Omelette du Fromelee

A beam of white light shone onto a single panel of Netopia Area, quickly materializing into a Navi that was at least 50% wind. "At last, I shall see just how powerful the might of two is in a battle!"

"Uhh...something's telling me you already did, but that night's really fuzzy for me..."

"True, Ante and KaijuMan activated crosses then. But, I myself have never been able to experience it. Let us change that!" And thus did ZephyrMan march into the Net, in search of things to test that power he had. Figuratively speaking, of course.

(Searching for Battle #1)
Venturing out, the big wind bag windy navi set out in search of creatures to test his mighty power. And what a test it will be, for not long into his trip did he suddenly have to jump back as a sudden virus came charging right by. While missing the navi entirely the floating virus promptly turned around to get ready to make a second go, but that wasn't the only thing to worry about, as bounding after the creature, to large musical notes come to life bounded up, which left the navi trapped in a surprise pincer attack!

Fishy: 90HP (Left side of Navi)
Melody A: 80HP (Right side of Navi)
Melody B: 80HP (Right side of Navi)

100% Normal

ZephyrMan: 150HP

—Battle 1, Start!—
Ah, that didn't take long. ZephyrMan darted his eyes left and right, getting a grasp of the enemy, and seeing if any of them would help with the decision of whose power should be tapped into. "I'm afraid none of them seem to be Wood, so it would appear that whichever cross is used here is not of much importance!"


"Something the matter, Ariel?"

"I'm just thinking...that green one's flying, and it looks cool. And the music notes are adorable...why do some viruses have to look so cute?"

"Perhaps, but there are more to viruses than mere looks! In that regard, they are like Crosses! Now, let us fight beasts...with the power of beasts! Engage, KaijuCross!!!" A pillar of fire erupted below ZephyrMan, covering him in flame...and upon its dissipation a few moments later, the Navi looked quite different. His body was now covered in green scales, and his head obscured by a green helmet thing resembling a carnivorous dinosaur; only his eyes were visible through the gaping mouth. His gloves were now a blood red, with metallic claws protruding from his knuckles. Even his vortexes were now made of flame, and not mere wind. There might have been something in the lower whirlwind, but the shimmer from the heat he was giving off was bending the light too much, and made it impossible to definitively say. Now that he had the looks of a primordial monster, the formerly Wind Navi reared back, and let loose a mighty roar, signaling that the mild mannered ZephyrMan was gone.

As if to punctuate this internal transformation, the Crossed Navi hovered over to the Fishy, with a bloodlust in his eyes that was hardly typical. His claws began to glow orange from heat, and with another roar, rended all that was in front of him, be it air or virus that failed to get out of the way. A trail of embers showed where the claws had slashed, even after the attack was finished.

"U-Um, ZephyrMan? Are you okay?"

"I can feel it...I can feel a wellspring of rage from deep within me! It has but one command...destroy all before me!" With a snarl, ZephyrMan turned to the pair of Melody, refraining himself from rushing headlong into them. "Bombs and other explosion based chips will be more effective in this form, Ariel! Send one forth! I must witness its destructive forces!"

"You're kinda scary like that...calm down, and I'll give you something!" Okay, let's see...oh, right, that chip she got in the giveaway! That'd work. "All right, here! BattleChip, LilBomb! Slot in!"

A small sphere appeared, floating in between the crossed Navi's false jaws. The sounds of blowing wind could be heard from inside the depths of the helmet, causing the ordinance to be launched forward, and eventually hit the ground. It exploded, as bombs often did, but compared to a regular LilBomb, it encompassed a significant amount of additional space. Space that, if he was lucky, contained two viruses inside. Unfortunately for his operator, however, this only seemed to whet the monstrous Navi's appetite for destruction. "More...more!!"

"Relax, will you?! And that's our only bomb...wait, other explosion based chips...aha!" If explosions didn't work, fiery explosions definitely would. "This'll cool you off a little! BattleChip, HeatShot! Slot in!"

