly. "Aaaah, stop making that face. You're gonna make me throw up if you use those kinds of eyes. Geez..." said Raki, locking in her claws. Walking back towards her sister, Raki stood prone, ready to defend. "Oi, Riki," muttered Raki.

"Sniff... Mm?"

"Go pull up your explosives kit with that unsightly-looking rifle of yours. Been a while since I've seen some nice ones, and it might work great with this flooring we've got," said Raki. Riki's eyes glinted slightly, and she brought out a small box from inside her coat. Quickly, she brought something out from inside of it, and threw it into the barrel of her flintlock. "Mark, can I get back that Shotgun, please?" requested Riki.

"Mmm, fine," muttered Markus, somewhat iffy about the entire thing, but still going with the plan. "Just don't get too cocky," he said, as he slotted in Riki's usual go-to chip. Immediately, Riki lifted her gun, and started to line up the pillow-carrying viruses. "All right..." muttered Riki, as she saw the perfect line of sight, and pulled the trigger.

Immediately, a good round of buckshot erupted towards the Snoozy. Once it reached its target, it erupted in a brilliant explosion of fire and glass. Afterwards, Riki activated their defensive mechanisms, augmenting Raki's ability to defend her as well as protecting herself. "That was a good one," said Raki, grinning as her tail flicked about, ready to slice up anything that came their way.

-- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE --
[*] Smash @ Shotgun [Imbue Break]
[1] Riki: Super Shotgun @ Snoozy A/B/C + Glass Floor [Null 50 + Break + Spread2] {A}
-- Breaks Glass Floor / Additional Damage
[2] Synchro Defense @ Raki [20 HP Casing + 1-Hit Shield] + Riki [20 HP Barrier]
[3] Raki: RageClaw1 @ Approaching Enemy [Null 40 + Slashing] [5/6] {B}
Mira, i'm not sure this fight is a wise idea The feline Navi immediately stating as they approached their new batch of enemies in their search for battle. Nyan seemed to have a keen sense of what could happen in a fight, that had come with years of experience and general knowledge. She was certain this would be a tough fight, and possibly not one they could win. Of course that wasn't taking the twins capabilities into complete consideration. As the Navi began to plan for a strategtic escape, Mira's voice chimed in.

"Oh, come on! You're plenty strong! You wont let a few silly viruses make you run with your tail between your legs, right? hehehe~[/color] The young girl egging on her Navi, knowing just how to push her buttons. Nyan halted abruptly with her attention turning towards their new companions. It seemed that they were hunkering down for a fight as well, against some of their wills. Nyan just let out a sigh, hanging her head for a moment before findign her resolve to fight.

Alright, fine. Let's just get this over with.

"I'm glad to hear that~ Well, here's some weaponry then!" Mira was quick to slot in Nyan's arsenal for combat, already having a plan for the battle. A military grade shotgun was first in line, Nyan gripping it tightly with her gloved hands as it materialized. She loaded up the gun with a single swift motion, coming from the years of training and expert programing she had before the "incident". She would never let her former life be a waste. Cocking the gun and taking her position, Nyan targeted the two Fishy. A squeeze of the trigger sending out a blast from the barrel as she tried to take them down.

As the firearm vanished, the navi was outfitted with her standard issue claw enhancement to continue to fight. The Rage Claw was their go-to chip currently, and it proved quite effecting in Nyan's capable hands. She darted forward towards the foes she had just attacked, hoping that perhaps she could finish them both off quickly to save some headache later. In a motion that could only be described as a pounce, Nyan launched herself towards the first of the group with her claws extended. She aimed to shred the data to nothing with her strike.

Nimbly she recovered her balance as she landed, making perfect use of her modified Feline body as her Cat-like eyes gazed now at the second target. Her tail flicked back and forth only for a second before coiling up and leaping once more. The bladed weapon searching for flesh as it lashed out towards what hoped to be just a small pile of data in the short future. Nyan was making sure that despite her attacks she was using as little wasted movement as possible, only releasing precision strikes as she attacked. She was a pro, and she intended to avoid as little damage as possible in return with her actions.

Meanwhile, Mira had a bit of a plan as she watched the engagement. She took note of Riki's tactics and got a bit of a brain storm. "Oh Markus~ I think I have something you can use for this battle, if you think your kitties can handle it, hehehe." She called out, waving a chip back and forth in her hand as the battle waged on.


1) Shotgun - 50 + Spread 1 - Accuracy: A @ FishyA, B

2) RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing / 6 uses - Accuracy: A @ FishyA

3) RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing / 6 uses - Accuracy: A @ FishyB

passive subtype free dodge
The sounds of shotgun fire filled the air as two of the Navis launched gun attacks at the viruses. Riki's strike, however, managed to hit nothing but air, as it sailed way over the head of the Snoozy, and into oblivion. Nyan's was much more successful, nailing both Fishy in a single explosion. Unfortunately, this didn't stop one of said Fishy from ramming her (15). The twins then whipped up some fancy defenses as the icy Navi got her revenge by cutting apart her attacker. She also tried to get the other Fishy, but it managed to speed out of the way in time.

