213 and Arc

213 Arrived through the netopia portal, and scanned the area. Nothing out of place. She spread her wings wide and placed a hand on her sword's hilt, the large slab of metal swinging loosely from her hip. She wasn't far from the desired meetup location of her and the navi, who's name she didn't know. Who's name, she quiet honestly didn't need to know. The machine wanted her protected, 213 would do so. With heavy steps and a grinding of metal, she moved to the location for meeting.

"Uriel, when will the navi arrive?"

"Soon," Fredrick responded plainly. "Just wait. We have time and this navi is important in her own way."

213 nodded and waited for the arrival of the navi. She would do as needed to keep this navi protected, as it was willed by the machine.

{Waited for Arc}
Both the navi and SP appeard on the Netopian network, but their busting partner was nowhere in sight. Arc looked at Exo, the one who acually looked at the coordinates. "Did you input the right coordinates?" Arc asked. "No. I changed them a bit so we would be close enough to walk to them. Right now I want to install an add-on before we arrive there." Exo said, tapping on her glove's gold part. "It's going to let me link up with you, and let me record you combat data, and various other things. Now, I'm going to need you to get on you knees and lean forward a bit so I can install." She added, walking towards Arc. "...Alright." Arc said, turning around before getting on her knees. She leaned her body forward a bit. She wished Exo told her what she was going to do before they jacked into the network.

Arc then felt something press against her back.

"Alright... almost there... and.... installed." Exo was saying, before removing her hand from Arc's back. In it's place there was a gold ring painted on Arc's back, the same size as the one on her right hand. Arc got up, and looked at her back. "...That, ring, is the add-on?" She asked.

"The graphical representation of it, yes. Only reason it's there is to show A, I can link with you and B" She said, before touching apart of her left arm. A display appeared over Exo's arm, while the ring on Arc's back started to glow a bit. "Show's who is linked up to me at the moment when I don't have the display up. Now, lets hurry on to the coordinates. I hope we don't make the angel wait too long."Exo said, Arc nodding in agreement before they both headed onwards.
213 stood at the coordinates and waited. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and the steam vented slowly from her wings. The meet up time had arrived, and the navi was no where to be seen. 213 looked around her, trying to see if they would be heading from a different direction. They were not. 213 turned to Uriel and asked, "Why aren't they here yet? The meeting time has already come and gone now," 213 said. She was slightly distressed, wondering if the navi had gotten into trouble before 213 had the chance to protect her.

Fredrick was about to respond about how the meeting time wasn't far off, then remembered that Uriel would have the same processing speed and thinking as 213. He wanted to say, 'It isn't a big deal, they will be here shortly,' But that would ruin the concept of a higher angel guiding her. So he said nothing.

In the silence, 213 took it as though Uriel also knew not of what was making the navi late. She shifted her weight uncomfortably. Her processes started to work, about the best course of action. Her only objective was to protect this navi. She knew not where the navi would be coming from. Nor where she currently was, or on which network. The only thing she had was a meeting place, which she was at. Maybe the operator was running behind on the time. More steam flowed from the vents the more worried she got.

She kept waiting. It is all she could do. They were now less than a minute late.
Exactly one minute after the meet up time, Arc and Exo finally show up.

That must be the contact. Arc though, approaching the mechanical figure bellowing out what looked like smoke from its body. "You must be 213, am I correct?" Arc asked after getting closer to the navi, looking her over. Certainty not something you see every day. She thought "Anyway, sorry for being late, Exo over there had to do something before we met up." Arc said, motioning towards her SP. Arc didn't realize this, since Exo had been behind her the whole, but her SP looked like she was trying to contain some kind of excitement. "Anyway, I don't think know if you were ever informed of our names. That's Exo and I am Второй_Arc. It's a pleasure to mee-" Arc was introducing the two, bringing her hand out to shake... but before it could extend too far.