A miniature fireball floated in front of ZephyrMan's face, much like the previous bomb. Again, the sound of exhaling launched it forward at one of the music note viruses. But also again, the attack had greater potential than usual, with the ability to explode not just behind the target, but in the direction of the second Melody, as well. As the last of the fire died out from the attack, he reared back and let out a murderous roar, signaling either the thrill of a quick victory, or the fury at his failure to do so. Or maybe it was the joy of being able to continue the pursuit of wiping things off the face of the Net...or possibly even anger over things being over too quickly. No one watching had any idea, and even if the crossed Navi knew himself, he probably wasn't about to divulge...

[Order of Turn:
1-Activate KaijuCross (Become Fire/Break, +10 to Fire chips)
2-Monster Slash cross sig attack on Fishy (100, Fire, Break, Slashing) (Self Slow nerf)
3-LilBomb chip attack on MelodyA and MelodyB (50, C, Blast 3)
4-HeatShot chip attack on MelodyA and MelodyB (40+10, Fire, A, Spread 2) (Main Target: MelodyA)]
For a few moments there, those viruses were really feeling bold and in charge, as it seemed there surprise attack had completely left the navi shaking in his boots stunned. But low and behold did he have full control, until he let that inner beast free in a shocking, frightening display of raw, animalistic power. Which as it turned out seemed to work out pretty well for him as he slashed apart the poor Fishy virus, then lobbed a bomb blast that utterly destroyed one of those Melodies. One had been just fast enough to hop out of the bombs path, but sadly not far enough to avoid the far larger then normal blast. Sadly while it did avoid a face smack with the bomb, it got one from the oncoming fireball. Deleting it and its brother in a very fiery display.

Fishy: Deleted
Melody A: Deleted
Melody B: Deleted

100% Normal

ZephyrMan: 150HP

—Battle 1, Victory!
ZephyrMan: 330z, Binder1
Damage: 60 x 4 possible hits.
Accuracy: D
Description: Summons a Melody virus to stomp on random enemies. After the first target is attacked, the virus will bounce around the field randomly, possibly hitting other enemies or the same enemy again, up to 4 times total.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
Special: Though the user has no control over the virus beyond the first attack, this chip cannot harm the user.
As he let out his final roar, ZephyrMan glowed for a moment, returning to his basic form. Almost instantly, he looked around a bit, appearing slightly...out of it. "Well, that was...different! I felt like a completely different Navi!"

"You acted like one, too. It was kinda scary how completely you changed..."

"Hmm. At any rate, there's no doubting the power of a Cross! I'm mildly surprised they even left anything behind, considering how utterly smashed they were!"

"At any rate, can we not use that one unless we have to? Please? I think I prefer having my plain ol' ZephyrMan..."

"I see...very well. However, I'd like to test the other Cross as well, if you don't mind!"

"Sure. It can't possibly be any worse than that! Though, before you do, think you could grab that stuff?"

"Ah yes, I'd almost forgotten!" With a wave of his arm, the money and chip data was transferred instantly. "Hmm...there was chip data in there, wasn't there? What was it?"

"It's called Binder, and it summons a Melody virus to bounce on enemies! Works for me, that virus was so cute!"

"Mmm!" At any rate, standing around wasn't going to get him into any fights, most likely. Now armed with the power of music, the wind Navi moved along, seeking another test for his teamwork inspired might.

(Searching for Battle #2)
Venturing deeper in a wish to test his skills further, ZephyrMan drifted along boldly forward. And as he did he'd start to notice slight changes in the terrain, all over cracked panels seemed to dot the otherwise perfect looking network, and it didn't take long to learn why. Because up ahead, he'd spot a glassing wearing foremen directing two jackhammer viruses as they cracked and broke up panels. Though when that sharply dressed virus spotted the navi, new orders were given as the three rounded upon him.

And perhaps just as the battle was ready to begin, a sudden portal opened in a panel, attracted by all the noise, a small brown puppy popped out of that hole, its ears perked high as it looked around to see just what was going on.