Raki prepared a RageClaw, ready to strike whatever virus dared come close...but none did. The Snoozy took their time to warp behind the safety of the Boomers, and two of the boomerang viruses launched attacks from a distance. The first launched its attack in an arc, to try and hit all the Navis, ravaging the twins' defenses (1-hit shield destroyed, Barrier-15), and despite Nyan's best efforts, got whacked by the boomerang (15). The other launched a single boomerang at high enough speed to create afterimages, and while it hit its target, Raki's casing made sure she didn't suffer for it (Casing-15). Though...did the afterimages hit her, too? It did, didn't it? Weird.

SnoozyA: 60 HP (behind BoomerA)
SnoozyB: 60 HP (behind BoomerB)
SnoozyC: 60 HP (behind BoomerC)
FishyA: 40 HP
BoomerA: 60 HP
BoomerB: 60 HP
BoomerC: 60 HP

100% Glass

Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP
Raki: (5 HP Casing)
Riki: (5 HP Barrier)
Nyan.EXE: 120 HP
As the navi's battled and tried to take care of their opponents, Mira pulled out the spreader chip that they had used the last battle. If she let Markus couple that with Riki's ability them maybe they could wipe out a whole section of the viruses thanks to the flooring. This idea seemed even more amazing as she saw them clump even closer together mid fight.

[Here Markus, try using this!] She called to her partner extending her hand with the chip within. She looked at him expectantly with a smile as she waited for him to act.

[Nyan, just keep using what you have and try to finish off those fishy ok? They're no match for your claws, im sure hehehe~] She instructed the navi as she waited for the mans response.

Understood. Resuming combat then The feline navi responded as she gaze shifted to the fishy. Her tail flicked back and forth as Nyan anticipated finishing off the target that escaped her once already. She was never one to leave a job half finished and this was no exception. She was proud, demanding to take care of this target with her own hands.

She sprung forth with a powerful dash as she tried to get in close once more. Nyan kept her body as relaxed as possible as she charged, expecting some form of counterattack from any enemy after being struck twice already in the fight. She used compact movements, using her experience to keep her openings to a minimum as she readied her claws.

Nyan skillfully swiped at the fishy with her right hand, planting her foot firmly on the ground before spinning her body. As she came back around to face her enemy, her left extended to use the momentum the slash once more. Nyan planted herself once more to halt the spin, pulling her arms back in toward her body as she shifted to a defensive stance.

That should take care of him.


1) Give Markus Spreader1

2) Rageclaw - 40 + Slashing , 3 uses left - Accuracy: A @ Fishy A

3) Rageclaw - 40 + Slashing , 2 uses left - Accuracy: A @ Fishy A

passive: Subtype free dodge
"Oh jeez," said Markus, seeing Riki's shot go way over the Snoozy's heads. What had gone wrong? He'd seen Riki's marksmanship before this, and it was impeccable. Of course, that was quite a while ago... She might have gone rusty since then, he assumed. Yeah, that was it. She could also have gotten lost in the heat of the battle, and forgot about something. After all, he saw that the less extroverted of the two was about ready to break down in tears just a few seconds ago.

On the network end, there were a few moments of silence as the smoke cleared and it was revealed that it was all completely useless, save for a nice light show. ".... Uh, Riki--" Raki started to speak up, before being quickly interrupted. "Ahh!! I forgot to adjust for recoil!" cried out Riki, wailing as she lamented the wasted bullet and hit her head a few times. Some hair-pulling in there, too. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" she repeated, giving Raki no chance to butt in with her usual cutting remarks. "H-Hey, Riki, come on..." said Raki, now reduced to her sister's original role.

Meanwhile, Markus saw Mira reach out with something, apparently to give to him. "... Huh? What?" said Markus, afraid to reach out to Mira, being the socially awkward penguin that he was. Still, he did take a look, finding that it was some sort of battlechip. Looked like some sort of wide area-cover attack? That seemed like a definite one up Riki's alley. "Uh... thanks, I guess," said Markus, steeling himself to reach out to take it, making sure that he didn't touch Mira's hand in the process. Quietly, he slotted it in, hoping it would calm down a certain Navigator.

Back on the other side, Riki was still freaking out about her completely missed shot, as the new chip arrived. "E-Eh?" said Riki, puzzled at the new addition to the battlechip queue. Where did this extra addition come from? She had heard Markus mention only three chips in his possession earlier. More importantly, though, it was one of her more favorite series of chips! "Spreader..?" Oh, it wasn't even second tier. Still, it was a good one, and that managed to cheer her up slightly.