"What a beautiful design!" the SP exclaimed, no longer able to contain her excitement. She rushed past Arc towards the mechanical angel, and quickly grabbed her hand. "What lovely design, a wonderful mixture of functionality and decoration. And what is this? Bronze casing with a, is that steel framework I see there?'" She asked her attention and hands flowing up the arm. "And from the large amounts of steam you are generating I can just tell that you aren't just a clockwork automaton. And what is this? Bronze f " Exo quickly slid around 213, darting under her wing to her backside. "And the craftsmanship of these wings, using all of these strips of metal just to simulate the feathers!" Exo continued to move around 213, positioning herself under the wing to get a good look at 213's abdomen, her hand placed on 213's back and thigh, the one on the tight gently rubbing against a safe spot. "And your inner workings, the way the gears, pistons, and everything fits and work's together. Oh sweetie, I just want to go on and polish you~"

Arc just kind of stood there, her brow raised a bit as she tried to comprehend what her SP was doing. Vik was in the same boat, wondering what in the world was going on. Especially since Exo didn't act like that earlier.
213 began to extend her hand to greet the navi, in the same manner that was being offered to her, but before she could talk and do the introductions, the excitement of Exo towards her design stunned her. 213 left her hand extended as the Support Program started to inspect her design and shower her in compliments. 213 slowly turned her head towards Arc, tilting her head to show her utter confusion with the event at hand. Even Fredrick was astounded and unsure what to do. He slid his chair over towards another computer, and powered it up while 213 was left alone to deal with Exo.

213 raised her wings up skywards as Exo examined behind her. Not wanting to harm the excited one she slowed her steam output to reduce the amount of hot air showering the SP. Finally, past the initial shock of behind swarmed for her design, she began talking to Exo. "Thank you for the compliments. My design is taken after the machine. I was created to be a powerful and imposing sight to those who see me." 213 kept her wings raised and allowed Exo to keep inspecting her as she turned back to Arc. "I don't think a polishing is in order," She said while looking at Arc but directing the comment at Exo, hoping to force the point.

She extended her hand once again, her palm glowing dimly as she did so. "I am M.Angel-213.EXE. I have been sent by Uriel and the Machine to guard you, Второй_Arc," She looked to Exo, "I am guess Exo as well."

Fredrick was busy getting a chat service with the operator of the other Navi set up. While discovering her location information and pinging her computer with a request for chat. He would need the separate computer to contact the operator outside of 213's knowledge, and also to keep his experiment controlled. With such an excited little support unit, which Fredrick did not know was going to be present, he would have to play careful tabs to keep this correctly under wraps.

He sent the message to Vik, with a simple message attached, "The hell?"

213 stepped back from Arc, after the handshake, and moved away from Exo. She had had enough inspection time. 213 lowered her wings, increased her steam output back to normal, and lowered them in a protective manner around herself. "What is your objective in this network?"
"Oh I didn't mean right now~ I mean, with how things will go you might need one later, and when that happens I will be glad to give you one." Exo said, leaning her head against 213's side, listening to the turning of the gears and movement of the pistons.

"Guard us?" Arc asked, before chuckling at the thought of a civilian navi guarding a military navi. "Yes, that sounds about right, but I suggest you focus more on protecting Exo then me. I just hope she doesn't need to be remi-" Arc was telling 213, stopping when she moved away from Exo. Apparently Exo wasn't anticipating the movement, and actually fell down onto the ground with an 'Oomph'. Exo got enough of her body off the ground to look upwards, and saw 213 with her wings lowered. It was almost like she was on the defensive. "Awww, I wasn't done listening." Exo said, before 213 asked about their objective.

"Just standard virus deletion, in a way." Exo said, getting up off the ground. "I mainly just need to record some combat data of Arc's; best way to get it is to just record the data while she is fighting." She said, dusting herself off. "Anyway, if you have any questions about it before we head out, just ask. I'll tell you what I am allowed to say at the moment, but it isn't a lot."