BigHat: 100HP
PogoJack A: 80HP
PogoJack B: 80HP
Rush: 4HP

80% Normal
20% Cracked (Scattered)

ZephyrMan: 150HP

—Battle 2, Start!—
"Mmm?" ZephyrMan steeled himself for battle, as various foes appeared. "Now, to begin the acti-


"Worry not, I'm using AnteCross this time!"

"I know! But, I kinda have a request...think you could avoid the little puppy virus?"

"...Hmm? You do realize that I need to delete all of them to secure a victory, correct...?"

"Yeah, but...can't you ask it to go away or something? It's just too cute...I don't want to see it get deleted!"


"No! I don't want to hear it! You're going to ask it to leave, and that's that!"

"...Sigh...very well." ...Yeah, there was no way in Hades Area he was going to win this one. As such, he gestured towards the Mole, simply pointing at it instead of menacingly brandishing a weapon. "You there! The dog virus in that hole! Leave at once, so that no harm falls upon you in this battlefield! Once I begin attacking, I cannot guarantee your safety, so I advise doing so immediately!...How was that, Ariel?"

"Good enough, I guess. Okay, go ahead and change!"

"Thank you! Engage, AnteCross!" A large playing card appeared in front of the wind Navi, which quickly multiplied, surrounding him in a box shape. Tiny cracks where the cards couldn't quite meet gave off intense light, letting everyone know that something was going on. It suddenly stopped, however, and the cards fell over, allowing everyone to view what was clearly the most sensible Navi design ever: a floating NetVegas casino dealer with blue skin and a whirlwind coming out of his head. He straightened his bow tie a bit, apparently not satisfied at its default positioning, before gazing down at his newfound dealer's table...and, his newfound legs. "Egads! I have lower extremities!"

"Never mind that, you've got legs! Neat! It's different from that tornado you usually have, for sure..."

"Indeed...I can touch my toes, due to actually possessing toes! But I shall do that when I'm not in a fight for my life! Now, send me something powerful! Strong enough to defeat the sunglasses wearing virus in a single attack!"

"Umm...oh, I guess one attack and one hit aren't the same, so I guess we actually do have one of those!" ...Right? He wouldn't say that if there wasn't something that could do that. Hmm...aha, there was one! Or so she had the largest number on "Here! BattleChip, HiCannon! Slot in!"

A deck of cards appeared on the hovering table in front of the crossed Navi, which he promptly grabbed the top two cards of, setting them both down. The Jack and Eight of diamonds. The face card glowed, followed by the lower value card, apparently having some impact on each other. A large red diamond then formed in front of the Navi, opening to reveal a blue cannon, which fired a single shot at the BigHat. It seemed a bit stronger than usual, however...perhaps this was the effect of the glowing? "That's...not really what I meant...but it should work nevertheless. Now, send forth something to attack the jackhammers! DrillArm would most likely be effective, I'd think!"

"DrillArm, DrillArm...oh, I bet it's the one with the thing that looks like a big drill. Duh, me! BattleChip, DrillArm! Slot in!"

As he received the chip data, ZephyrMan flipped over another card of the deck...a Three of spades. A giant spade emerged from the table, and began to spin rapidly, mimicing the effect of an equally large drill. The Navi floated over to the pair of PogoJacks, thrusting his hovering furniture hazardous end first towards, and potentially through, them. "Hmm...what to do now...ah, let's test out that chip we just received!"

"Right! The one with the cute virus on it! And here it is! BattleChip, Binder! Slot in!"

Another card was turned over...a Four of spades. Unlike the others, instead of a suit appearing from nowhere, a Melody virus appeared on the table. Oddly, unlike a regular one, this one happened to be wearing a bow tie, for no discernible reason other than to make it better mesh with the casino theme. It received no orders, instinctively knowing exactly which enemy to bounce on, and hopped over to, and perhaps on, one of the sentient jackhammers. Unfortunately, it also happened to have a rather questionable memory, so who knew what else would feel the wrath of a musical note bouncing on their head? All Navi and operator could do was watch...