Raki saw her sister lighten up a bit, and sighed in relief. That airhead can be useful every once in a while, she thought. Now, all that was left was to figure out something to take out the remaining viruses. The new chip that had just arrived might be the key, but would Riki's constitution be enough to hold to actually fire it? She glanced over at Nyan, finding their partner having her way with a wounded Fishy.

"... Sis."

Raki turned back to her sister, who had her face turned away. In place of the flintlock Riki had earlier, Raki observed that she was holding a small arm-cannon, somewhat similar to what other Navis would have defaulted as a buster. Riki signaled with her hand for the other to follow, and sprinted off in one direction, her coat fluttering behind her. "What in the-- Argh, screw it, wait up!" started Raki, before shaking her head and running off after her sister. Their defense systems were still active, but they were low enough that they would default back to HP integrity before long.

Meanwhile, Riki was circling the virus cluster, a hand reaching into her coat and pulling out a small cylinder. Loading the cylinder into the arm-cannon, she kept her eye on the Boomers, waiting until her circling had her with a good shooting position behind the Boomers' shielded head part. Skidding to a halt, she raised her arm-cannon, and fired off a shot. The shot was smaller than the Shotgun from before, but that didn't matter. What did matter was that if the shot connected, they were going to see a lot more than the paltry show they were presented with from before.

--- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ---
[1] Riki: Movement [Flanking Boomers]
[2] Raki: Movement [Cover for Riki]
[*] Smash: Spreader1 [Imbue Break]
[3] Riki: Fragment Spreader1 @ BoomerA/B/C + SnoozyA/B/C + Glass Floor [Null 30 + Spread9 + Break] {A}
-- Breaks Glass Floor + Additional Damage?
Nyan transferred the battlechip data to Raki & Riki's NetOp before charging forward with claws extended. She leaped for the bird virus, doing her best Looney Toons impersonation and hoping for a better outcome than Sylvester ever received. She attacked the Fishy, claws swiping at the virus before it had a chance to fly away. The bird hit the ground hard and vanished in an explosion of data.

Raki and Riki had a more advanced plan in the works. While Raki tried to provide cover for her sister, Riki attempted to flank the armored viruses that were protecting the lazy goo viruses. She launched a blast from her arm cannon that smashed into one of the Boomers. The projectile broke up as it connected with the Boomer, unleashing a hailstorm of iron pellets that washed over the battlefield and shattered the glass flooring that supported the viruses.

One of the Snoozy viruses teleported out from behind its guardian seconds before the iron pellets struck. It reappeared near Nyan, both virus and Navi barely avoiding the blast radius of Riki's attack. The Snoozy swiped at Nyan with its pillow, but the Navi managed to avoid being drawn into a sleepy pillow fight. The Snoozy teleported back to its original location, but the glass was no longer there to support it. The Snoozy, its companions and the Boomers all fell a few yards into a hole that was beneath the glass, suffering minor damage (-10).

Two of the Boomers managed to fire up out of the hole, each boomerang smashing against the twin Navi and shattering their remaining defenses. The third Boomer's attack didn't quite make the shot and its projectile imbedded itself in the side of the hole. The two remaining Snoozy grew rather bored of this turn of events and promptly fell asleep. As they slept, their wounds began to heal.


SnoozyA: 50 HP (behind BoomerA)
SnoozyB: 60 HP (behind BoomerB) [Sleep]
SnoozyC: 60 HP (behind BoomerC) [Sleep]
BoomerA: 20 HP
BoomerB: 20 HP
BoomerC: 20 HP

20% Glass
80% Broken


Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP
Nyan.EXE: 120 HP
"Whoa!" exclaimed Raki, watching the massive eruption of bullet and glass take place as she shielded her eyes. Riki pulled down the visor on her head to protect her vision, satisfied as she rode through the small shockwaves that rocked through the area. A rare devilish grin appeared momentarily on Riki's face as her eyes were covered, though it was obscured by the blinding display. When the light show ended, Riki had her visor back up on her head, and the grin was no longer there.

"Now that's what I call a real explosion!" said Raki, snapping her fingers. "Scott, where the hell did you get that?" Markus scratched his head, trying to see if he could divulge the information that Mira was the one who had helped him regain control of Riki. Even with his ridiculously high social ineptitude, he still had a few scraps of pride. Scratching the back of his neck, he tried to think up a response that would save his metaphorical hide and still sound plausible.


"Uh... I found it dropped somewhere," said Markus on impulse. Seconds later, he realized the error of his little white lie; that implied he was stealing it from someone. Either they were going to rebuke him for doing something like that, or, in a more likely situation, they were going to persuade him to keep it. Okay, maybe he was overthinking things. He just had to resolve things nice and easy. Laying the chip on the table, he slid it in Mira's direction, bobbing his head about to try and convey the message silently that he was returning it.