Vik just listened to the navis and SP talk, trying to make sense of what Exo was doing. She noticed that a little chat window appeared on her PET, with just had sender and two works. "The hell". "that's... probably Fendrick, I should probably respond... Although I wonder how..." Vik said softly, before sending the man on the other end a reply. "I have no fucking clue, she wasn't acting that why when I got her. I don't get much say in what kind of SP the military give me, so for all I could know this is a onetime thing. Me or Arc might be able to order her to stop if it starts getting out of hand. Let me know when you want to try that."
"Let it go as is for now," Fredrick responded, "She needed to get used to other programs sooner or later. Just didn't think Exo would be like...that." Fredrick hit the send key before sliding his chair back over towards the PET. he spun once before catching himself on the desk with a loud thud. He got into Uriel mode and said, "its much less about guarding them so much as ensuring the safety of Arc. The machine said nothing about the smaller one, Exo, do with her as you see fit."

213 unwrapped her wings from her body and offered Exo a hand up off the ground. After the SP was fully up she looked over to Arc. "Guarding you is a bit of a broad term, Arc. I have orders from the Machine to keep you safe in this network."

213 looked to Exo and was confused by her presence at this point. "Are you leading this virus deletion expedition, or is Arc?" Exo was answering a lot of 213's questions on the subject at hand, making her unsure who was leading. 213 had thought that the more important person would also be the one in charge, but it seemed as though that wasn't entirely true in this case.
"Aw, I hope you will also try to keep me safe as well sweetie." Exo said, as 213 helped her off the ground.

"That would be me." Arc said, her trusty rifle materializing in her hands. "Exo is pretty much just here to record the data and provide some support when the opportunity arrives. Of course, since she is at the lowest level of strength, I can see her not being able to provide much support." She informed 213, before looking towards Exo. "Feel free to prove me wrong if that's the case." She told her SP. Exo brought her left arm up and held it horizontally to her body, and tapped on it with her right hand. A holographic display appeared above it as the LEDs started to flash.

"Oh don't worry, I'll be able to prove you wrong when I feel like it." She said, tapping away at her arm. "Just to let you two know about this, if you two get damaged and need to be repaired or anything along those lines, I suggest getting pretty close to each other or to me. It'll work better that way due to the nature of the program." She informed the two, before she tapped her arm once more, only for the lights to go off and the display to vanish. "Anyway, I doubled check some things and all the preparations have been made. So I'm ready to head out when you two are."

"Well 213, you ready to head on out. Or are there some preparations you still need to do first?" Arc asked, her attention focused towards the mechanical navi. If she was ready to go, then Arc and Exo would head on trough the network.

((Ready for battle 1 when Syr is.))
213 didn't answer Exo with keeping her safe. 213 would, of course, attempt to do so, Exo simply wasn't her objective however. Not her goal. Arc was the real one to keep safe here. 213 simply listened as Arc explained she was in charge, which 213 was honestly a bit relieved about, and listened to Exo's explanation of her program. "I have no preparations," 213 responded. She let her wings hang low, and let excess power that her body generated sparked from her hand. Electric sparks traveled along her frame work piece momentarily until as repositioned her hand on her sword hilt. "Lead the way Arc."

Fredrick was quickly scribbling down the details of the interaction. Yes, this was good. Very good. 213 was responding as expected and according to plan. He took note of her sacrificing the lead to Arc, of her reactions to the excited Exo, and everything in between. He sent another message to Vik. "This is so wonderful. Thank you for replying, this is going great in the first interactions." He was as giddy as a small child right now. A rather unusual sight for someone of his age, and respect. Even more so to those who saw him in his corner of the coffee shop. He kept scribbling more details down, capturing every moment in ink.

{Ready For Battle 1}
With Arc leading the way, 213 and Exo followed her through the network. After a few minutes of walking, the flat expanse of the area granted a clear view of a crowd of viruses. Arc and co. approached carefully, identifying two fortified mounted turrets accompanied by several smaller viruses. Melodies bounced around eagerly while Billies rested on the ground lazily. A Beetank hobbled into view from behind a turret, completing the small virus group.