[Order of Turn:
0a-Request Rush to leave ASAP
1-Activate AnteCross (Become Normal/Variable, +10 to Null element chips)
2a-Turn Card sig on HiCannon chip (Strengthen 10)
2-HiCannon chip attack on BigHat (80+10+10, A, Knockback)
3-DrillArm1 chip attack on PogoJackA (60, B, hits twice, Break, Knockback) and PogoJackB (60+10, B, Break, Knockback) (Long Attack)
4-Binder1 chip attack on PogoJackB (60(+10 to first hit), D, hits randomly 3 more times)]
Showing compassion to the puppy virus, at least from the operator, the Rush virus tilted its head to the side in a questioning remark before it scurried away from the battlefield. With the cuteness away from sight, the carnage as about the begin!

The single, concentrated shot from the cannon blew the Bighat's hat right off its... hat, deleting the virus before it even had a chance at planting its bomb. The ever mobile PogoJacks were a nuisance compare to the other two viruses as they managed to land and wound ZephyrMan, at least, right before they were skewered and crushed the moment after!


70% Normal
30% Cracked (Scattered)

ZephyrMan: 130HP

600z + [FlashBomb] BattlechipFlashBomb1
HP: 100
Properties: Light
Object Damage: 40 + Stun
Damage Method: Throw, Knockback, Microburst, Telekinesis, Gust
Attack Damage: 40 + Seeking + Stun + Blind + Blast 4
Accuracy: D (thrown) / A (trigger)
Description: Throws a small flashbang 3 panels ahead. at the end of the second turn after it is thrown, it will detonate, dealing damage, stunning, blinding, and canceling invisibility for everything caught in the blast radius.
Duration: 2 turns or until destroyed.
Element: Elec
Once the last PogoJack was nothing but junk data, the effects of ZephyrMan's cross faded, leaving him with only two limbs to his name. He seemed slightly disappointed at this fact as he looked down, but upon realizing something, shrugged it off and headed for all the lovely reward data. "The power of Crosses are amazing, wouldn't you say, Ariel? And it appears we've stumbled across chip data, to boot!"

"Your KaijuCross is still kinda scary, but otherwise, yep! And the chip analysis is up! It's FlashBomb, which apparently came from the one with the sunglasses. It's...well, I'll just link you with the description..."

The wind Navi scrutinized the words that appeared in front of him, as the last of the remaining data was automatically transferred. "'s different, to be sure! We'd better be careful using it, however!"

"I guess you can use it better than a lot of Navis, since you can just use your wind power to send it flying into something if you need to! Anyway, is that all you want to do? Because I still want to look up stuff on omelette rice..."

"I'm afraid I've been ambushed rather quickly thus far...I'll probably need to fight again before I reach the database we need to access!"

"Aww, that kinda sucks! And I ate it all already..."

"At any rate, I'd best proceed, so I can get there ASAP!" And thus did the Navi continue along.

(Searching for Battle #3)
The database was still far away... Mostly evident to the swarm of viruses that stopped ZephyrMan's way. Floating Bird-head viruses, fluffy Sheeps, and giant turrets were lined up and ready to take a chunk out of the bearded navi!

BlazerA: 80 HP
BlazerB: 80 HP
MolokoA: 60 HP
MolokoB: 60 HP
CannonGuardA: 60 HP
CannonGuardB: 60 HP

100% Normal

ZephyrMan: 130HP

Ah, more enemies. But of course. It wasn't like things were going to go smoothly, of course. "Very well! If you choose to impede me, I have but the one option to blow you away!" Not that he had a lot of ways to do that, but, details...


...That didn't bode well. It was more of a 'if I don't do something right this second, that car's going to run over that puppy' scream, and not a 'I just remembered I left the water running in the bathroom', 'I just tripped over a power cord', or 'I just got surprise groped' variety scream. Over the years, he'd learned to discern what was what, and that type just did NOT end well for him most of the time. "...What is it, Ariel?"