"That was a lucky find," commented Riki, obviously quite happy at her recent performance. Looking down at the flowing light river, she could see the Boomers on one side, as well as the floppy white ones on another. "Come to think of it..." muttered Riki, putting a hand to her chin in thought. Raki crouched near the edge of the broken glass, peering down at the shimmering datastream. "Jeez, they don't look all that hurt for that kind of drop," said Raki, unsatisfied with the end results.

Then, Riki snapped her fingers. "Ah, Mark, could you bring me that new chip we got from the last battle, please?" she said, apparently having some kind of idea to do with it. "Um, sure, let me get it," the operator said, fumbling around to find the chip, not realizing he had accidentally placed the PET on the chip and obscured it from view. Suddenly, while they were waiting around, two boomerangs flew out from the depths of the glass hole out at the two Navis.

"Ah!" exclaimed Raki as she instinctively raised a hand to block the attack. The weapon bounced off her bracer and went off back down to the hole. Riki recoiled a bit, but then saw her energy field repel it easily, though it was immediately dispelled afterwards. The sudden tension was broken with Markus finally lifting the PET off the table. "Here it is!" he said, covering his mouth and shrinking into his seat as he realized how loudly he said it. Discreetly, he slotted in the chip with a little less fanfare.

Finding the new chip in her systems, Riki managed a cute little smile. Loading her arm-cannon, she approached the edge of the hole to snipe some of the viruses. She retreated a little when she saw the third boomerang come out of the hole, but kept her ground when the attack didn't even come close. Aiming at the lone wakened Snoozy, she let out a small burst of green energy from the cannon. Though it was small, the energy was quite concentrated. As a plus, it would home in on a secondary and tertiary target in a ricochet-like behavior, thanks to the CornShot's data.

Of course, Raki found all of that incredibly yawn-worthy. "Aaaah, it's so boring, having to see you do all the dirty work. I'm gonna see what's up down there," she said, standing up. "W-Wait, sis, what're you--" said Riki, before being interrupted. "Hey, Nyan! Last one in is a rotten egg!" she yelled, immediately leaping in with reckless abandon.


Falling through the large, empty space beneath the now-broken floor, Raki guided her body through the datastreams, which actually felt kind of pleasant on her fur. Somewhat like a real river of water, like she anticipated, after seeing the viruses looking relatively unaffected by the streams. Then, after that, she looked down at her target: one of the floppy pillow-carrying things that was sleeping earlier.

Her plan was to use one of them for a landing, and execute some close-quarters on the other. She didn't forget about the Boomers, either, as she had some fancy acrobatic moves planned to knock them out easily. As she approached the ground, she let out a feral yowl, ready to unleash some hurt on some virus butt. Back up on the second level, Riki sighed with some hint of frustration. "W-Well, at least she's got motivation," said Markus, trying to put the situation in a more optimistic light.

--- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ---
[1] Riki: CornShot1 @ SnoozyA/B/C [Wood 50 + TrickShot Spread2] {A}
[2] Raki: DEATH FROM ABOVE RageClaw1 @ SnoozyB/C [Null 20 + Impact] [5/6] {B}
[3] Raki: RageClaw1 @ BoomerA/B [Null 20 + Impact] [4/6] {B}
[That went perfectly! Alright Nyan, finish 'em off! hehehe~] Mira was more than satisfied with how the plan had gone over. With all the enemies stuck in a hole it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. They didnt stand a chance of surviving.

Got it.

The feline rushed to the edge of the whole, peering down to get a good idea of where each of her targets were. She had just enough firepower to hit her enemies from her own location without having to dive in herself, unlike Raki who she watched plummet toward a snoozy. Charging head first into a swarm of enemies wasn't a logical nor sound tactical assault, and usually ended poorly. Nyan knew she had to thin the numbers to help her out.

Drawing back her arms, her claws were at the ready as a cold air began to swirl around her. Upon the blades small clusters of ice formed, growing larger by the second and connecting to other chunks. Once Nyan had built up enough energy, she lashed out in the direction of two of the boomers, sending a twin ice wave attack hurtling down on them.

[Nice Nyan! Now try these.] Mira was already prepared to help Nyan out as she loaded in a zap ring and a cannon chip for more distance support.

Receiving the zapring data first, Nyan focused upon the third boomer she had yet to attack. She launched the electrified ring forth, crackling in the air as it traveled. Nyan loaded up the cannons data immediately after, readying the gun as she continued to target the boomer. She steadied the weapon with her free hand, lining up the barrel and her target before taking the shot.


1) Fridgid claw - (30 aqua + Slashing) x two targets ; A accuracy, shot type - 2 TCD @ Boomer A, B

2) ZapRing1 - 40 elec + Stun 1 -Accuracy: A @ Boomer C

3) Cannon - 40dmg + Knockback - Accuracy: A @ Boomer C