Beetank: 80 HP
MelodyA: 80 HP
MelodyB: 80 HP
BillyA: 80 HP
BillyB: 80 HP
CannonGuardA: 60 HP (Guard)
CannonGuardB: 60 HP (Guard)

100% Normal

Второй_Arc.exe: 140 HP
Exo.sp: 40 HP
M-Angel.213.exe: 175 HP

Exo was sort of fine with 213 giving the lead to Arc, if left her between the two navis, which meant she was less likely to get attacked from the front or back. The only drawback Exo found with this, was 213 was out of her immediate view. Exo did have her display up, and was tapping away and looking at various bits and pieces of data as she walked... maybe if she just, slowed down a bit... letting 213 pass and...

Annnd, now the view is a good deal better in Exo's eyes. Then shortly after that, the navis found some viruses.

Just a simple batch, two navis should be more then enough to finish this quickly enough for me to get back to... Exo thought, turning her attention from 213's rear plating towards the viruses. Looks like she has to go from pleasure to work. Now, what to have the first batch of recorded data be...

"Spread and blast... going to need data of you just using those two things right now." Exo said, tapping on her arm to start the recording. The ring on Arc's back started to glow a bit brighter, then dimming back down to the low glow it had before. Arc just nodded her head, knowing that they won't have to worry about not being able to meet that demand of Exo.

Spread and Blast eh? Well sorry Exo, but I want to use this new chip I got Vik thought, grabbing two chips. She slotted both of them in one after the other.

Arc downloaded the first chip, an elecreel1, and looked towards the turrets. She knew the reel loved to spread out, and since that required a hit then attacking an immobile target would be the best way to use the chip. The only problem here was the shield thing it had, but that would end up being nothing against the might of a break navi. A burst of data filled her visor as an electrical discharge built up at the end of the barrel, and as if on que to the burst of data Arc reaim'd her gun just a bit to the left. She was about to pull the trigger, ready to finish downloading the next chip in line once the shot was fired when..

...It suddenly vanished.

Odd... Arc thought, as one of the two chips suddenly vanished from the downloading que. She decided not to think about it, aiming her rifle towards the turret. She pulled the trigger, and a blast of lighting came out of the barrel. The lighting arched trough the air, heading right in the direction of the turret. If it hits, the lighting will arc out from the virus, zapping everything in the electricity's path.

At around the same time as Arc's attack.

Oh what this, I flameline1? I don't believe this fits this test's criteria. Exo thought, watching the data being downloaded. It seems like Vik doesn't want to cooperate that much. Looks like I get to do more then watch. Exo thought, a smirk on her face. With the press of the button, the chip stopped being feed to Arc. No, now instead of Arc receiving the chip, Exo will. Exo pointed her arm towards the melodies, and a burst of flames shot from the ground at about the same time that lighting shot forth from Arc's gun. "Viktoriya, I don't believe that chip fits the test's criteria, can you send some more that actually does?" Exo said.

"Wha, what the hell did you do?" Viktoriya shouted, catching the attention of some of the staff in the room. "Er, sorry." she said towards the staff, before looking back at the PET. She didn't know how her SP did that, she didn't think Sps could even directly receive chips from their operators. "Er, anyway. Arc, I'm sending you some shotguns, try to finish off the group Exo started on." Vik said, grabbing both of the shotguns and slotting them in.

Just how did she? Arc asked herself mentally, after noticing what her SP just did. It took her a bit to realize that maybe, just maybe... it had to do with the SP being linked to her. If the link was some modified variant of the Team subtype, then the fact that Exo just used the vanishing Flameline might be because of Exo being a Team navi. Arc will have to confirm this later, because right now she has viruses she needs to delete.

Arc changed her aim from the hopefully dead turret to the melodies, the data of both shotguns already received. With a pull of the trigger, a blast of energy fired from the muzzle of her AK. The blast soaring towards the virus, ready to pierce trough the virus and hit whatever else is in it's path. Of course, that is assuming it connects with the first one. Arc pulled the trigger once more, firing a second shot towards the viruses.