"Th-those sheep..."

Well, at least her thought process was incredibly obvious. "...I understand."

"I'm sorry...I promise I won't make you go easy on any other viruses. But those sheep...they're just the most adorable things I've ever seen!"

"Yes, I can see the appeal. Let's hope for everyone's sake they have self-preservation instincts!" Ahem. Time for more virus negotiating. "Attention, Moloko pair! Leave now, and you will be spared deletion! If you remain, I cannot guarantee that my attacks will fail to harm you!"

"Thanks! And again, I'm sorry. I know it's hard if you have to worry about not hurting them while you're trying to destroy everything else..."

"Worry not! It's my duty to serve you, after all! If that's what you wish, then I shall comply!" All right, that bit of talking should give the Moloko enough time to flee, if they were so it was time for the battle to begin in earnest. And if he still had sheep to deal with, there was little else he could do at this point, save for trying to not smash them into virtual bits.

Regardless, he was set to start his onslaught himself, and silently raised one arm in front of him. A small whirlwind formed in front of the open palm, and spun at one of the burning...bird-like things. Upon a hit, direct or not, it'd have the odd ability to turn into two even smaller vortexes, and shoot to the sides to harm other viruses. Unfortunately, since it was so small, it wasn't exactly the most harmful of wind attacks..."Hmm...truth be told, I'm unsure of what attack to use next. Ariel, you may decide, just hurry!"

"Okay!" Lessee...that new bomb chip they got? Nah. The one with the drill-like squid? Or was it a squid-like drill? Ack, focus, girl! ...Aha! There was something she felt like using. "Here, fight fire with fire! BattleChip, FireHit! Slot in!"

"Not bad, not bad! Perhaps we'll make a NetBattler of you yet! Ho ho!" The insides of the wind Navi's forearms began to grow hot, which soon spread to the outside, as his gloves appeared to be set on fire. Clenching his right hand into a fist, he reared back, and delivered a powerful punch to the air in front of him. The flames didn't quite follow suit, however, as they continued forward in the shape of his fist, towards the nose of the previously targeted Blazer. But, that was only one arm extinguished. After another punching motion, another fist-shaped fireball soared through the air, intent on scorching the other scorching virus. Now, he probably could do more, but at this point...probably best to not push his luck. "Now, send forth the IronShield chip! I believe it's best to not press the offensive here!"

"If you say so..." And...there. It was easy to find, since it was the only one that even remotely screamed 'shield chip'. "Okay, sent!"

Predictably, a large metal shield formed over ZephyrMan's arm, which he promptly positioned between him and the enemy. "You know, you really should state 'BattleChip, IronShield! Slot in!', even when we're both aware of what's being used. It could interfere with our rhythm!"

[Order of Turn:
0a-Request Moloko pair to leave ASAP
1-Split Tornado sig attack on BlazerB (20, Spread 2) (Intended Spread Targets: BlazerA, CannonGuardA)
2-FireHit1 chip attack on BlazerB (60, Fire, A, Impact)
3-FireHit1 chip attack on BlazerA (60, Fire, A, Impact)
4-IronShield1 chip on ZephyrMan (2-hit shield)]
Zephyr was the better man and attempted to dissuade the fluffy sheep from dying needlessly. However, the sheep would have none of that and charged the Navi, convinced of their fluffy invincibility. They both smacked hard into his chest, almost bowling him over and causing him aches and pains to his body and pride that will scar him for some time.

And then the Navi brought his own pain, raining tornadoes everywhere. The CannonGuard creeked and groaned as it tried to keep attached to the ground while the firefish were swept up into the air and battered, spinning through the air towards the Navi. They released their own jets of flame from their gill-vents, intent on roasting the Navi, just as a one-two-punch of flaming fists flew into the rapidly rotating Blazers. The two viruses ignited in twin explosions of flame. And their data ashes rained down upon the battlefield as ZephyrMan looked on. Then the Navi quickly pulled out an iron tower shield and braced himself behind it.