((SP: Team passive: Linked to Arc

Arc: Passive: take aim Action 1
Smash: Add break to Action 1

Arc 1: Elecreel CannonguardA: 80 elec + break + Spread4 (towards CannonguardB, Beetank, and Melodies): A accuracy
Exo 1: Flameline MelodyA: 70 fire + wideattack3
Arc 2: Shotgun MelodyA: 50 + spread2
Arc 3: Shotgun MelodyA: 50 + spread2))
213 didn't take notice to the fact that Exo was trailing her, and instead kept her eyes locked and forward facing on Arc. Even though she had no pupils, one could tell by her head movements she was scanning and observing the area every few moments for viral activity. It wasn't long before a few showed up, and 213 held her hand over her sword. She listened to the instructions that Exo was giving Arc, and was unsure as to why Arc was taking directions from Exo. Must be a first encounter for them. From what 213 could tell, it wasn't a choice on Arc's part either. No matter. Not her place to judge, only to protect.

As Arc began her assault, so too did 213. 213 started it out a little more cautiously than Arc did, with her normal defenses. She started to summon her armor for Arc instead of herself, but remembered a piece of information that was given to her by Arc, that she was more likely to end up protecting Exo than Arc. 213 considered her Arc's wishes, and turned towards Exo, summoning the Armor of the machine around her. The panels below Exp began to rip up and form around her body, the machine tearing into the metal work below the panels. The armor wrapped around her, and protected her body as she stole a chip from Arc's line up. Not something 213 would want and didn't expect it either. She must remember that Exo could do that, and shouldn't Link up soon. This data recording isn't something 213 would subject herself to.

With the defenses out of the way, she looked at the viruses to figure out what to do. Arc seemed to be handling herself fine and the targets she had chosen. 213 decided to pick up the extra targets that Arc hadn't targeted. The billies seemed to be left alone and un-targeted. She pinged a request to Uriel for a chip to help knock the billies out of the fight. She turned her wings outwards, the steam output being higher and stronger than before as she rerouted power from her core to her palms to prepare for the arrival of her chip. She crouched her body over and withdrew her sword as the chip was now in her system.

She moved outwards from the lines of Arc and Exo, both to distract the viruses to her, and to get a closer shot to the two billies she wanted to delete. Raising her free hand and leveling the two billies between her metal fingers as sights, she shot the tank shell at the ground between them. The explosion should be high enough to delete them both. She whipped her sword before her, the size of the blade being balanced by the strength of her hands. What should she do now? The Cannons could only be broken in guard by Arc, and the absolute coverage of the area by Arc's wide attacks wasn't anything she could compare to at this point. Might as well add extra damage to the billies. She pinged for another chip.

Fredrick was on point with slotting in the correct chips this time around, getting more used to the battling experience with 213. He kept his pen up and kept writing in the journal about her interactions and choices made. It seems she has come to accept that simply sitting back won't protect Arc. Only she could; the machine wouldn't. 213 would need to be active to do so. Fredrick sent another message to Vik. "See how she doesn't sit back. Its all about action with protecting and following the machine." Fredrick didn't explain that concept very well. He happily turned back.

213 brought up her hand again, with excess electricity pumping out of her palms, the chip data ready to go. A large wad of energy fire from her hand and spread wide. Tiny individual arcs of power sparked through the air towards the two billies. 213 stepped back and held her sword defensively, and looked back to Arc and Exo.

1) Machines Shield to Exo -40 HP casting-
2) Tankcannon1 to Billies (80 + Blast 2)
3) Shotgun to Billie A (50 + Spread1)
Arc, Exo and 213 unleashed hell on the viruses. It was pretty messy and almost a complete victory. Unfortunately, both a CannonGuard and one of the Billys managed to survive. 213 gave Exo a shield seconds before she was struck by a sphere of electricity that caused her to convulse and momentarily locked up her systems. Arc was attacked as well, the turret taking a moment to blast her with a quick burst of fire.

Beetank: DELETED
BillyA: 30 HP
CannonGuardA: DELETED
CannonGuardB: 60 HP (Guard)

100% Normal

Arc.exe: 132 HP
Exo.sp: 33 HP [40 HP Casing]
M-Angel.213.exe: 150 HP [Stun'd]
213 couldn't move after the attack landed a solid hit. Her systems jammed, and her pistons cranked irregularly for a few seconds, her wings twitching oddly. Her systems pumped out extra steam from her wings, soaking the battle field in a quickly dispersing haze. The effects of this soon wore from 213's body, releasing her pistons and joints from the pain as she stepped backwards, wrapping her wings around her as quickly as she could for a impromptu defense. She wasn't expecting that, that much was for sure.