Just in time for the turrets to open fire. The air was solid with impact and raucous sound as ZephyrMan held on under the heavy barrage. When the bombardment ceased, the shield fell apart. Disintegrating until all the Navi was only holding was a handle.

MolokoA: 60 HP
MolokoB: 60 HP
CannonGuardA: 40 HP
CannonGuardB: 60 HP

100% Normal

ZephyrMan: 90HP [IronShield1 Broken!]
"...Curses!" Looked like the Moloko weren't exactly going to cooperate. And knowing Ariel, he'd never hear the end of it if he up and deleted them. AND further knowing Ariel, if she thought they were that ridiculously cute, there was no way he could convince her of otherwise in a reasonable time frame. "It seems I have no choice...I must withdraw!" Utilizing every bit of lower body tornadic activity he could muster, ZephyrMan attempted to speed away from the remaining viruses. It was a shame that he couldn't stick around, but if he couldn't reason with the Moloko, there was little else he could do...

Plus, giving himself a small tailwind wouldn't hurt his chances of a successful escape...

[Order of Turn:
0a-Gust subtype ability (Knockback ZephyrMan away from viruses)
With the boost of his Gust ability, ZephyrMan fled the scene. Easily outpacing the dawdling, and confused, viruses.

Well, that was disappointing. But since the Moloko were untouchable, he had little choice..."Ah, good. They didn't give chase."

"Um...ZephyrMan? I know I ask some really dumb things of you, and I just want to be totally sure you know how much I appreciate it. I know you only ran because you didn't want to make me upset..."

"Water under the bridge! However, I'll need to take an alternate route to ensure I don't get in that situation again. So, this may take a little longer than usual. Is that acceptable?"

"Of course! Do what you need to do!"

"Very well, then!" And so, the wind Navi headed off, preparing himself for the fight he expected to bump into before long...

(Re-searching for Battle #3)
Quickly drifting off to find an alternate route and avoid battling the aggressive sheep. ZephyrMan would soon come upon an interesting sight. There ahead of him, two Dharma's seemed to be sending off their pucks back and forth, attempting to strike a CannonGuard tower that was resting behind the other. When one managed to do so, it cheers, while a Billy watching from the sidelines lifted one of its spark rods to signify a point gained.

Naturally it was the very same Billy that happened to catch sight of the navi, and let off a charged signal to warn the other viruses, who quickly set their sights upon the navi, ready to punish him for interrupting their play.

Billy: 80HP
Dharma A: 90HP
Dharma B: 90HP
CannonGuard A: 60HP
CannonGuard B: 60HP

100% Normal

ZephyrMan: 90HP

—Battle 3, Start!—
Ah, good. A new bunch of viruses, none of which struck ZephyrMan as being too adorable to delete. His tornadoes began to spin a bit faster, as he prepped himself for-

"ZephyrMan, um..."

...No way. Did she suddenly think Billy were too cute to destroy, now? He was almost afraid to ask, but... "...What is it, Ariel?"

"Well, I was looking around, and, um, the microwave's sparking all of a sudden...I think making sure the building doesn't burn to the ground takes priority over learning about food!"

Ah, a perfectly sane reason. Quite welcome, considering that Ariel sometimes had her head in the clouds she loved to soar amongst so much. "That does sound like a problem...a Navi's work is never done! But I shall need to get away from here before it's safe to jack out. Another time, perhaps, viruses!" The windy Navi waved his arm, to create a pushing wind to assist him in getting far, far away from anything that could follow him to his PET and wreak havoc there...

[Order of Turn:
0a-Gust subtype ability (Knockback ZephyrMan away from viruses)
With Ariel's property at stake, it didn't take to long for her to order her Navigator to retreat from his battle, using his windy abilities to aid in turning heel as quickly as possible.

// Battle Fled!
All right, looked like he was in the clear. "I'm in the clear, Ariel! Jack me out at will!"

"Roger!" Button pressed, Navi extracted. It was that simple.