Fredrick took note of 213's system locks, and careful note of the faith meter, which remained steady. He began to write in his notes in a quick format about how a human counterpart might compare the damage dealt to being unprotected or unwatched by a higher power. 213 did not. She knew she has to push on with the aid. Something the Fredrick was unsure a human counterpart could do. Worried for a moment he leaned back and flipped his pen between his fingers.

Meanwhile 213 took another half step back as she looked to Arc, who has also taken minor damage. Luckily, it wasn't bad, and also luckily Exo took no damage. 213 wouldn't have to worry about her for a while, so long as that summoned armor protected her. "Arc," 213 called out. "I will finish the billy, drop the last enemy and, if able, send a shot my way to help. My joints locking slowed my attacks a lot." 213 turned back towards the billy, and pinged the machine for another helpful attack.

The sound of which, startled Fredrick, causing him to slightly jump from his chair. He straightened his posture and cleared his throat from the oddity of the reaction, and slotted in the pinged request he had seen many times. The cannon chip. Fredrick went back to monitoring the battle while 213 kept her wings wrapped around her for the extra protection they provided.

213 lowered her sword to her side, letting the tip of the blade touch the ground below her while her hand was raised once more to face the billy before her. The excess power sparked around her palm as the attack was finished being prepared. She lined the virus up between her fingers, using her palm as a sight, and fired the large ball of electricity down the lanes. 213 left her wings before her as she dodged backwards and away from the viruses, and closer to Exo and Arc. She knew a return attack was very possible, and she couldn't open herself up to another stun.

*Refined Metal Active, Wings before body: Passive Damage Reduction 3
2) Cannon to Billy (40 + Knockback)
3) Dodge toward Exo
The cannon managed to get a good shot on Arc, which Arc managed to just shrugged off. It wasn't the feeling or being in sea, nor did it hit as hard as Megaton man... For some reason, it hurt a lot less then she would have expected. Looks like I was right, Exo is team type. I better be more carful about getting hit in the future. Arc thought, before looking towards 213. The poor thing, looks like she got hit worse then she did....

Arc made her way next to 213, on a feeling of what Exo might just do next. Given the way she acted towards 213, there was a good chance she wouldn't let her stay damaged for too long. And since Exo said something about her healing more effectively when folks are closer together... well, she wouldn't want the full potential of Exo's healing to go to waste.

"Tsk, those damn viruses, how dare they damage a beautiful machine like her." Exo said, watching 213 get hit and the following twitching while trying to ignore the damage she herself received when Arc got hit. I'll keep track of what Vik is sending, then grab it and finish off that damn virus and teach it not to damage such wonderful machinery. Exo thought, looking at her screen and not 213. She looked back up from her screen after a bit and noticed that Arc was moving towards Exo... She looked back down at her screen, tapped a few places of her arm, and the data shown changed. Yea, you weren't damaged a lot in that attack...Guess I should just let 213 handle that billy and heal the two. Exo thought, tapping her arm a few more times. A small disc appeared in the air out of nowhere next to Exo, and flew of towards 213. It stopped an inch from her back, and started spinning. An aura appeared around the disc, encompassing 213 and hopefully part of Arc. All the data inside the aura started to get updated a little bit, restoring some of their vitality in a way. There, that should do it. Exo thought, before looking down at the armor 213 summoned on her body. She gave it a feel taps, and listened to the sounds that it made. I... I wonder if 213 would make this sound if I tap her. Exo thought, before she had to focus her mind once again and look at the holo display over her arm.

"Vik, send an energybomb. That should be enough to finish the turret." Arc said, aiming her rifle at the last of the turrets. 213 should be able to finish off the last billy. "Alright, I'll send you two so you can finish off the billy if 213 hasn't already. " Vik said, slotting in the two chips. Arc received both of them, and a bust of data appeared on her visor. "Honestly Vik, she would have a better chance of finishing it then I would at the moment." Arc said, before scanning the data on the visor. Looks like nothing happened to the targeting system. Arc thought, readjusting her aim slightly based on the data. She also had the first of the bombs modified, to make it be able to rip the virus' guard to shreds. With the pull of the trigger, Arc launched a bomb from her rifle's mod. As it soared trough the air, Arc took a quick glance towards the billy. If it was somehow alive, Arc would quickly readjust her aim then firing the last of the payload at the poor virus.

Vik read the newest messages from 213's operator, and then responded back. "You're welcome, and yea, she is about action it seems. In fact, she probably would do good as a military navi."

((Exo: Passive: One for All link to Arc
Arc:Passive:Take aim action 2
Smash: add break to action 2

Arc1: Move next to 213
Exo1: Upgrade 213: heal 30+blast1, trying to catch Arc in blast as well
Arc2: Energybomb Cannonguard: 3 hits of 40+break+blast2: B accuracy
Arc3: Energybomb Billy if still alive: 3 hits of 40+blast2: C accuracy))
With the valiant effort from Arc, 213, and Exo, the viruses was defeated! Yay!

Beetank: DELETED
CannonGuardA: DELETED
CannonGuardB: DELETED

100% Normal

Arc.exe: 140 HP
Exo.sp: 33 HP [40 HP Casing]
M-Angel.213.exe: 175 HP [Stun'd]

Arc: 340z + 13 BugFrags
213: 350z
Static: +3 FXP
213 moved forwards to gather her section of the rewards. She determined which section was her by a carefully created and executed equation, which to must would be similar to that of simply rolling a dice. Either way, she gathered a chunk of the remaining data and sent it to Fredrick. She looked back to Arc and said, "You undoubtedly have some powerful attacks. This will be a good data gathering mission."

213 Turned from Arc and looked at Exo, still protected by her armor. Even with the armor though, Exo was reading a lowering health level than Arc or 213 herself. Must have something to do with that glowing circle link 213 decided after briefly inspecting Arc. 213 would have to keep Exo well protected by the blessing and armor of the machine if she was to stay safe in these networks.

Fredrick was typing away to Vik, uninterested in the small talk and minor inspections that 213 was discovering. He already knew she would determine most o these things, so he didn't write them down. "You think so? That's in interesting point to make. A military Angel. The thought is funny. Either way I'm glad you said that I must record it. Are all Military Navi's like this?"

213 stood still for a moment longer before saying, "We should probably keep looking for more viruses to gather the data you require Miss Exo."

{Battle 2 is Medic is ready, If not Exo can have her rping xD}
"Thank you 213, although as a note you might want to be careful when getting close to the viruses." Arc responded, moving up to the virus's remains and grabbing the data 213 left. No chip data, oh well. Arc thought, as Exo moved from her position to behind 213. "Most of my chips hit quite an area, and they aren't all that accurate so be careful if you move in, me and Exo wouldn't want to see you get hit."

"Oh yes, I wouldn't want to see you get damaged, and thanks for the armor my wonderful mechanical angel." Exo said, pressing against 213's back as she wrapped her arms around her breastplate. Even though it didn't help her when Arc got hit, it meant 213 at least thought about her. She also didn't want to see such wonderful machinery get damaged too much, why deleting it must be considered a sin again god in Exo's eyes."

"If you are referring to the way Arc and Exo are interacting with 213, no, not all military navis are like that. They would be acting much more professionally if they were actually on duty... Or, atleast Exo should." Vik messaged to Fredrick, in response to what he sent her. She did feel that the thought of a military angel was entertaining.

"And yes, lets continue on. Exo?" Arc said, looking onwards before turning her attention towards Exo. Exo let go of 213, and moved to Arc's side before the group headed onwards.

"Exo...why didn't you inform us that you were team subtype?" Arc asked, making sure 213 can't hear the conversation.

"You two never asked my element or type, so I assume the general told you them... But since that doesn't seem the case, it's normal and team..." Exo answered. She decided to leave out the part where she doesn't actually like the two yet, and felt that unless they wanted to know those kinds of things, then they have no need to know them.

"...That combat data you need, my targeting system is involved in it, isn't it?" Arc decided to inquire.

"...The next set, no... There are some things I want to record first before getting to that. I'll probably have you do a set later where you have it turned off, but that will probably be when 213 leaves. But I will need to see it at the max values later." Exo said, moving ahead of Arc by about a foot. "I still can't tell you why until I get to that point, so don't try to ask." She added.

"...Word of warning then, be prepared for overheating." Arc said, causing Exo to stop in her tracks and look towards Arc who just kept going on. "I, er... what?" Exo said, before rushing to get back next to Arc.

((Ready for battle 2))
Exposition! Conclusions! Military angels!

All of those are boring; let's get to the meat. Anyway, 213, Arc, and Exo moved forward through the Netopian network, searching for more viruses to purify. Soon, they stumbled on an encampment of viruses, with BigHats working on polishing some HardHead heads in a pen. Moloko were stomping about inside the pen as well, reared by some Brushmen. Of course, all of this was moot when the team approached, causing the viruses to turn hostile! The pen was released, sending a rush of Moloko towards them.

(Inside pen)
BigHat A: 100 HP
BigHat B: 100 HP [Holy]
HardHead A: 60 HP [IronBody] [Holy]
HardHead B: 60 HP [IronBody]

Moloko A: 60 HP (10 HP Fleece Barrier)
Moloko B: 60 HP (10 HP Fleece Barrier)
Moloko C: 60 HP (10 HP Fleece Barrier)
Brushman A: 100 HP
Brushman B: 100 HP

-- ALLIES --
M-Angel.213.EXE: 175 HP
Arc.EXE: 140 HP
Exo.SP: 33 HP

Pen Fence: 20 x 10 HP [Collective Sections]

10% Holy
90% Normal

"Arc, feel free to use whatever this time." Exo said, tapping away at her arm. The band on Arc's back still glowing.

Arc looked towards her SP and nodded, before looking right at the Molokos "Vik, send me the elecreel and magbomb." Arc said, aiming her gun at the charging sheep. "213, can you take care of the brushes?" Arc asked, Vik sending her the two chips, along with an extra one. "Exo, use the flameline to take care of the sheep once their wool's is gone." Arc aimed her rifle towards the middle sheep, and pulled the trigger. A burst of lightning shot out from the barrel, and assuming it hit the virus, arched from it in all kinds of directions, electrocuting whatever virus wasn't in the current's path. "...Fine." Exo said, downloading the flameline data. She pointed her right arm towards the sheep, and snapped her fingers. Flames shot out from the ground, much like the previous battle. If Arc's electrical attack managed to get rid of their fleece, then this flame should finish them off... or at least that was what Vik and Exo were hoping. Arc on the other hand, was already preparing herself for a fight that might take a while.

"213, I'm going to try to lock down the ones in the pen, so try to keep out of it." Arc informed her mechanical companion, arming her gun ups a little bit, so that when she fired the bomb it would be able to soar over whatever ends up being between her and the pen viruses. New data filled her visor, and Arc adjusted her aim ever so slightly. Feeling that the shot should hit a good number of the viruses, Arc pulled the trigger. The electrical bomb was fired from the launcher, itself also modified enough so it can destroy some of the hardest defenses.

Throughout all of this, Arc was ready to avoid attacks heading her way. After all, if she got hit during this data gathering, then Exo would receive part of the damage. And while Arc can take a bit of punishment, her SP can't. So taking unnecessary damage would not be a good thing at all at this time.

At all.

Exo: Team passive on Arc

Passive: Take Aim action 2
Smash: action 2

Arc1: elecreel1 MolokoB: 70 elec+spread4 (Moloko A, C, and 2 whatevers that are behind Moloko B
Exo1: Flameline1 Moloko B: 70 fire+wideattack(Moloko A and C)
Arc2: Magbomb1 Hardhead A: 30 elec + stun + break + Blast3, C accuracy
Arc3: dodge